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*2023* 15 outfits to wear to jury duty to NOT get picked!

*2023* 15 outfits to wear to jury duty to NOT get picked!

What to wear to jury duty to not get picked as a juror?

Believe it or not, there are a ton of people searching this specific question on Google.

To take responsibility as a citizen and promote justice and freedom, being a juror is definitely a serve-with-pride experience.

BUT here’s the thing, life happens and if you are the only breadwinner of the family or you have something urgent to deal with, jury duty may not be the first priority at the moment.

I get it and I am not in the position to judge.

So here’s I’ve gathered 15 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to jury duty selection to not get picked.

Hope that helps!

1. Leopard prints and faux leather as a failproof

what to wear to jury duty to not get picked
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If you want to NOT get picked in a subtle way, throw on a stripe of animal prints here and it is totally doable.

While that does not directly violate the juror attire, people will just subconsciously think you have an attitude.

After all, people tend to work with friendly, approachable guys.

Another trick is faux leather.

Whether you go for a cool-girl biker jacket or leggings, you just unintentionally trick people you aren’t the easiest girl to deal with.

After all, the easiest way to not get picked is to make yourself unlikable instead of making excuses.

2. Can I wear jeans to jury duty? YES

Can I wear jeans to jury duty?
Source: 1,2

Can you wear jeans for jury duty? Of course!

For a classy take, opt for darker hues like dark blue, black, or elegant white jeans.

But if you are reading this article right now, you probably want to dig out your light blue all-over star mom jeans for a funky look.

2. What to wear to jury duty to not get picked? Beach girl look

what to wear to jury duty to not get picked
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As we all know, jury duty selection attire is all about looking decent and respectable.

That being said, wearing anything opposite to that approach will get a higher chance of not getting selected as a juror.

So yes, anything too laid-back and revealing almost guarantees you being kicked out of the room.

From oversized T-shirt dress to a hot California girl tube romper look, you just express your stand transparently – I just don’t give a damn. So they will just give up on you.

I’m sure the attorney doesn’t want to take risks to invite a potential juror that seems the type of person who is fashionably late.

Just no one.

3. Graphic tees with political & seditious messages

what to wear to jury duty to not get picked
Source: 1,2

Another popular choice, you guessed it, is the graphic tee with religious, political, and any seditious messages.

I mean, it just works like a charm.

After all, it’s hard to not piss off half of the people in the room when you come in with a striking slogan “I love GUNS & TITTIES”

“Taxation is theft”? Am I the only one wondering where can I buy this shirt?

4. Looking TOO posh and put-together

how to get out of jury duty
Source: 1,2

You should always dress decently for jury duty but when you dress too stylish or too put-together, they may not pick you as they simply think “No, I don’t want a drama queen/king in my team”.

A posh cream flared jumpsuit and an empowering drape blazer as if you are going to a Broadway show?

You certainly don’t look like a person who is easy to work with.

Another charm to going for the “stylish diva look” is no one will know you’re meticulously planning it like you wear the Donald Trump shirt. Perfect strategy.

5. Religious outfit works like a charm

If you have something religious like a head covering, you have a pretty good chance of not getting picked.

In some religions and beliefs, judging people is not the right thing to do.

If you express your concern clearly to lawyers and tell them that jury duty will put you in a difficult position, I’m sure they will understand.

6. Open-toe shoes may help you get out of jury duty

how to not get selected as a juror
Source: 1,2

Your footwear is almost as important as your outfit. After all, it’s the details that reflect who you truly are.

If you wearing open-toe shoes like flip flops or spaghetti strap sandals, that’s a big no-no in their eyes for sure.

7. Jewelry that is FULL OF ATTITUDE

how to not get selected as a juror
Source: 1,2

Going to jury duty is not the time to flaunt your jewelry.

If you’re wearing a statement choker necklace or studded ring, that can look a bit pushy and rebellious.

And these are certainly not the qualities they want in the juror.

But that said, you’ll need to go through a metal detector so keep the statement to 1 to 2 pieces.

Don’t overkill.

8. Ask for a delay if you are being selected

If you’re dressing like a flamingo but you still get selected somehow, I have nothing to say really.

In that situation, you can kindly ask for a delay. Below’s the source from Reddit:

If you can’t serve – work issues or other reasons, reach for the jury clerk and ask for rescheduling. They will delay it for half a year.”

At the end of the day, being a juror is our responsibility and we have to face it anyway.

9. Full-time student excuses

In some cases, the court will exempt full-time students who would love to focus on their examinations and studies.

Even if you aren’t a student, if you are desperate enough, you can sign up for a full-time course right after you receive the letter and show up on the jury duty summon day with this proof.

Some may think that’s a hassle but some will think that’s totally worth it.

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10. Believe it or not, education level matters

I’m not sure if this is true or not but some people say that both defense and prosecution attorneys don’t prefer having people with super high education.

So if you’re a Ph.D. or grad student, you may have a high chance of not getting picked!

But really, I think that can vary from case to case.


So ladies, there you go the 15 outfit ideas and other tips if you wonder what to wear to jury duty to not get picked.

Now comment down below, what strategy you wanna pick? I’d really love to know!

By the way, if you want more fun, artsy outfit ideas (that help you STAND OUT in the crowd and not get picked), I’m sure you will find the articles below useful! See you there!

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