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*2024* What to wear to a cookout & BBQ Party? 26 outfits & tips!

*2024* What to wear to a cookout & BBQ Party? 26 outfits & tips!

As the saying goes “When there’s a grill, there’s a way.”

Happiness on summer days can be as simple and fulfilling as a BBQ backyard party that fills with jokes and waves of laughter.

After you prepare all your food and decor for your party, the last question you probably have in mind is: What to wear to a cookout and barbecue party? Is there anything I should and should not wear?

cookout party casual outfit
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No worries ladies, I’ve got you covered.

From summer to winter, sunny to rainy days, I’ve gathered 26 cute yet practical cookout party outfits for you to get inspired.

If you are reading to level up your fashion game, keep on reading!

1. Casual backyard BBQ outfit ideas – polo

Whether you invite a big crowd or just a small family cookout, a barbecue party is more of a casual setting.

Casual backyard bbq outfit ideas
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So yes, a cute top and denim jeans are totally doable for a chill afternoon.

But if you are reading this article right now, I’m sure you want to make more effort than throwing on a slouchy tee and jogger pants, don’t you?

black woman polo shirt BBQ party outfit
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If you want to be slightly more put together for a work BBQ, a form-fitting polo dress just seals the deal.

If you want an extra layer, throw on a cardigan on your shoulder, and here you go the preppy leisure cookout look.

2. What to wear to a summer cookout? Linen dress

Come as no surprise, a summer cookout party in the park under the baking sun can be terribly hot.

To shed down the stuffiness, a gorgeously lightweight linen dress is your lifesaver.

These days, a linen dress is truly having a moment in summer fashion as the classy leisure pick.

While they can be expensive, I’ve found two affordable yet high-quality pieces from Amazon if you want to do it on a budget.


what to wear to a summer cookout

1. Linen Button Down Tunic Dress:

True to size, super soft fabric, and forgiving A-line cuts – this dress looks the best when you belt it up to cinch your waist area.

Check out HERE on Amazon.

2. Flutter Sleeve Peasant Dress:

You know that quality is promised when the brand is one of Amazon’s brands.

As a girl who is insecure with the arms area, the flutter sleeve is such a godsend. The sleeve just makes my arms look so much thinner comparatively – plus it looks cute!

For that reason alone, I think you should buy this dress. Check out HERE for more on Amazon! Save it on your wish list!

3. Romper as the Cute BBQ outfits

Have no time to do the mix and match and somehow still want to look cute for a cookout party in the park?

Grab a billowy romper to boost your aesthetic tenfold.

Cute BBQ outfits
Source: 1,2

1. Belted Wrap Short Jumpsuit

In case I haven’t reminded you if you have chubby cheeks like me, go for the big V-neck cuts instead of the round neck as that will make your face look so much smaller!

The design seems simple but that’s how you fake an hourglass body. Check out HERE to Amazon!

2. Off Shoulder Chiffon Shorts Jumpsuit

If you want a jumpsuit that looks like a cute dress, this is the one!

So far that’s the item that generates the most clicks on this site, I can tell you girls really love this jumpsuit! Check out more on Amazon HERE!

4. Backyard BBQ outfit idea – go colorful!

BBQ and cookout parties are always fun and refreshing, and guess what, your outfit should keep up with that as well!

backyard bbq outfit idea
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So ladies, now it’s time to play up a bit with some bright summery hues and a patterned top.

Think delightful dusty pink boatneck that screams “I care about my BBQ Ribs but also FASHION”.

colorful outfit bbq party
Source: Refinery29

Seriously, trying something out of the box will let you enjoy the party even more – they’re the real mood booster!

5. What to wear to BBQ night party – midi dress

If you’re invited to a night BBQ party, feel free to dress up more. That being said, finding the right balance is key.

You definitely don’t want to dress too dramatically in a hot bodycon and floor-length dress that’s totally not appropriate for the occasion.

