[6 beginner tips to start in 2021]how to dress artsy?

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If you are the type of girl who wants to express your creativity through fashion, maybe it’s time to level up your styling game by dressing artsy! While the term “Artsy” seems vague, everyone has a different interpretation of it as there are basically no rules in this style! But if you want to get your feet wet in artsy fashion, inspirations are always welcomed. So ladies, here are the 6 tips if you wonder how to dress artsy. Enjoy my loves!


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First thing first, let’s start from the head, shall we? For a one-of-a-kind look, throw yourself a hat is such a no-brainer. As a statement piece, it just looks effortlessly eye-catching even in the simplest outfit. In the rushing morning, if you get yourself a wide beam hat with the shirt and jeans, guess what, people will still think you have given a thought to your look.

So, ladies, it’s time to glam up yourself with a hat that can truly represent your vibes. For example, you can express your vintage flare through a cloche and beret. In the meantime, some ladies may want to embrace the high street look with beanies or bucket hats. In all seriousness, I will urge you to dress up your outfit with a hat cause it always adds an exquisite character to the outfit!


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Rainbow color turtleneck with cuff jeans and combat boots? I’ll take it!

When it comes to artsy style, of course, we have to talk about the colors. As a style full of self-expression, don’t limit yourself to only neutral colors like beige, white and black. It’s time to embrace other delightful bold colors and two of my favorites are pink and orange. I mean, it’s impossible to feel sad when you wearing these hues!

And when it comes to the bold prints, my only suggestion is to embrace them. Whether it’s floral, geometric, or animal prints, I am sure you will find your spiritual one. If you aren’t ready for putting all the prints over your body, let’s focus on only the top or bottom as a starting point. When I was young, the horizontal stripe is one of my biggest fear but you know what, now I just adore it! After all, life is too boring to wearing solids all the time.


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Other than colors and prints, fabrics are another element to give your outfit a special touch. Despite the most-worn fabrics like cotton, denim, and nylon, let’s not forget there are still many to explore. Fabrics like satin, silk, wool can also give the clothes an exotic and tasteful style.

Another key thing to be artsy is don’t be too mainstream and one example is about footwear. In a world that full of thigh-high boots, you just look easily stand out in your wooden clog heels. If you team it with a pair of mesh printed socks, it just looks so exotic yet original. And when it comes to summer wear, guess what, instead of wearing short jeans, it can be equally gorgeous if you try out the crochet shorts and knit top for a spontaneous look!

So ladies, try to discover more patterns and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised!


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While everyone is talking about figure-skimming cutting and body con dress, being artsy sometimes means breaking the stereotypes. In the artsy world, “silhouette” is just way more than the hourglasses shape. Whether you want to pull off an oversized suit for an androgynous style or embrace the asymmetrical dress, it’s always fun to create your own artistic silhouette.


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Can you dress simple yet effortlessly artsy? Absolutely! With a statement piece, it just instantly give your outfit an extra pop even in the most ordinary outfits. Want to dress up a plain white shirt and a pair of baggy jeans? Simple. Just throw yourself a big “My Chanel is at home” tote bag and suddenly you become the sarcastic artsy girl.

But of course, statement piece is more than bags. If you are the specs wearer, the glasses chain is such a darling accessory. Whether you opt for the rusty gold chain, pearl chain or stone chain, it just looks so damn cool without looking too mainstream.


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If you think you have to buy precious designer clothes or tailored pieces to look unique, think again. No matter what your budget is, you can still be faithful to the artsy style. If you are the vintage fans, guess what, thrift store will your heaven. From the 70s bell-bottom pants to good old headbands, they just never stop to amaze you with the good stuff. Of course, you can find some treasure in the garage sale or flea market as well!


So girls, here are the 6 outfit tips if you wonder how to dress artsy! Hope you enjoy and below is a quick recap.

  • Always add a hat for the artsy vibes
  • Get creative with color and patterns
  • Opt for unique fabrics and textures
  • Get yourself an unusual silhouette
  • Pull off the artsy outfit with a statement piece
  • Look artsy on a budget with thrift outfits

While being artsy seems so vague and overwhelming, at the end of the day, everyone has their own interpretation. So these tips are just for inspiration, it’s time for you to get creative and experimental for your own style now!

By the way, if you are interested in styling tips and tricks, I am pretty sure you will love the articles below! See you there loves!


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