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*18 outfits*What to wear to a coffee date?! (summer + winter)

*18 outfits*What to wear to a coffee date?! (summer + winter)

Wondering what to wear on a coffee date? You’ve come to the right place!

As the saying goes “All you need is love and a cup of coffee”. I mean, coffee and dating are the impeccable match of all time.

It’s super affordable and stress-free.

While a coffee date gravitates towards the casual side, you still want to look cute and put together.

WHAT To wear coffee date
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Below, I’ve gathered 18 coffee first date outfits from simple to dressy all year round.

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1. What to wear to a coffee shop with friends?

What to wear to coffee shop with friends
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Before talking all about wearing cute for your crush, let’s quickly talk about the casual friends’ coffee date look first.

For a last-minute look, some of you may go for the jogger pants. While they are doable, they can look a little bit too laid back.

WHAT TO WEAR coffee date
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To brighten up the look, I’d say pick chic outerwear.

Think of a cropped denim jacket or oversized shacket to do the trick.

Together with a cute high bun to stay refreshed, this is how you trick people you’ve given thought to your look.


2. What to wear on a coffee date in spring?

Wondering what to wear on a coffee date in spring? Wearing pastels is a no-brainer.

Think of a dusty pink top or a lavender light cardigan that helps you look irresistibly soft and feminine without going too formal.

what to wear on a coffee date in spring
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And guess what, according to color psychology, pastel is the classic uplifting shade that makes people feel good.

They are naturally pleasing to the eyes and make you appear to be more approachable and likable.

Or else, if you want to look elegant, white is such a classy choice – it just looks as refreshing as it looks high fashion.


WHAT TO wear on a coffee date on spring

3. What to wear on a coffee date in the summer?

For a summer coffee date, definitely go for the off-shoulder tops.

What to wear on a coffee date in summer?
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Showcasing the feminine shoulder area just gives off a dash of sexy vibes without trying too hard.

The best part? It’s universally flattering regardless of your height and size.

Trust me, your date will secretly appreciate that!

Again, I’ve handpicked my favorite from Amazon. This one just drapes and covers the belly perfectly.

It comes in all different patterns and sizes. Check them out!

WHAT TO WEAR coffee date
Off-shoulder with white jeans is a simple yet stunning combo!

4. What to wear on a coffee first date?

Some ladies may wonder: Can I dress up for the coffee first date? I want to leave a good impression.

The short answer is YES.

What to wear on a coffee first date?
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But that said, you don’t want to go too over the top with a sexy bodycon dress and 10 cm stilettos or have a super elegant updo.

None of these blend in with the crowds and the cafe chill vibes, and high chance your date may think you are trying too hard.

So ladies, dress according to the occasion even if that’s the first date.

Actually, you have a wide range of choices. Feeling cute?

WHAT TO wear coffee first date
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You can pick a cute doll dress with flat gladiator sandals and add an extra pop of fun with a striking red bag.

That’s equally flattering as well!

At the end of the day, it’s all about finding the right balance.

5. What to wear on a coffee date in the fall?

Can you look put together for a fall coffee date? Sure thing! A simple hack is to layer up your look.

What to wear on a coffee date in fall?
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So here’s the sweet combo: A white button-down, sleeveless V-neck sweater, and flared pants that look as chic as it looks comfy.

If you feel extra stylish today, throw on a rose gold frame Glass will always do the trick!

WHAT TO WEAR coffee date
Source: Streetstylis

If the layered look isn’t your thing, go simple with a cute jumper and a skater skirt will instantly put you on the right track.

Or else, dress like a cool girl in faux leather leggings and combat boots.

Showing out the shoulder just boosts the sexiness of your sweater look tenfold.

WHAT TO WEAR coffee date

6. What to wear on a coffee date in winter?

Looking cute on chilly days is hard, the trick here is to pick the right outerwear.

What to wear on a coffee date in winter?
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While the puffer jacket is super warm, they are just a bit too “functional” for a coffee date.

I will also avoid the structured long coat as it looks just too polished and formal.

Instead, consider a fluffy sherpa jacket or a stylish oversized blazer that goes well with almost everything.

Together with thigh-high boots, your outfit is a 10/10.

7. What to wear on a coffee date as a plus-size?

To all my plus-size baes out there, of course, I won’t miss you out!

If you wonder what clothes look best to show off your amazing curves, I’d say a jumpsuit, especially for a summer coffee date.

WHAT TO WEAR coffee date
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First thing first, they are gorgeously lightweight and breathable for baking hot days.

Added to this, the flared pants and high waist design can always elongate your figure and make you appear to be taller and slimmer.

Together with the nude sandals and a statement canvas bag, you’ll never feel anything missing from the look!

What to wear on a coffee date as a plus size?
Source: 1,2

Of course, an extra forgiving peplum top to hide our belly and make us feel the best.

Trust me, I have at least 10 similar pieces in my wardrobe. Love them too much.

What to wear on a coffee date as a plus size?

The quality of ROMWE is always guaranteed.

8. What to wear to a coffee first date? Pheromone perfume

Lemme make this clear, this tip is completely optional.

If you are really into your date and want to appear to be more attractive to him, the pheromone perfume is a must-have.

I don’t have any other way to say this but pheromones are a type of hormone that can stimulate arousal and lust back to science.

What to wear to coffee first date?

There are tons of pheromone products out there but the only one I recommend is one from Pure Instinct. Why?

Because I bought it and really see the result! The formula is just perfect, especially for ladies.

Even if you don’t buy, check out the review section to read all those crazy before & after stories – they are really entertaining lol


So there you go – the 18 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a coffee date all year round!

I hope that gets you inspired and now it’s time to pin down your favorite look!

By the way, if you are interested in dating science and outfit tips, definitely read through the articles listed below.

Even though this is not your first, second, or third date, I’m sure you will find the science behind it useful in the future!

See you there loves!

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