6 colors that make you look fat! [ Are you still wearing this color ?!]

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We all know the rule: When in doubt, wear black. Admittedly, black is the ultimate color to make us look slimmer.

However, what actually are the colors that make us look bigger?

While there are other factors that determine the result, we just can’t deny how chubbier we look in white jeans than in black jeans!

So there you go ladies – the 6 colors and color patterns that make us look fat so we can avoid them, enjoy!

1. White

Black is the most slimming color as it absorbs all the colors and reflects nothing to our eyes, this also explains why white color makes us look fat.

On the opposite, white reflects all the colors out and visually makes us have a bigger frame and our actual size.

Plus, white tends to enlarge the horizontal lining and that explains why those belly fat rolls can look deadly obvious in a white bodycon dress.

Alternative colors: Creamy white and Ivory

If white is too bold for you, you can always wear similar colors like creamy white and ivory.

I personally love white jeans so much but for some days I just want to relax, warm creamy jeans are my best pick.

Compared to the stacky white which has a cool tone, creamy white and beige colors have a warmer color with the underlying red, yellow, and orange as the undertone.

2. High saturation color

When it comes to high saturation colors, it means the colors that are bright and vivid.

For example, with pink color, there are many different shades of pink if we adjust the hue intensity.

In that case, shocking pink is a high saturation color while baby pink is a low saturation color.

One of the easiest ways to identify high saturation colors is testing whether they are harsh on the eyes or not as you can visually feel the color intensity.

High saturation colors make us look fat because they are visually more attention-grabbing than other darker colors.

We just subconsciously pay more attention to the bright color areas and so it gives an illusion of a thicker figure.

3. Pale color

Some people may think pale colors to pastel colors are the same thing. However, not all the pastel colors make you look fat.

Pastel colors like Violet Dark Pastel Purple and Coral rose don’t have the enlarging effect as they are more of a dark color.

However, the light pastel colors like magic mint and peach can make us look fatter as it is closer to pure white.


Instead of totally avoiding the pale color, try mixing it with the dark color.

For example, if you are a pear shape (thinner on the upper body and thicker on the lower body), you can always wear a light pink V-neck top with black skinny jeans!

Or layering you look like the outfits below.

With the balancing of color and addressing your body curve, pale colors can look really flattering!

4. Nude color

I wish I knew this sooner because nude color can make you look fatter!

For a long period of time, I am so obsessed with the nude monochrome outfit.

However, I just don’t feel it looks best on me.

The problem is with the nude color, I feel like I am blending in with the background and I can’t use an outfit to show my body silhouette anymore, and that makes my body look thicker.

Alternative way:

But is that mean you shouldn’t wear nude colors? Not at all!

Nude is a tricky one, with the right fabric and design, nude color can look really good on us!

If I am wearing a long nude dress, now I will add a high waist black belt to define my waistline and makes my figure looks slimmer.

Added to this, I am so obsessed with wearing nude heels as it blends into my leg seamlessly and makes me appear to have longer legs!

So nude color is definitely worth trying but you really need to pay close attention to what’s works and does not work for your body!

5. Big prints and patterns

Even if you are wearing all black but if you have some bright red floral big print on it, it will still visually make the prints look more pop-up and have an enlarging effect.

Any busy patterns like big dotted prints are going to add some dimension to your body so keep them to the minimum.


If you are a big fan of prints and patterns, you can try vertical stripes instead of horizontal stripes for an elongating effect!

Added to this, instead of the bright prints with big contrast, you can always choose the light color prints to contour the clothes a bit. For me, I think shadow lace clothes are better than the ones with big prints – classy and elegant!

6. Pair contrasting colors in an outfit

Last but not least, let’s talk about color pairing! If you pair a shocking pink top with yellow pants ( That example is awful…), with two contrasting colors, visually it will look like you can chop into two colors and that makes you look shorter visually.

Instead, we should always pair our outfit with a similar tone so that our outfit always looks united and completed.

This also explains why people always look taller with a monochromic outfit.

With the different shades of the same color, you just look naturally more put together.

Wear tone-on-tone is probably the easiest way to look high fashion on a budget!

Final thoughts:

So there you go – the 6 colors that make you look fat and big. What are your thoughts on that?

So you are probably feeling so overwhelmed right now and questioning “Hmm… should are you suggesting I should only wear black now”? Of course NOT!

No matter your size, you can embrace all the colors and I mean it!

As a pear shape girl, I love wearing white jeans and pastel color tops as it just makes me feel really refreshed and out together.

The intention of writing this article is to let people figure out what colors will make you look bigger so you can balance it by choosing the slimming fabric, cutting, and accessories!

For example, you can always wear a V neck shirt instead of a round neck shirt to elongate your neckline to make your shed the volume on your upper body.

Added to this, instead of choosing a shining fabric like silk, a matte structured fabric like tweed can make you look way slimmer.

So, feel free to play with the colors with tricks and tips. After all, life is too short to just wear black!

To wrap things up, below is the checklist of colors that make you look bigger.

  • White
  • High saturation color
  • Pale color
  • Nude color
  • Big prints and patterns
  • Pair contrasting colors in an outfit

By the way, if you are interested in how to wear clothes that flatter our bodies, you may find these articles useful! See you there!


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