What to REALLY wear on a blind date? (Summer + winter 18 looks)

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Wondering what to wear on a blind date? You’ve come to the right place!

Speaking of my personal experience, even though it’s ages ago, the nervousness of a blind date in a coffee shop is REAL.

There are just too many unknowns and I feel like my brain can explode at any time.

Whether you meet your date through friends or just a bumble date, you definitely want to dress appropriately and put it together for the blind date.

That said, I’ve got you covered.

Below I’ve gathered 18 dating outfit ideas from casual to dressy along with some tips and tricks, enjoy!

1. Don’t want to dress to sexy

what to wear on a blind date
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When it comes to a blind date, there are just too many uncertainties. Even if you know him through your friend’s introduction, admit it, all you know is his name, job title, and height.

So if you are tempted to dig out your show-stopping bodycon dress on a blind date, HOLD ON sis.

Dressing sexy on the first date just easily lets others think you are trying too hard and desperate – even if that’s not your true intention.

What you should do instead is keep your outfit classy yet casual on the blind date so he will feel more comfortable interacting with you.

Think of a chiffon midi shirt dress or a cozy cable knit sweater dress that looks cute yet approachable.

2. Wear pastel shades on a casual blind date

what to wear on a casual blind date
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So here’s one of the most asked questions: What color should I wear for dating?

While there are no specific dos and donts, wearing pastel hues can definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

According to color psychology, pastel shades evoke openness and relaxation and make you appear to be more likable and lovely.

In the meantime, if you’ve heard of the red dress effect, you may want to avoid wearing a sexy red bodycon dress to a blind date.

According to science, women in red are perceived to be more sexually appealing – in other words – you look like you are more open to sex.

I won’t say a red dress is a big No-no, but just a little reminder that it can send out the wrong signal.

3. Wear peplum dress to hide the belly

So you are having a lunch bumble date and you are looking for a forgiving dress that can hide your belly completely.

Well, you just can’t go wrong with a peplum dress.

Featuring a stripe of flared cloth gathered around the high waist area, it just hides your belly like magic.

So yes, if you want a dress that can fake an hourglass figure and feel the most confident, this type of dress will play the trick.

Wear peplum dress to hide the belly
This is the type of dress that screams feminine vibes. The collar details just look so polished.
What to wear on a bumble blind date
Sexy off-shoulder and peplum flare? You just can’t look more put together.

4. Blouse + pants as a chic girl look

what to wear on a blind date
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If you’re the type of lady that dreads wearing a dress, no worries, you can always choose dressy separates!

A crisp white shirt and forgiving paper bag pants just look simple yet tasteful.

Together with a pair of nude pumps, this boss lady look is a 10/10.

5. Wear cute jumpsuit for a casual summer blind date

For an outdoor summer blind date, a jumpsuit is always perfect.

Featuring the gorgeously lightweight fabric and high waist design, this is how you stay comfy yet flattering.

If you want to accentuate your figure, wearing a belt can always give you that little boost!

what to wear on a casual summer blind date

6. Wear sweater dress to a winter blind date

Well, surprise surprise, a body-fitting sweater dress is highly desirable in men’s eyes.

While a bodycon dress looks too sexy and gives out that clubbing feel, a sweater dress can showcase your curves in an innocent way.

Together with the knee-high boots, you’re bound to make him weak at his knee.

Below I’ve handpicked two best-selling pieces from Amazon. Enjoy!

what to wear on a winter blind date
what to wear on a winter blind date

7. What coat to wear on a blind date?

What coat to wear on a blind date
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If you want to look put together on a winter blind date with minimal effort, throw on a structured long coat and Viola – you look effortlessly polished and smart.

Again, I gravitate towards the coat with light and neutral colors like beige, dusty pink, or light grey.

I personally do think it just makes you look more feminine than a “play safe” black coat!

8. Wear comfy and aesthetic shoes to blind date?

So you’ve pinned down your outfit, it’s time for shoes. Unless you are going to a fine dining blind date, otherwise, let’s not torture yourself with the 10 cm stilettos.

We all know how the shoe pain can turn us into a grumpy bitch aren’t we?

Plus, if you don’t know how tall that guy is, you better avoid the super high heels (Just to play safe).

To fully enjoy the time, go for the low heel pumps or dainty embellished flats that make you feel the comfiest.

If you want to elongate your legs more, pointy toe shoes can always do the trick!

What shoes to wear on a blind date
Source: 1, Charles & Keith: Gabine Buckled Leather Mule Pumps

9. Wear strucutred bag as a confidence boost

If you want to finish your look on a dressier end, avoid wearing a tote bag as it just looks too casual.

Instead, go for a structured bag or clutch to elevate your look!

When it comes to bags, of course, I have to mention my favorite brand Charles & Keith.

Their shoes and bags are always of high quality but mark at an “Amazon” price!

But the bad thing is – it sold out so quickly. The competition is real.

what bag to wear on a blind date

The Gabine bag is sold out again. This is why I have such a love-hate relationship with this brand… But at least they will restock it from time to time!

Check out HERE to see which bags are still in stocks!

10. Wear pheromone perfume on a first blind date

Wearing pheromone perfume to a blind date is totally optional.

But that said, if you want to appear to increase the appeal and romance in front of your date, that can be a really useful tool.

I’m sure you already know the science behind pheromone so I’d recommend you check out this Amazon bestseller and read all the juicy before and after stories in the reviews!

what to wear on a blind date


So ladies, there you go the ultimate outfit tips if you wonder what to wear on a blind date.

I hope that’s a useful one! Now it’s time to pin down your outfit!

As for the girls who want more dating outfit tips, definitely read through the articles listed below.

Even though this is not your first, second, or third date, I’m sure you will find the science behind useful in the future!

See you there!

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