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What to wear to a bridal shower at someone’s house? 18 looks + tips! 

What to wear to a bridal shower at someone’s house? 18 looks + tips! 

Wondering what to wear to a casual bridal shower at someone’s house? This article is for YOU. 

These days, the bridal shower comes in all kinds of forms from a fancy party in the banquet hall to an intimate gathering at home.

Regardless of the forms, there’s one thing for sure: DRESS WELL for the party to show our delight and respect to the bride-to-be.

So even if you’re invited to a simple bridal shower of your bestie that is held at home, that doesn’t mean you can show up in your favorite hoodie and distressed jeans!

Below, I’ve gathered 18 bridal shower outfit ideas for guests to get you inspired! Enjoy!

1. Bridal shower guest attire: Sweet but not sexy

For the bridal shower guest attire, think sweet but not sexy.

Unless you want someone to gossip about you behind, never dress in a sexy clubbing bodycon dress that obviously outshines the bride.

When in doubt, go for a failproof floral midi dress or a pattern for some beautiful girl pal’s shots.

And when it comes to footwear, I don’t think high heels are compulsory for a house bridal shower party.

But that said, I’ll always for the pointy shoes – it just makes you look more put-together.

2. Wear a shirt dress as a simple yet classy choice

What to wear to bridal shower at someone's house
Source: 1,2

For a summer backyard bridal shower, you just can’t go wrong with a shirt dress. The lightweight fabric and loose-fitting cuts are perfect for baking hot days.

Together with a straw bag and summer hat, this refreshing look is perfect for girls’ afternoon party time.

If you are wearing the oversized shirt dress, that can look a bit sloppy so I’d say add in a belt when in doubt.

3. What to wear to a bridal shower brunch?

Whether you are a plus-size bae or a girl who is concerned about the belly area, the peplum dress is for you.

Attached with the extra stripe of fabric around the high waist area, it just camouflages the belly completely and creates an hourglass shape completely.

Seriously, if you are going for a bridal shower brunch, a peplum dress is your ultimate mood booster! Feel free to eat as much as you want sis!

So here’s my favorite one from Amazon.

A cold shoulder peplum dress that looks flirty and sweet at the same time.

what to wear to a bridal shower brunch

While it has a ton of shades and patterns, my favorite is the delicate rose pattern – it’s just perfect for the bridal shower. Check it out!

4. Don’t overdress for a daytime bridal shower at someone’s home

To blend in with the crowd, you never want to overdress for a casual bridal shower at home.

What to wear to bridal shower at someone's house?
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Unless you are expecting a nighttime fancy dinner, leave your floor-length lace dress and throw on a midi dress instead.

For the color tones, stick with festive and light hues (except white) instead of dark shades like black and chocolate brown.

5. When in doubt, go for a jumpsuit

If the dress is not your cup of tea, let’s not forget jumpsuit is equally gorgeous as well!

These days, the jumpsuit has been trending for wedding and bridal showers.

When in doubt, throw on a jumpsuit and a dainty clutch and you’ll never feel anything missing from your look.

That said, picking the right fabric is key here. Instead of going for cotton and linen, try something unique like satin and silk to glam the look up.

I mean, you’ll never go wrong with a lush satin champagne gold jumpsuit – it just screams nothing but romantic festive vibes.

6. Wear jeans for a bridal shower at someone’s house

There are a lot of controversies about wearing jeans to a bridal shower.

At the end of the day, it’s not about wearing jeans or not, but how to style them.

what to wear to bridal shower at someone's house
Source: 1,2

If you pair it up with a slouchy hoodie, that’s a big No-no. To get away with jeans, opt for a dressy blouse and nice pumps to elevate the overall style.

Guess what, most of the brides don’t really care whether you wear jeans or not as long as you look presentable!

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7. What to wear to a bridal shower in winter?

Let’s be real, coming up with the right outfit for the fall and winter bridal shower can be really tricky.

When the days are chilling out, I have zero motivation to style and the only plan I got is to throw on a baggy black puffer jacket and my UGG boots.

Forgive me, chilliness just makes me weak.

But hold on sis, dressing for an indoor bridal shower is way easier thanks to the fireplace and heater.

what to wear to bridal shower in winter
Source: 1,2

If you pick the right thermal garment and coat, a turtleneck top and midi skirt should be more than enough to keep you warm.

As a petite girl, a monochromatic look is my all-time favorite.

Putting a similar shade of hues on the body just unites and elongates my figure in an instant.


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8. Pay extra effort in picking the right outerwear

With the right outerwear, it can instantly brighten up your look.

So yes ladies, swapping out your baggy puffer jacket for a structured coat always help!

what to wear to bridal shower in winter
Source: 1,2

Instead of wearing dark dull hues like black and brown, go for pastel hues as an extra pop of fun.

Or else, neutrals like beige and grey work great as well!

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9. Wear wedges for an outdoor bridal shower party

Basically, you can wear anything from spaghetti heels to sweet ballet flats as long as you are comfy with them.

But if you are attending a BBQ backyard party, I’d say wedges are the best choice.

Trust me, you’ll never want to experience getting your heel stuck in the grass.

Here are my best pick (and most affordable) espadrilles on Amazon. The price and quality are simply unbeatable, check it out!

what to wear to outdoor bridal shower
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So there you go the 18 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a casual bridal shower at someone’s house.

After reading all these tips, well, now you have no excuse to procrastinate.

It’s time to pin down your final look and enjoy your best time with your girl pals!

if you need more outfit ideas on weddings, bridal showers, and more, check out the useful tips below!

See you there gorgeous!

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