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*15 real-life outfits!* What to REALLY wear to medieval times? (+ tips!)

*15 real-life outfits!* What to REALLY wear to medieval times? (+ tips!)

Wondering what to wear to medieval times for a good time? Look no further as here’s the right place!

First thing first, if you are still on the fence about whether medieval times are worth the price or not, I’d say it’s definitely worth it.

As a fail-proof combination of historic elements, entertaining shows, and great food, Medieval times is an epic tournament like no other.

I mean, being served a four-course banquet while watching 6 knights competing with others in the castle? Shut up and take my money.

Regardless of your age, you’re bound to immerse in this 2 hours 11th-century feast tournament.

So this begs the question: What to wear to Medieval times dinner? Is there any dress code?


Ahead, I’ve gathered 15 real-life outfits from Instagram along with some pro tips.

Get inspired!

1. What to wear to Medieval Times?

According to the official website, Medieval times has no dress code so feel free to wear whatever you feel the best! As you’ll be sitting for the show 2 hours straight, it’s best to wear something comfy and loose-cut.

For gentlemen, polo or collared shirts and jeans will never go wrong.

2. What to wear to medieval times summer?

For ladies, the choices of your outfits are basically endless.

From a floral sundress to breezy culotte pants, they are all as flattering as it’s comfy to wear.

For footwear, consider sneakers, flat sandals, or chunky low heels. You will do a lot of walking when you walk around the castle so high heels are not preferred.

3. Go matchy with your kids

Want to add an extra pop of fun to your family day? Go matchy-matchy with your kids for some picture-perfect shoots!

4. Seize the chance to take photos with the actors

The best part about Medieval times is you can really get personal with the actors! How fun is that?

5. Wear a statement dress for Medieval times tournaments

To fullest enjoy the experience, dressing yourself up is part of the whole fun!

Throw on a statement animal print dress with a nice hair-do just to the whole journey extra special.

6. Corset x jeans for a vintage look

In medieval times, you can expect many people (both adults and kids) to dress in a vintage look.

If you to embrace the retro style in low-key wear, pair a lace corset top with jeans and just tell others you’ve given a thought to your look.

Easy piecey!

7. Cute corset top

Below I’ve handpicked two vintage tops (but not in an over-the-top way) on Amazon.

Whether you pair them in jeans or a midi skirt, they just look super cute.

white corset top
Get this corset top on Amazon

For girls who are insecure about flappy arms, this puffy sleeve is just extra forgiving!

8. Square-neck milkmaid top

Of course, how can we miss out on the in-style milkmaid top? The square neckline just can’t be any more retro.

vintage milkmaid top
Get this milkmaid-style top on Amazon

9. Add a corset belt to spice up the look

When in doubt, add a corset belt and Viola – it just adds a dose of retro flare out of nowhere!

I’m loving her tunic top as well. How cute.

10. Go all in with the costume

For the girls who want to go ALL-IN, pick the right costume and immerse into Medieval Spain.

There are a lot of great spots in Medieval Times for you to take some instagrammable shoots with your girl pals!

11. High-quality Renaissance dress

If you’re looking for an affordable costume, you’ll be surprised by how high quality and soft the fabric is.

Renaissance dress
Get this Renaissance dress on Amazon

Check out the reviews for the try-on photos. It seems that people are gravitating towards the rose color!

12. What to wear to Medieval Times dinner?

Dressing up for Medieval times is all about showing your personality. Feel like wearing black lips today? Lean into it! You’re not sorry.


Even on winter days, the stadium is pretty warm.

Make sure you layer up the look so you can take on and off the outerwear easily.

13. Cottagecore style for the medieval village

Besides the vintage costume, the cottagecore style works great as well.

When in doubt, throw on a checkered maxi skirt as a flattering piece!

14. Dress up like a knight for medieval times

Regardless of your age, you can still do a very Knight’s Tale. It’s all about finding your inner child and having fun!

15. Have a great memory!

If you have kids, definitely dress them up as little princesses and knights. Don’t underestimate how this little memory can last for a lifetime ♥


So there you go – the 15 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to medieval times.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope these get you inspired and now it’s time for you to play with your own style!

For more styling tips, check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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