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*11 real-life looks!* What to wear to Biltmore Estate (all year round)?

*11 real-life looks!* What to wear to Biltmore Estate (all year round)?

Wondering what to wear to Biltmore Estate? You’ve come to the right place!

While the price of admission is steep (The daytime tickets cost around $60-85), a visit to the Biltmore estate is so worth it.

As one of the top attractions in North Carolina, this Châteauesque-style mansion is breathtakingly beautiful.

Not only you can know more about Asheville’s history behind it, but there’s also a wide range of activities for you from renting a kayak to the French Broad River to taking a romantic carriage ride.

Oh, how romantic.

Not to mention you can take a ton of instagrammable shots there like a pro.

So this begs the question: What to wear to Biltmore estate? Is there any dress code?


Ahead, I’ve gathered 11 real-life Biltmore estate guests’ outfit ideas from Instagram along with some tips and reminders.


1. What to wear to Biltmore estate in spring and summer

As much as it looks so historic and grand, Biltmore Estate doesn’t have a dress code for visitors.

While most people go for casual attire, the point is to dress in whatever makes you feel good and comfy.

The mansion is surrounded by all kinds of greenery.

You will never go wrong with a nice floral dress and flat sandals in spring and summertime.


If you are on the fence, I’d recommend you go for the audio tour.

This just gives you the back story of Vanderbilts and makes your visit way more fulfilling!

2. What shoes to wear to Biltmore Estate

For a casual tourist look, dig out your sunglasses and jean shorts!

According to the official website, the magnificent 8,000-acre mansion includes 35 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, and 65 fireplaces. So yes ladies, you will walk ALL DAY LONG.

Comfy shoes are key to survival. Think sandal flats and sneakers.

3. What to wear to Biltmore estate in the fall?

Want to look stylish with minimal effort? Throw on a cropped denim jacket and leopard midi skirt that scream fun vacay vibes!

4. Summer dress for the Biltmore Estate tour

If you are looking for a flattering dress for the Biltmore mansion trip, this lightweight patterned dress is perfect for summer.

Summer dress for Biltmore Estate tour
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Featuring the sweetheart neckline and high waist design, this cutie just sculpts your curves in the best possible way.

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5. Monochromatic look for Biltmore estate

When the days are chilly out there, a stylish beige monochromatic look work wonders if you want to take some aesthetic shoots.

So here’s the sweet mash-up: Trench coat, loose-fit sweater dress, and knee-high boots that elongate your legs nicely.

And let’s not forget to throw on a nice felt hat to finish off the look on a dressier end.

6. When in doubt, wear pastels for the mood

If you are garden lover, Biltmore Estate is your ultimate wonderland.

To embrace the refreshing vibes, it’s always nice to throw on some pastel shades to spice up the look!

7. Dress for the season accordingly

As Biltmore House is not air-conditioned nor does it get overly warm in the winter. Make sure you wear enough for a winter visit!

Think scarf, puffer jacket, and thick socks.

8. Go glam up for special occasions

Want to dress up for the Biltmore Estate? For sure!

There are some fancy restaurants in Biltmore and many couples celebrate their anniversary and birthday here!

9. What to wear to Biltmore estate at Christmas

While you can dress casually for the tour, there’s a dress code to follow if you go to their restaurant.

For The Dining Room at The Inn, business casual attire is preferred. As for other restaurants, resort casual attire is acceptable.

All other estate restaurants recommend resort casual apparel.

10. What to wear to Biltmore estate for fine dining?

For business casual attire, think collared shirts and slacks for men and nice dresses or dress pants for ladies.

11. What to wear to Biltmore Christmas candlelight?

If you visit Biltmore in December, you are in luck because they have the most spectacular candlelight show!

If you want to take some great photoshoots, definitely glam yourself up!


So there you go – the 11 outfit ideas and tips if you wonder what to wear to Biltmore Estate.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope this guide is helpful!

Whether you love history, architecture, natural beauty, or fine dining, there must be something for you in this Biltmore Estate trip! Have fun!

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