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*2023!*What to wear to a pig roast wedding & party?18 outfit ideas!

*2023!*What to wear to a pig roast wedding & party?18 outfit ideas!

Wondering what to wear to a pig roast wedding or pig roast party? You’ve come to the right place. 

While that can be your vegetarian friend’s nightmare, admit it, a pig roast party or wedding is just super fun to gather all your friends and family around.

Having a bloody, meaty roasted pig as the party highlight, you are bound to have a blast. The best part? They are heavenly and delicious.

And when it comes to outfit ideas, I’ve got your back.

Below, I’ve gathered 18 outfit ideas from weddings to casual parties, dresses to footwear.


1. Dress smart casual for the roasted pig wedding

What to wear to a pig roast wedding men
Source: 1,2

Yes, it’s a fun roasted pig outdoor wedding, but still, it’s a wedding.

While you don’t have to dress formally, you should always dress decently as a guest.

For gentlemen, a collared shirt, khaki pants, and Oxford shoes can be a great idea.

Of course, if you want to freshen up your look, here’s the sweet mash-up for you: Playful bowtie, suit vest, and crisp white pants. You’re welcome.

2. What to wear to a pig roast party? Polo & khakis

What to wear to a pig roast party
Source: 1,2

When it comes to the regular pig roast party, you can basically wear ANYTHING. Think of a breathable cotton tee and jeans that keep you chill and comfy.

Or else, if you want to look more put together, go for a polo, collared shirt, and khakis as the failproof combo. Just classic and manly.

3. What to wear to a pig roast wedding ladies

For girls, you’ll need a summery, cute dress that fits in the fun vibes of the pig roast party as a wedding guest.

That said, a floral skater dress just does the trick.

If you want to do it on a budget, below is one of my favorite ones from Amazon.

The cutting, fabric, and prints are impressively nice. As a girl with chubby cheeks, the V neckline just makes my face appear to be smaller.


what to wear to a pig roast wedding ladies

Or else, go for the feminine maxi dress. This dress below looks like two separates but it’s actually a one-piece.

The best part? The inverted V hemline can draw eyes vertically and elongate your legs visually.

So whether you are tall or petite, this long dress is for you.

Together with a straw hat and block sandal heels, you’re bound to feel AMAZING.

what to wear to a pig roast wedding ladies

4. What to wear to a pig roast wedding casually? Sundress

For the girls who prefer something comfy and billowy, throw on a cute T-shirt dress and you’ll never feel anything from your look.

For me, I do think the solid color T-shirt dress looks too plain.

The one with tropical prints definitely suits the outdoor party better.

Check out this amazing collection below! Some of the prints sold out quickly!

What to wear to a pig roast wedding casually

5. Dress vibrant for the pig roast party

What to wear to pig roast party & wedding

The pig roast party is such a cheerful, fun event to join. To fully enjoy the time, I’d say explore the vibrant hues.

Think of a beautiful coral shirt dress or a darling buttermilk yellow top as a mood booster.

Trust me, a cool-as-hell all-black high fashion look will make you feel out of the place.

Always dress according to the nature of the party.

6. When in doubt, wear a romper

If you love the mini dress, this one from Amazon below is a godsent – it has the most perfect silhouette.

Not only does it have a thick waistband that covers my belly area securely, but the adjustable neckline is also a big plus.

Depending on the occasion, you can go for the stylish square collar or flirty off-shoulder.


What to wear to a pig roast party and wedding

7. Go for a Hawaiian style pig roast party and wedding

What to wear to a Hawaiian style pig roast party

If you want to get that fun tropical fee and take some instagrammable shots, go for the Hawaiian style!

Whether that means wearing a vibrant aloha shirt, pulling off a grass skirt, or placing one orchid behind your ears, they all spice up your look in an instant.

What to wear to a Hawaiian style pig roast party

Of course, don’t forget about the statement flower necklace!

8. What shoes to wear to a pig roast wedding? No flip-flops & sneakers

What shoes to wear to pig roast wedding?
Source: 1,2

So you’ve pinned down your look, it’s time to pick the right footwear.

If you are going to a pig roast wedding, let’s not wear sneakers and flip-flops.

They are just way too casual.

As a wedding guest, you want to give thought to what you wear in a decent manner. That said, flats and sandals are totally acceptable.

As for the normal pig roast party – wear whatever you want! No one really cares.

9. What shoes to wear to the pig roast party? Espadrilles

Among all types of sandals, espadrilles are my favorite.

They are just as comfy as they look aesthetic and you have no problem staying put together walking on the grass for the whole afternoon.

Below is my favorite brand of all time- Charles & Keith. If you know the latest trend, you probably heard of this brand as it’s such a hit in 2022.

The best part? The brand vision empowers women to embrace fashion regardless of shape and size.


What shoes to wear to pig roast party?


So there you go- 10 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a pig roast wedding and party.

What do you think about these looks? I hope now you get all inspired!

By the way, if you are interested in more party outfit ideas, feel free to check out the list below.

See you there!

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