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[22 outfit combos!]đŸ”„What to wear with leopard print sneakers?

[22 outfit combos!]🔥What to wear with leopard print sneakers?

Alright, so I finally plucked up the courage and bought the leopard print sneakers.

But here’s the next question: How to style these cuties without looking tacky or out of style?

Well, this article is for you because here are the 6 ways to look chic and put together with leopard prints!

Take a deep breath and relax, wearing leopard prints is not as intimidating as you thought.

So ladies, here are the 6 tips when it comes to what to wear with leopard or other animal prints sneakers!


1. Avoid lousy prints on your outfit

Photo source: Daily Mail

I know it sounds obvious but I just can’t help to remind you of this again.

Ladies, if you are always wearing a pair of leopard sneakers, let’s not throw all your leopard print clothing on your body.

This is definitely not a great way to style your animal prints sneaker.

It’s okay to style your sneaker with some delicate neckwear like a leopard scarf for a pairing.

But when it comes to the big significant pieces like leopard prints shoulder bags, long dresses, and coats, this will make you look a bit trying too hard and go tacky easily.

So ladies, always stay away from the lousy prints so they won’t compete with your leopard print shoes.

2. Wear plain color for the bottom

As the saying goes, less is more.

Wearing plain skinny jeans is always a causal way to style your leopard sneaker.

With those plain canvases, you can highlight your leopard prints perfectly.

I love wearing animal prints shoes with my jeans or a plain oversized hoodie, this signature leopard prints just effortlessly make me look more dressed up even in casual wear!

As a side note, always cuff your jeans to show your ankle to look slimmer and taller visually!

3. Style with leggings to balance out the vibes

Besides going crazy in all sorts of butt exercises, there’s definitely a faster way to get attention in the gym: Wear your leopard sneakers! Alright, I am just kidding here.

But in my case, I do find this tip really practical!

Most of my sports bras and leggings are all in plain colors and look really functional without any flattering designs.

While they are really comfy to wear, they can look a bit boring.

So, I always wear my leopard sneaker to balance out the boredom of my sportswear and make the whole outfit looks more vibrant and interesting!

I do think legging and leopard sneaker is the ultimate no-fail combination, try them out!

4. Pair your leopard print sneakers with a scarf or beret to look more put together

Pairing your leopard sneaker with a scarf or beret is always flattering. Adding an appropriate amount of uniformity can always make you look more put-together and fashionable!

I personally love to do a pairing with different colors.

Wearing black leopard print shoes with a brown leopard beret is always my favorite!

But always remember, don’t do a pairing with more than two pieces at the same time if you don’t want to look like a zoo ambassador!

5. Embrace other leopard print designs for a refreshing look

When it comes to leopard sneakers, by default we always think of the dark brown conventional leopard prints.

While some ladies may think the prints are too bold to carry, let’s not forget there’re always different variations of leopard prints in the market now!

For example, I adore the Adidas NMD animal print series so much lately. Instead of covering the whole sneaker with leopard prints, it wisely highlights the small leopard print area with refreshing white and beige as a background color.

This just gives leopard prints new vibes and that’s definitely a refreshing, chic, and less intimidating choice for all the animal prints beginners out there!

6. Faux leather pants for a polished look

If skinny jeans are too casual for a date night, you can style your leopard sneakers with leather pants or white jeans to look a bit more polished!

I think all of us agree that faux leather pants/ leggings and leopard prints are truly compatible with each other.

If you think the ordinary leather pants are too “shiny” to wear, you can always go for the matte leather pants first!

Besides leather pants, white jeans are my big love lately too. White jeans are feminine and classy naturally and I wish I tried these cuties out sooner.

Balance with the refreshing white/ beige color, leopard sneakers can look elegant as well!

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So ladies, here are the 6 ways when it comes to what to wear with leopard print sneakers!

Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Avoid lousy prints on your outfit
  • Wear plain color for the bottom
  • Style with leggings to balance out the vibes
  • Pair your leopard print sneakers with a scarf or beret to look more put together
  • Opt for Faux leather pants or white jeans for a polished look
  • Embrace other leopard print designs for a refreshing look

As much as it can be a little bit intimidating to wear animal print sneakers in the first place, they are truly flattering and perfectly add sparkle to any outfit.

While a pair of leopard heels can look too polished during casual days, the sneaker version is always a good place to start!

It just seamlessly balances out the sexiness and gives the look refreshing vibes!

So ladies, if you are still hesitating about the animal prints shoes, it’s time to get bold and rock your leopard sneakers today! I hope you won’t get too addicted to your sneakers!

By the way, if you are interested in classy styling tips, see you in these articles!

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