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2023 *11 VISUAL LOOKS to wear to court teenage girl! (+ What not!)

2023 *11 VISUAL LOOKS to wear to court teenage girl! (+ What not!)

Wondering what to wear to court as a teenage girl? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you are a teen, parent, defendant, or witness, dressing decently for the court is essential. 

Following the courtroom, attire shows your respect for the court, and in the meantime, establish a good first impression for yourself.

I mean, at the end of the day, judges are human. From a study conducted by SPSP in 2020, it is suggested that the sentencing decisions are influenced by how trustworthy defendants appear to be at first glance.

Well, I don’t know about you but I will make sure I dress as courtroom-approved as possible!

In this comprehensive visual guide, I’m going to show you the appropriate attire with all 11 real-life outfits along with tips and what to avoid.


1. Failproof teen court attire: Blazer

Whether you are 16 or 46, wearing a blazer is a sure way to leave a good impression.

For the top, you can pick anything from a button-down shirt to a knit round-neck blouse. Together with the fitted dress pants and flats, this classic courtroom attire is a safe bet of all time.

2. Best colors to wear in court

While it just can’t be any more obvious, you should gravitate toward solid hues and avoid vibrant patterns and prints. 

The juror’s focus should be on the evidence rather than your attention-grabbing get-up.

I know stylish teens like you are all about the latest trend, but if you don’t want to judge or make the wrong assumptions about yourself, let’s do it the other day.

For the color selection, go with dark, neutral hues like navy blue, grey, white, and cream that give out a sense of seriousness and trustworthiness.

For the girls who want to pick the classic black hue, you may reconsider your choice as sometimes people can associate black with evil in underlying thoughts.

 I know it sounds crazy but it’s true to a certain extent.

3. Modest and conservative court attire

Going to any court (including the teen court) is a solemn event and you should dress modest and dignifiedly.

Showing the cleavage is definitely a big No-no. Not only can it be distracting in this setting (obviously), it just lowers the credibility of the wearer and put you in a bad position.

Of course, you should keep your accessories to a minimum.

Remove the facial studs, conceal the tattoos, and take off your statement choker necklace will do you a huge favor.

4. What not to wear to court teenage girls

What not to wear to court teenage girls
Get this button down on Amazon

When in doubt, go with the collared shirt like a form-fitting button-down that goes well with everything from blazers to dress pants.

Other clothes you should avoid wearing include:

  • Tank tops & crop tops
  • PJ
  • Yoga pants
  • Skirts that are 2 inches above the knee (Midi and Maxi dresses are much better choices)
  • Hats
  • Shorts
  • Hoodie
  • Jeans (That can be a marginal case depending on how you style it but I’d say avoid it to play safe)

When in doubt, ask your mum before you leave the door. She has the best judgment.

5. Pick round necklines over V neckline

No one talks about it but necklines do play a huge role in portraying your image in front of the jurors.

While both V-neck and round neck look decent, the former one gives out a slightly sharp, sleek feel while the latter one looks more soft and innocent somehow.

Of course, the elegant boat neckline also works great.

If you are looking for a comfy, nice blouse, this one from Amazon is failproof.

what to wear to court women
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Featuring a round neck, stylish pleated details, and most importantly, an arms-flattering sleeve design, it just looks great with any kind of bottoms.

Check this out. This cute blouse comes in all kinds of colors and sizes!

6. Comfy teen court dress code: Paper bag pants

When it comes to court attire, comfort is KEY. If the regular slacks make you feel insecure, the paper bag pants will work wonders for you.

Featuring the elastic waist and self-tie design, it just gives your belly wiggle room and smoothens things out.

As a petite girl, I am loving these paper bag pants so much.

Comfy teen court dress code
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Despite the sturdy and stretchy fabric, the cropped leg cuts just make me look taller and slimmer even in flats.

7. Layer up low cut dress with button-down shirt

conservative court attire
Source: 1,2

Don’t have a budget to buy a new dress for court? I got you.

If your dress is low cut but with a decent length, one easy hack is to layer it with a front knot button-down to cover things up.

Easy piecey!


If you are wearing a white shirt, make sure it’s not see-through. *Very important*

8. What to wear to court as a plus-size teen

As for the plus-size ladies, this peplum dress is sure to impress.

Featuring the extra stripe of fabric gathered around the waist, it just hides the belly and highlights your curves in the most perfect way. 

What to wear to court as a plus size teen
Get this peplum dress on Amazon

I am really proud of this Amazon find as it’s so rare to have a peplum dress with a conservative round neckline.

Such a gorgeous piece whether for court or a dinner date.

9. What to wear to court in winter for teenage girls

What to wear to court in winter for teenage girls
Source: 1,2

If you want to recycle your summer sleeveless dress in winter, again, layering is key.

From a high-neck top to a collared white shirt, they are all decent yet flattering choices. Seriously, these looks are not only appropriate for court but also for date night!

10. What shoes to wear to court as teenage girls

Depending on your role, high chance you will need to stand the whole time answering lawyers’ or judges’ questions.

What shoes to wear to court as teenage girls
Source: 1,2

That’s why it’s best to wear comfy shoes like loafers and ballet flats.

If you are the defendant, you want to appear to be humble rather than in charge.

That’s why you should leave your fancy stiletto heels at home as they just look kind of empowering – and sometimes – intimidating.

When it comes to the perfect alternative, go for the closed-toe low chunky heels that look more approachable and serious.

11. Minimal makeup to teen court

Can you wear makeup to teen court? For sure! That said, remember to keep it simple and clean. Nothing else.

Unless you want to perceive as a makeup guru who doesn’t take the court seriously, with no fake eyelashes, on-point wicked eyeliner, sexy red lips, and perfect foundation that makes you look so put-together.

Seriously, if I was the defendant, I will just put on the sunscreen, a small tad of concealer and that’s all.

My strategy is to look raw, vulnerable, and somehow innocent in some sort of way, and wearing no makeup can definitely help.


I will suggest you also trim your nails and iron your clothes so that can impress the judges.

Trust me, details like this can really make someone feel good about you.


So there you go – the 11 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to court as a teenage girl.

While some may think going to teen court is intimidating, I’d say treat it as a valuable experience. 

Trust me, regardless of your role, you will learn SO MUCH during the few hours.

I hope these outfit tips help and now it’s time for you to settle on the right outfit and feel ready and well-prepared!

Looking for other styling tips? Check out my other popular articles below. See you there loves!

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