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10 pieces! How to dress in your 20s & late 20s female?

10 pieces! How to dress in your 20s & late 20s female?

Ladies, are you wondering how to dress in your 20s or late 20s? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

As a 28-year-old, I do think the late 20s is the perfect time to redefine your style and make yourself feel the best.

With all the fashion trends coming and going in your early and mid-20s, now you’ve finally figured out which style serves you the best.

While there’s no specific style on what to wear in your 20s & late 20s, I’ve gathered 10 fashion pieces that can effortlessly elevate the look, enjoy!

Everyone has a different style so take it as a reference – enjoy!

1. Late 20s essential: Satin dress

As a 28-year-old, silk and satin dress (a more budget-friendly pick) is my latest obsession.

Featuring a shimmering and butter-soft texture, this kind of dress just looks so luxurious, and elegant yet comfortable to wear.

How to dress in your late 20s female
Source: Pinterest

The way the dress drapes on the body just looks so feminine.

I am loving this tone-on-tone look – how darling ❤️

How to dress in your late 20s female
Source: Extra petite

And guess what, you can literally wear the satin dress all year round.

When the days are cold out, just layer up a nice sweater and you’re good to go!

2. Blazer with belt in your 20s

If you haven’t considered this combo – well, now you know!

Seriously, adding a dainty belt like this just elevates the whole look tenfold.

Blazer with belt
Source: Pinterest

A brown and black two-tone look is so sleek.

how to dress in your 20s female
Source: Pinterest

3. A sleeveless high neck top

Is that just me but a high neck sleeveless top just looks so sassy and sophisticated?

sleeveless high neck top
Source: Mia mia mine

It looks perfect with a pencil skirt – so womanly.

sleeveless high neck top
Source: Bella Zofia

This is giving the old money vibes, especially with that leather belt.

But really, even if you just pair it with a pair of bootcut jeans – it will look stunning!

Disclaimer: This top may not flattering for all kinds of face shapes.

4. A form-fitting Trench coat

How can we skip the trench coat? It’s literally the essential of the late 20s wardrobe.

form fitting trench coat late 20s
Source: Pinterest

The double-breasted silhouette just makes you look so put together.

When I am totally not in the mood to dress up during the cold days, I will just throw on the trench coat and keep the high-neck thermal top underneath.

how to dress late 20s female
Source: Pinterest

Or else, stay one-of-a-kind with a slouchy long trench coat.

Together with the beanie, it just screams ‘I’ve got a style and I ROCK it’.

5. Pencil dress & sheath dress

In the late 20s, it’s time to say goodbye to mini bodycon and welcome midi pencil dress.

white pencil dress
Source: Pinterest

Regardless of the body shape, a sheath dress just looks undeniably fabulous.

As a form-fitting dress, it highlights your curves perfectly in an elegant way.

black pencil dress
Source: Stylepantry

To look the best in a midi dress, opt for the hemline slightly below the knee instead of landing exactly on the knee.

Trust me, that will be visually more slimming.

6. Bootcut jeans

As a denim lover, I’d say all jeans look amazing.

But when it comes to the most leg-flattering, the feminine bootcut jeans are definitely my favorite.

Bootcut jeans
Source: Pinterest

Featuring the fit slim to the knee and flares beautifully to the hem, bootcut jeans just elongate your frame for a more defined and flattering silhouette.

To boost the illusion to the fullest, I’d say team the high-platform sandals with bootcut jeans!

Bootcut jeans
Source: Pinterest

To get your daily dose of boss babe vibes, drape the blazer over your shoulder to feel the best.

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7. When in doubt, co-ord set

If you want to achieve an effortless style in a hurry, well, co-ord sets are your fashion savior.

how to dress late 20s
Source: Pinterest

Just slip into your coordinated sets, a nice top, and statement boots – you are ready to rock the day!

pink co ord set outfit
Source: Pinterest

The best part?

Depending on whether you want to wear it separately or together, you can have countless combinations of #OOTD.

8. When in doubt, go monochrome

On some days, you just want to rock one color from head to toe.

monochrome how to dress in late 20s
Source: Pinterest

That said, adding dimension to the look is key.

By incorporating different shades of brown and all kinds of texture, this is how you rock a monotone look tastefully.

white monochrome outfit
Source: Pinterest

Need I say more? This look is to die for.

9. Tone-on-tone look

If monotone is not your thing, the two-tone outfit is equally flattering as well.

tone on tone outfit
Source: Pinterest

A white shirt dress like this is the best canvas to highlight the brown bag and belt.

Elegant in the most refreshing way.

black top tone on tone outfit
Source: Pinterest

Also, when you match the top with the boots in the same hue, it just elongates your figure visually from head to toe.

Rock the colors in a strategic way!

10. Wear asymmetrical hemline

When I entered my late 20s, I’ve been obsessed with all the one-shoulder designs.

asymmetrical dress outfit
Source: Pinterest

Despite the fact that one shoulder looks unique, the asymmetrical line highlights your shoulder line perfectly.

plus size how to dress in your 20s and late 20s
Source: Pinterest

Compared to the regular cardigan, the waterfall cardigan just draws the eyes upward and elongates your figure.


So there you go – the 10 fashion pieces if you are wondering how to dress in your 20s & late 20s!

What are your thoughts on that? Which fashion piece is your favorite?

Looking for more outfit inspo? Check out the posts down below!

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