As a failproof choice, a midi floral dress just can’t go wrong. Not only do you look good and feel good in them, but midi-length dresses just ensure you are comfy enough to sit and walk around.

What to wear to BBQ night party

Dress 1: Floral Wrap Flowy Ruffle Midi Dress

Bohemian vibes, flowy ruffle, and V-neck – this dress just checks all the boxes. Check out HERE on Amazon.

Dress 2:  Off Shoulder Trumpet Sleeve Swing Dress

Off-shoulder dress is always popular – it gives out a hint of spiciness but still remains elegant way. Such a perfect summer dating dress.

Check out HERE on Amazon!

6. What to wear to a cookout as a plus-size bae?

For the plus-size ladies out there, I am not missing you!

What to wear to a cookout

Let’s be real, it’s not good timing to wear a tight top for a BBQ party to flaunt your curves as a high chance you will eat A LOT.

If you want to hide the food baby, a peplum top is a lifesaver.

This lightweight V-neck cut just brings out the best shape in a curvy figure.

The try-on photos look even better than the model, so be sure to check out Amazon HERE!

7. What to wear to a BBQ when it’s cold? Layer it up

What to wear to BBQ when it’s cold? Here’s the thing, dressing for the winter cookout party can be tricky.

what to wear to a bbq when it's cold
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In winter, the temperature can change quickly from daytime to nighttime.

Plus, high chance you will get so much warmer when you’re doing the grilling.

So yes, layer it up is key.

Source: Pinterest

You want to dress flexibly and prefer something that can take on and off quickly.

For a timeless combo, pair up a button-down with a V-neck sweater and Ponte pants.

For a chilly day, add a lightweight windbreaker jacket that will put you on the right track.

8. What to wear to a BBQ in winter? Shacket

For a high-street fall look, an in-style plaid shacket is another perfect layering piece for cookout parties on chilly days.

What to wear to a bbq in winter?
Source: 1,2

As a perfect mix of shirt and jacket, you will never feel too bulky in them.

Plus, you can always tie it around the waist to add some chill vibes to the look.

Together with a beanie and a classic pair of Converse, this is how you do the cookout throughout the colder temps.

9. What to wear to a BBQ in winter? Convenience is key.

What to wear to BBQ in a really cold winter?

What to wear to a bbq in winter?
Source: 1,2

Get practical with a puffer jacket that ensures you are warm and cozy.

But here’s the thing, avoid wearing the sleeve puffer jacket as that can be super inconvenient when you trying to eat and grill food.

Instead, for the slim-cut puffer vest.

It can be worn with basically everything, just team it with a plain turtleneck will look good enough.

10. What to wear to a BBQ in the rain? Hooded jacket

If you think a puffer vest can never look cute, this pink winter puffer vest from Amazon is here to prove you wrong.

what to wear to a bbq in the rain

Featuring the removable hooded design, this also comes in handy for a rainy BBQ day. Check out HERE!

Of course, if that’s raining non-stop, you getter wear your raincoat and rain boots!

11. Straw bag to complete your casual BBQ outfit

If you want to enhance your summer cookout party look, a cute straw bag can really add an extra pop of fun to your style.

So here are my two handpicks for you girls after checking out the comments and photos! Enjoy!

casual bbq outfit

Let’s be real, you buy it because it’s super Instagram-able.

12. What shoes to wear to BBQ and cookout parties?

Last but not least, the footwear.

what shoes to wear to bbq and cookout
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Comfort is key and you certainly don’t want to slip into those stiletto heels that stand out from the crowd in an awkward way.

If you want to dress up a bit, go for the block sandals that are comfy enough to stand and walk around.

As for my favorite, I’d say Espadrilles sneakers as they just fit the cookout party vibes so much!


So ladies, there you go the 26 cute BBQ Party outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a cookout.

What do you think about these looks and which one is your favorite? Comment down below!

By the way, ladies, if you’re interested in a party outfit, high chance you will love the reads below.

See you there!

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