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2023 What to wear to small claims court? 7 VISUAL looks + what not!

2023 What to wear to small claims court? 7 VISUAL looks + what not!

Wondering what to wear to small claims court to get the judge in your favor?

You’re in the right place!

A small claims court is the place where disputes are settled quickly, and inexpensively. In small claims court, the rules are simplified and the hearing is informal.

Although the hearing in small claims court is more casual than the regular hearing, you should dress decently to give the judge a good first impression of you. 

Whether you’re appearing as a defendant, plaintiff, or witness, wearing decent courtroom attire is important.

It’s true you wear is not officially something that should influence your case. 

However, at the end of the day, we are all humans and we do make judgments based on how others look.

You’d want to dress in a way that respects the court process, no tank tops, jeans, flip-flops, shorts, or revealing clothing.

To ensure you look your best at the small claims court, I’ve gathered 7 outfits to guide you on what to wear and to avoid.

Let’s dive in.

1. Round neck dress to small claim court

Whether you’re the defendant or plaintiff, this dress sure gives the judge that good first impression and puts you in a good light. 

Round neck dress to small claim court
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The round-neck dress screams innocence, which can be of advantage to you. The best part? The forgiving ruffle design just makes you look put together even in a sleeveless dress.

Other clothes you should avoid wearing include:

  • Tank tops & crop tops
  • Leggings
  • Dresses that are 2 inches above the knee
  • Hats
  • Shorts
  • Hoodie
  • Jeans (Only if you go for the solid dark hue and team it with a dressy blouse or tunic top)

2. Small Claims Spring Court Outfit

Deciding what to wear to court in spring can be very tricky. As the weather can go from a burst of glorious sunshine to chilly rain.

When in doubt, add a light cardigan that is versatile and makes your sleeveless tunic dress look more decent, which is the impression you want to present.

If the dress is not your thing, consider wearing the dress pants or forgiving paper bag pants with closed-toe low heels or flats. 


Regardless of the season, if you have a tattoo on your arm or neck to hide, a long sleeve outerwear is a lifesaver.

3. What should I Wear to Small Claims Court-Plus Size?

For my plus-size queens, this peplum dress is the ultimate court attire.

One thing I love about the dress is how the flare around the waist hides the tummy and gives you a flattering look.

You can wear this dress not only for a court hearing but also for a date night.

And guess what, I’ve found a similar one on Amazon. Enjoy!

4. Guys small claims court outfit ideas

Okay, guys, don’t go to the court with your hair looking this way unless you want the judge to throw you out. 

A nice haircut, a  pair of dress pants, and a dress shirt would do. You can add a tie or bow tie. 

Wear a belt to hold your pants in place. Don’t wear saggy pants. 

The colors you choose can influence how approachable, sympathetic, and credible you are to the judge.

Go for neutral or dark colors like beige, gray, navy blue, or dark brown.

Avoid sneakers, and wear closed-toe dress shoes.

Don’t wear too much cologne, NO accessories, a simple wristwatch, and your wedding ring would do.

If you have beards, you’d want to shave or trim them.

5. What to wear to Small Claims Court in winter

Still thinking of what to wear to court in winter? 

I’ve got you!

I love this black and white ensemble. The white pencil skirt knee-length makes it safe to wear in a courtroom.

You can pair it with a slim black turtleneck sweater and low heels or flats.


Consider layering your outfits rather than wearing a high-neck cashmere sweater that can be extremely when you sit in the court.

6. Shoes to Wear to a Small Claims Court

Your COMFORT should be #1 when you think of the shoes to wear to court. After all, you will be standing for long time in some cases.

Shoes to Wear to a Small Claims Court
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Sneakers or open-toed shoes are a No-no in the courtroom as it is too casual.

Ladies, NO strappy heels that should remain in your closet for now. Go instead for closed-toe low heels or flats.

7. Nails for Small Claims Court

Can I wear nails to small claims court? Of course, BUT it should be short, with nude color nail polish.

Nails for Small Claims Court
Source: 1,2

Long acrylic nails with bright nail polish are a No-no and can be offensive and give a wrong impression of you.

A simple hairstyle, minimal makeup, and jewelry would do.


So there you go, the 7 outfits if you’re wondering what to wear to a small claims court.

Whether you’re the plaintiff or defendant, I hope this guide helps you choose the right outfit to wear in a courtroom.

Looking for other court outfit tips? Check out my other popular tips below. See you there loves!

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