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10 REAL tip in 2023! How to dress like a grown woman? (Not girly)

10 REAL tip in 2023! How to dress like a grown woman? (Not girly)

When I was still a teenage girl, I always wonder how to dress more like a woman.

Not only about dressing sophisticated and mature, but specifically, how to dress like a grown woman that looks effortlessly attractive and feminine.

Now, eight years later, I’m confident enough to say I’m finally stepping into my womanhood.

So ladies, here I am, gathered with 10 key elements I’ve learned from the past and hopefully give you some new styling inspiration.



how to dress like a grown woman, how to dress sophisticated
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As Victoria Beckham said, “When in doubt, anything looks good with a white shirt”.

That is just 100% true.

In a world where every young girl is wearing a cropped top and graphic tee, pulling off a fitted button-down shirt just makes you appear irresistibly sharp and awake.

If teaming it with a pencil skirt is too formal for you, go for a French style with a pleated maxi dress, simply chic and dazzling.

If you want a dash of effortlessness, unbuttoning the collar for a V-line is always flattering for a smaller face illusion.

As a timeless and versatile piece, they can be easily incorporated with literally EVERYTHING.


how to dress like a grown woman, how to dress sophisticated
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When it comes to one main difference between a girl and a grown lady, it’s the way they embrace their body.

Instead of going for the ill-fitting dress that covers everything or shows out every inch of the naked skin, a sophisticated lady knows how to showcase their body gracefully and put their curves in the right place.

So perhaps now is the time for us to sculpt your silhouette for a put-together look.

As we all know, the highest level of sexiness is leaving room for imagination. Always was and always will be.


how to dress like a grown woman, how to dress sophisticated
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Is that possible to look sophisticated, comfy, and casual at the same time?

Well, it’s time to meet your new best friend – Miss shirt dress.

Featuring the gorgeously lightweight fabric and billowy silhouette, a high-quality shirt dress can truly elevate your style with minimal effort.

For girls who are not into collars, another perfect alternative is tunic dresses.

But again, I will always suggest you add a belt on for a neat figure – make it a habit so you will never forget it!


how to dress like a grown woman, how to dress sophisticated
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As a girl with chubby cheeks, I ADORE all my off-shoulder tops. Showcasing the shoulder line, it’s just universally flattering.

But that said, some (but certainly not all) off-shoulder tops can appear to be juvenile, especially when you pair them with denim shorts for a summery look.

If you want a dash of exquisite sophistication, it’s time to consider a boat neck top. They are so underrated!

While it’s as ladylike as the off-shoulder top, it’s such a unique neckline that we rarely see, and that just makes you look poised naturally.

So ladies, if you want to look expensive and high class, just throw on a boatneck top to boost your aesthetic tenfold.


how to dress like a grown woman, how to dress sophisticated
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To dress like a lady, how can we not mention lace? Stand for ultimate romance, a well-made lace dress is such a dream for every girl.

Another charm is they never crease! So I can always look good without ironing them. That’s a big plus to me.

As for the girls who think lace dress is too dressy for them to wear on normal days, let’s start with a lace-trim cami top.

They can ease in with every single outfit with a dash of darling without feeling like trying too hard.

If you need more tips to wear a camisole top, check out these 6 creative combos!


how to dress like a grown woman, how to dress sophisticated
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Want to fake an hourglass figure? Fishtail dress is here to help. Simply put, it’s the fitted bodycon dress with a flared hem at the knee-length.

Needless to say, that’s absolutely ladylike. Together with a nice pair of nude heels, this is how you take the dreamiest Instagram shot.

Some girls think of fishtail dresses as something extravagant like a wedding dress that you can only wear for the big days.

That’s certainly not the case!

These days, fishtail dress comes in all different designs and you have no problem finding some subtle design.

Seriously, the flared-out cutting just gives you a nice touch of sensualness, and trust me, you are bound to feel like a goddess.


how to dress like a grown woman, how to dress sophisticated
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Not gonna lie, the sweater dress is cute and handy for winter days. But here’s the thing, they are way too common.

Too many teenage girls wear them these days and make a sweater dresses that can’t be any more youthful.

If you want to upgrade your look from the conventional “A-line sweater dress + black thigh-high boots” look, consider the knit dress.

The texture of the knit dresses is just wonderful and they hold our bodies differently!

Whether you wear them with ankle boots or high heels, this darling just creates a ladylike temperament for you.


how to dress like a grown woman, how to dress sophisticated
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Looking put together in a cocktail dress is easy, but what about looking smart and feminine with leisurewear?

That’s a real challenge for many of us.

If I can only give you one piece of advice, don’t wear leggings outside the gym is the one.

Let’s be real, wearing leggings just signals to others you are giving up yourself. If you’ve read 11 tips to dress like French women, you will know they hate leggings in their blood lol

So girls, if you are in your mid-20s, now it’s time to say bye-bye to all your sweatpants and leggings. They are no longer serving you.

Instead, go for a polo dress that makes you look smart and preppy.

I’ve dedicated the whole article to talking about sporty-chic style so please feel free to check out the rest of the 7 tips here!


how to dress like a grown woman, how to dress sophisticated
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If you want to look high-class, a glowy satin neck scarf probably says more than a Chanel classic flap.

After all, not everyone is willing to spend the extra 2 minutes to add a scarf to their ensemble.

To me, that’s actually a good thing! Because when nobody is doing it, this is the moment for you to stand out.

As Audrey Hepburn said, “When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman.” Try it once and you will understand.


how to dress like a grown woman, how to dress sophisticated
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A grown woman is realistic, they know what to wear and whatnot.

When it comes to footwear, 8 inches stilettos that you can barely stand are such a big No-no.

After all, how can we look confident and sassy when our feet are tortured with pain? We all know that pain is unbearable.

Unless you can rock these high heels like Italian women (I don’t know how they can do it), I’ll urge you to go for the other options.

Whether that’s dainty kitten heel pumps or high heels with chunky soles, many shoes out there do prove your comfort and aesthetics can co-exist!

No more sacrifice as a grown lady!


So here are the 10 outfit tips if you wonder how to dress like a grown woman! I hope these tips serve you well!

Remember, beauty starts from within and outfits are just one of the fun elements. Self-love, confidence, and mindset, all contribute to our lifelong journey as a lady.

So here, may I share the last quote from Coco Chanel? “A lady should be two things… classy and fabulous” x

Let’s have a quick recap:

  • Stock up button-down shirts
  • Embrace and accentuate our curves
  • Shirt dress is your new best friend
  • Switch off-shouder to boat neckline
  • Embrace your femininity with lace
  • Go for fishtail dress for an impeccable silhouette
  • Switch out sweater dress to knit dress
  • Stay classy in the causal days
  • Elevate your style with scarf
  • No time for painful shoes

If you find this useful, please feel free to pin it or comment so more ladies can come across the article!

And if you want more classy fashion tips, below are some useful reads.

See you there!

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