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*2023*How to make the tubular breasts look normal? 7 styling tips to feel feminine!

*2023*How to make the tubular breasts look normal? 7 styling tips to feel feminine!

Many normal women out there don’t even know what is tubular breasts.

But still, as one of the tubular breast girls, I decided to write this article even though there is just one lady who will read this out there.

I didn’t tell anyone about tubular breasts because this is just too rare and this has been one of my biggest secrets.

For more than 25 years, I just don’t feel beautiful and feminine at all.

Instead of going through surgery, I decided to make my breast feel and look normal through all sorts of styling.

While it is true that we can’t change the shape of our breasts, this is definitely not the end of the world.

I realized instead of hiding it all the time under a baggy sweater, the more I show it, the more freedom and happiness I feel.

I also try to accentuate my other feminine body parts so it balances my insecurities towards my breast.

Of course, as a disclaimer, everyone has their own thought so feel free to take these tips with a pinch of salt.

So ladies, if you are ready, here are the 6 tips on how to make the tubular breasts look normal. I have one BIG tip that can improve tubular breast the end of the article, enjoy!

1. Wear a sports bra/ bralette with a transparent top

How to make the tubular breasts look normal
Source: Poshmark

I am not joking, yes I have tubular breasts, and yes I wear a transparent top.

I used to hide my breast in baggy clothes but I realize that makes me feel even more insecure about my breast.

Added to this, this is such a constraint when I have to limit my styling freedom because of my breast.

Since I am not secure in wearing a deep V-neck top, I do think wearing a sports bra with a transparent top/ jacket on top is a healthy and fashionable choice.

I always pick the structured sports bra with pads so it can contour my breast shape.

If you want to look more feminine, wearing a bralette is another nice choice! My breast won’t suddenly become normal with this outfit but at least I feel so accepted by showing some skin of my breast, this feeling is always liberating!

2. Wear an off-shoulder top and dress to show the clavicle

It’s common that girls with tubular breasts don’t feel feminine with their body figure as we seldom show our breasts.

To tackle this, I tend to wear an off-shoulder top that shows my clavicles – it’s a lowkey classy way to show my femininity and it helps to shift people’s attention from my breast to my upper chest area.

Showing the neckline makes me feel more girly, and let’s not forget off-shoulder top can make our face appear to be smaller.

Despite off-shoulder tops, I avoid all baggy dresses as I don’t want to cover all my body curves.

I always wear high-waist pants and dress to accentuate my waist area as well!

3. Pair a white shirt underneath a slip dress

Source: Whowhatwear

If just wearing a slip dress is too much for you, you can always add a white T-shirt underneath for a casual chic look.

As a girl with chubby cheeks, I always wear V neck white tee instead of a round neck as V lining can help elongate my neck and makes my face look slimmer.

If you want a more feminine classy look, I always wear a dusty pink chiffon blouse under the black dress and all I can say is it looks really flattering!

4. Wear the top with frill details and a structured bust

Source: Whitefoxboutique

If I want to wear a top, always pick the top with a frill or ruffle details as it will add some volume to the chest area.

Also, I prefer to pick the structured bust top so we don’t have to worry whether our breasts can support it or not.

As for the fabric, I seldom choose thin cotton fabric as see-through is a big No-no. To me, silk, satin, tweed, or thick cotton will make the top look more supportive and classy.

If your top is too low-cut and you are not comfortable with that, you can always tape it underneath! After all, feeling secure in your outfit is the key to dressing it well!

5. Opt for pastel colors instead of the dark clothing

Another way for me to feel more womanly is to wear light and pastel colors like lavender, baby blue, dusty pink, and more.

These colors make me feel more feminine and refreshing than wearing all black all the time. If you are not ready to wear a light pink top, you can always wear light jeans with a dark top first.

Here are some articles you may find helpful if you love wearing white jeans like me!

6. Do chest uplifting exercises for a little bit of breast contour

This is not a styling tip but still, I’d love to share it with you because I do find this useful!

I’ve been following this uplifting exercise on youtube for a few months and I can tell my breast has been uplifted a bit.

These chest isolation exercises help to open our chest and strengthen our chest muscles. There are no dramatic changes and personally, I can feel the little changes.

It’s not the magic pill that changes the breast shape but at least I feel good about myself by doing this easy exercise. I hope you found it useful too!

7. Wear a Liftup bra to create the shape

I guess it’s a no-brainer but yes, a lift-up bra really helps. It just makes me feel more confident and I have to confess I probably wear them too much. These are my Amazon picks that are as affordable as they are useful.

I can always find the GEMS from the review ♥ Enjoy!

WEAR LIFT UP BRA tubular breast

Get this lift-up bra on Amazon

8. The natural Fenugreek oil to boost the growth

I always thought massaging the breast is a scam until I pick the right oil.

If you’re a scientific person like me, you should know fenugreek seed oil is the real deal. According to Medical News Today, fenugreek oil may help stimulate breast milk production and ease the flow.

In other words, it improves the increase of mammary glands and increases bust size naturally.

For me, I apply the oil to the lower bust to even my breast shape out. I do it every night and it DOES get bigger and plumper!

The one I bought is Organic Nature’s Answer Fenugreek oil on Amazon, check out the comment section and you’re bound to feel hopeful!

Consistency is key ladies, DON’T GET UP!


So ladies, here are the 8 tips on how to make the tubular breasts look normal! Let’s have a quick checklist first.

  • Wear sports bra/ bralette with a transparent top
  • Wear an off-shoulder top and dress to show the clavicle
  • Pair a white shirt underneath a slip dress
  • Wear the top with frill details and structured bust
  • Opt for pastel colors instead of the dark clothing
  • Do chest uplifting exercise for a little bit of breast contour

Instead of hiding them up, embracing their existence is probably the best way to normalize our breasts. Only when we feel normal towards them, it can look normal in our eyes! So, ladies, it’s time to free yourselves and we don’t have to put a label just because our breasts look different from the Instagram models. We are all one-of-a-kind and we are all perfect imperfections!

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