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[18 combos in 2023!] What to wear to a casual wedding reception like elopement?

For the ladies who are wondering what to wear to an elopement reception, post-elopement party, or simply a casual wedding as brides and guests, this article is for you!

These days, elopement weddings and casual receptions are on the rise as more couples are looking for an imitate celebration.

Well, after all, not everyone enjoys being in the spotlight of the show!

Without a big crowd, a prestigious venue, and a series of parties, an elopement wedding demonstrate nothing fancy but LOVE.

Of course, many couples will host a simple elopement reception or post-elopement party to share this beautiful moment with their family and close friends.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 18 elopement ceremonies and party outfit ideas for brides and guests from casual to dressy.


1. What to wear to the elopement reception as a bride

What to wear to elopement reception as bride
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When it comes to the casual wedding reception, there are no rules for your wedding dress.

Seriously, pick the one that makes you feel the best!

For a carefree and non-traditional look, you just can’t go wrong with a denim jacket with a white tulle skirt.

As for the girls who looking for a chic style, throw on a biker jacket over your white maxi skirt just scream “I’ve got a style and I KNOW it”.

Together with the converse, this is how you be the coolest bride in your town.

2. Casual elopement outfits for couple

Casual elopement outfits for couple

Want a coordinated outfit as a couple but don’t want to look too cheesy? I’d say match the color tone.

If your man is wearing khaki pants and dark brown oxfords, go for similar shades for your shoes just play the tricks.

To look put together with minimal effort, a sleek jumpsuit just brings out the girl boss vibes.

Plus, chunky heels are perfect for hosting a reception – they are comfy enough to walk around for 5 hours straight.

3. What to wear to post elopement party?

what to wear to post elopement party

If you guys are holding a casual post-elopement party at home, a white polo shirt and cute white chiffon dress are good to go.

Less is more!

4. What to wear to an elopement as a guest?

what to wear to an elopement as a guest
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Alright, it’s time for elopement guest wedding attire.

If the party is a casual outdoor event like a summer backyard BBQ party, you can definitely dress down a bit.

Think of a smart polo top that looks comfy yet preppy under the baking hot days.

If you are unsure about the dress code, switch denim shorts to khaki for a smarter look.

5. Pick the festive wedding hues

what to wear to a elopement reception
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To blend in the crowd as a wedding guest, picking the right hue is key.

For a classic wedding color palette, think pastel and bright hues like lavender, dusty pink, sky blue, and more.

Vibrant patterns are welcomed too! You just can’t go wrong with a floral sundress – they are the real mood booster.

Last reminder ladies, always dress sweet but not sexy. Outshine the bride is a big Nono!

6. What to wear to a casual wedding reception

what to wear to a casual wedding reception
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To attend a casual spring elopement reception, patterns like gingham are such a fresh breath of air.

Together with a straw hat or a darling headband as a monochromatic look, I’m sure people can tell you’ve given a thought to your style!

7. Casual jeans elopement outfit for guests

Casual jeans elopement outfit for guests
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So here we go – the biggest controversy of all time – can we wear jeans to weddings?

While denim shorts may appear too casual, plain jeans are okay to wear to elopement wedding parties.

After all, it’s all about how we style the overall look. You can always dress up jeans with a dressy blouse and pointy heels.

To add a dash of elegance, throw on a lush satin scarf or shawl and you’ll never feel anything missing from your outfit.

8. What to wear to a rustic elopement reception party

What to wear to a rustic elopement reception party
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If you are going to a rustic elopement wedding, congrats as that’s perfect timing to try on the boho look!

From ethnic tunics, peasant blouses to fringed handbags, a colorful layered look is always perfect for a joyful elopement reception.

To finish up the look, go for embellished flat sandals or boots.

9. What to wear to an elopement as a guest in cold days

what to wear to an elopement as a guest cold days
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Wondering what to wear for a post-elopement party in fall and winter? Pick the seasonal fabric like satin, silk, and velvet to glam the look up!

If the party is semi-formal, pair up the knit sweater, midi pleated skirt, and a dainty clutch for a 10/10 look.

10. What shoes to wear to post elopement party

What shoes to wear to post elopement party
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More often than not, elopement reception is more on the casual side so save your 10 cm stilettos for another day.

To make sure you fully enjoy the time, go for comfy shoes like lace-up espadrilles wedge and chunky high heels.

As a petite girl, the nude heel is my other favorite!


So there you go ladies, the 18 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a casual wedding reception like elopement as brides and guests!

What are your thoughts on that? I hope these looks get you inspired and now it’s time to get styling!

By the way, if you need more outfit ideas for weddings, bridal showers, and more. Check out the useful tips below!

See you there gorgeous!

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