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*2023* What to wear on tv to look thinner?10 Visual tips!

*2023* What to wear on tv to look thinner?10 Visual tips!

Wondering what to wear on TV to look thinner? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

From the best colors to wear on a TV show to creating a slimming illusion in front of the camera, I’ve got you all covered in this visual guide from head to toe.

Showing up on TV is kind of a big deal, especially when this is your first time.

And guess what, the adage “The camera will add ten pounds” is true to a certain extent!

This is the lens distortion effect caused by wide-angle lenses.

And yes, while it may not be the 10 pounds effect, it does make you appear to be bigger than you actually are.

But does that mean you have nothing to do to minimize the effect? Of course not! Below, I’ve come up with powerful 10 styling tips and outfits if you are wondering how to look slimmer on camera.


1. Prepare for tv appearance with the right hairstyle

Before talking about clothes, let’s not forget your hairstyle plays a key role as well.

The lens tends to exaggerate not only your body but literally e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. To make sure your face is camera ready, you definitely have to keep your hair game strong.

Compared to thin straight long hair, a curly-wavy hairstyle just makes the face appear to be smaller visually.

There are tons of ways to fake a voluminous hair illusion. Below are some of the sneaky tricks:

  • Blow-dry your hair upside down
  • Use the volume-building shampoo the day before
  • Crimp your root/ apply dry shampoo to the root
  • Put all your hair to one side (I don’t know how to explain but as a girl with chubby cheeks, it works on me so well!)
  • Curl your hair for a wavy, fluffy look

At the end of the day, the goal is all about playing tricks on proportion. The fluffier your hair looks, the smaller your face by comparison!

2. Look good on TV with the right neckline

Alright, and now it’s time to play proportion with your clothes.

How to look good on TV
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Here’s the neckline that will flatter your face and body frame:

  • Off-shoulder
  • V neck (The V-shape will elongate your neck)
  • Boatneck (High recommend, very elegant)
  • Scoop neck

Necklines to avoid (Unless you have an angular face):

  • Turtleneck
  • Crew neck
  • Round neck

Basically, if you have a round face, avoid high-neck tops. The goal is to highlight your neck and shoulder area and make achieve the tv appearance look.

3. Best colors to wear on camera & TV

So here’s the most asked question: What colors to wear on TV?

While black is the most slimming shade, high contrast color like this is not flattering under harsh light. Worse case, it will wash you out in front of the camera.

White and other light shades tend to make you look bigger in front of the camera so I’ll say avoid them at all costs as well.

Instead, go for the rich colors. Think jewel tones like dark burgundy, royal blue, purples, grey, or neutral beige that look effortlessly elegant and classy.


  • Avoid busy patterns (especially stripes and checkered) as it will create the bizarre optical effect
  • Avoid the “visual effect type” of green

4. Looking for form-fitting instead of curvy hugging

No matter how slim you are, you can still somehow look big on TV. I know it sounds crazy but this is the harsh truth.

That being said, your super-hot body con dress might not work well on camera as it’s in the reality. The lighting on-air is HARSH and everything (including fat rolls) will be so obvious under the lens.

Instead, go for the form-fitting clothes that make you look put together but kindly offer you some wiggle room. When in doubt, get inspired by the news anchors!


To look more put together, I will always wear my high waist stretchy shapewear to fake an hourglasses figure for me. Easy pieces!

5. When in doubt, wear a peplum dress

If you will be sitting during the show, a peplum dress is such a godsent.

wear peplum dress on tv to look thinner
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Featuring the extra stripe of fabric gathered around the waist, it just covers your belly completely and makes you feel so put together.

As we all know, dressing comfy for TV is key. After all, your facial expression can’t really hide the insecurity and discomfort and the audience can totally sense that.

For my plus-size ladies, this one is for you!

look thinner on tv plus size
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When in doubt, make sure the dress you pick passes the sit test. You never want to expose yourself in front of thousands of audience, never.

6. Wear an illusion dress on tv interview to look slimmer

Yes, ladies, these amazing color block dress is here to create curves out of nowhere! Regardless of your shape and size, they are the ultimate mood booster to look thin on camera.

Try once and you’ll never be the same. (I give up doing the muffin top workout after discovering this gorgeous piece, don’t be like me.)

7. What not to wear on camera

As I’ve mentioned before, the lighting during the show can be harsh and tends to expose every detail.

What not to wear on camera
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An easy way to deal with this is to pick the right type of textures.

Instead of going for thin and soft fabric like cotton, going for the sturdy texture like tweed, poplin, and thick linen is your best bet.

Not only has this fabric looked so effortlessly high class, but they are also strong and supportive enough to sculpt the best figure and hide the rolls for you like magic!

8. Look good on TV with an asymmetrical dress

clothes & slimming tips that flatter a plus size figure
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To look flawless for the TV show. Go for the asymmetrical top or dress that draws the eyes vertically and elongates the legs.

Especially when you prefer a loose-cut top, the asymmetrical design can really shed the heaviness of the upper body in an instant.

Another big plus? This unique design just looks effortlessly stylish without being too over the top!

9. Wear a jumpsuit for a sleek figure for a TV show

Gravitate towards pants? Then a jumpsuit is your best bet. One piece of clothing and you’re fully dressed!

Featuring the high waist belt and billowy yet form-fitting silhouette, almost every body shape will appear smarter and slimmer in a jumpsuit.

10. Wear the right shoes to look good in a tv interview

Last but not least, the footwear. Whether you will be standing or sitting, wearing heels is here to elongate your legs effortlessly.

To maximize the slimming effect, wear a pointy toe rather than a round tie to further extend the V-line illusion.


If you are not used to wearing stiletto heels, please don’t force yourself as comfy is key.

Instead, go for the low chunky heels or V-neck embellished flats that look equally flattering!


So there you go – the 10 outfit and styling tips if you are wondering what to wear on a TV show or interview to look slimmer.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope these tips get you to settle down in the right outfit!

If you are looking for more slimming tips that are stupidly easy and truly work, check out my popular articles below.

I’m sure you will be blown away by some of these little tricks! See you there loves!

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