*12 Real-life member outfits!* What to wear to SOHO house & farm house?

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Wondering what to wear to Soho house and Soho farmhouse? Look no further as here I am going to show you 12 real-life member outfits to get you inspired!

As an exclusive club for artists and creators, Soho house is hard to get in. It has strict criteria for people to allow and of course, you have to pay membership every year in order to enjoy the facilities there.

From Justin Timberland to Leonardo DiCaprio, Soho houses are full of A-listers members. Be mentally prepared if you met a celebrity in the hallway!

So if you are lucky enough to visit Soho’s house, the last thing to do is dress like an outsider and feel insecure the whole time.

But no worries, I’ve got you all covered. Read on for the outfits and pro tips!

1. What to wear to Soho house NYC

First thing first, a legit Soho house member focuses more on the one-of-a-kind overall style rather than throwing all big logos in one outfit. (Don’t forget they are creators!)

So yes, dressing flashy may not be the best approach.

According to Soho house, they have a relaxed dress code. The crowd wears anything from a nice midi to a comfy tee dress.

To look stylish with minimal effort, throw on a statement poncho like this and you have no problem spicing up any looks.

2. What to wear to Soho house London

Gravitate towards cool-girl style? I say lean into it.

You can never go wrong with a Moto jacket, graphic tee, and faux leather pants. It just screams the vibes.

3. What to wear to Soho House Malibu

Playing with fabric and texture is another way to showcase your fashion sense. A sleek cut-out white top and glamorous purple satin pants?

This look is simple, classy yet feminine.

4. What to wear to the Soho house?

Going to Soho house is definitely not the time to wear your regular shirt. Make it cropped and team it with teal dress pants to feel the chicest.

5. Stay fancy for dinner

In Soho house, you can have a wide variety of activities to engage from the latest blockbuster to the swim-up bar.

If you are heading to a fancy dinner, a stunning red silk dress can never go wrong.

6. Stay one of a kind in Soho house

Wear only a sleeveless sweater? This is what a legit Soho house member would wear.

Think out of the box.

7. Be party-ready for the Soho house

Fashion comes and goes but boss lady vibes will never get old.

So here’s the sweet mash-up for you: A big collared black and white blazer and a sequin tube top that scream “I’ve got a style and I ROCK it”.

8. What to wear to the Soho farmhouse

Wondering what to wear to the Soho farmhouse?

A checkered black and white spaghetti dress and oversized shirt are bound to make you feel the most carefree.

9. What to wear to the Soho farmhouse

Wondering what to wear to the Soho farmhouse? Basically everything! For me, I will definitely prefer something more casual and scream the vacay vibes.

From cottagecore look to a basic white tee and jeans, what matters is feeling good about yourself.

10. What to wear to the Soho beach house

Don’t forget to bring swimsuit! This indoor pool at Soho Farmhouse is AMAZING.

11. Be true to yourself

Soho House is full of free spirits, be truly who you are and you’re bound to receive compliments.

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try some new trends! For me, a vintage look is definitely top of my list.

12. Baddie girl style to rock your night

Feeling extra flirty? A baddie girl look will always seal the deal.

To pump up an all-black look, add an extra pop of fun with a fun orange bag and glitter heels.

And let’s not forget that statement high ponytail!


So ladies and gents, there you go the 12 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to Soho house and Soho farmhouse.

What are your thoughts on them? I hope you get inspired and now it’s time to pin down your outfit and enjoy your time there!

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