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23 looks to rock formal wear with sneakers in 2023 + fake long legs!

23 looks to rock formal wear with sneakers in 2023 + fake long legs!

Ladies, if you think formal wear with sneakers is not doable, well, think again.

Let’s be real here, we all know wearing high heels is oh-so-flattering but let’s not forget the ridiculous foot pain.

Sometimes, the pain can be really unbearable and totally ruin your mood for the entire day.

We’ve all been there. Aren’t we?

pink dress and sneaker outfit
Source: Pinterest

As a lady approaching her 30s, I’ve been diving deep into the formal wear and sneakers combo these years and trying all pairings out.

Today, I am proud to tell you matching formal wear with sneakers is totally possible.

At the end of the day, all you need to do is some little twist to pull off a classy look in a harmonious way.

If you are reading, ahead are the 23 failproof outfits for formal wear with sneakers.


1. Formal Dress With White Sneakers

If you are looking for one pair of sneakers to cover you for all your formal dress-ups, a crisp white pair of sneakers is all that you need.

Formal Dress With White Sneakers
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Seriously, they are the LBD of the sneakers world.

Why? Because white sneakers are versatile and classy enough to pair with all different formal attire without grabbing too much attention.

As a result, wearing white sneakers will not make you look over the place.

Whether you go for a sassy split sequin gown or a satin formal dress, never hesitate to swap your heels with white sneakers for a trendy yet glamorous vibe.

To look put together, a two-tone look works wonders.

Formal dress with white sneakers
Source: Pinterest

I don’t know why but this lady is giving a distinctive classy look.


If you are petite, AVOID wearing crew socks with sneakers as that just cuts off your legs visually.

Instead, go for the no-show socks so you can showcase your ankle area (aka the slimming part of the legs) and promote the elongating effect.

(As a 5’2 girl, I can bet on this one)

2. Monochrome Sneakers Look

Want to pull off a high-fashion look with your white sneakers? Monochrome is the way to go!

To fully promote a united body frame, I’d say go for only one tone like all-black.

Your sneakers just blend in with your formal black dress in a perfect way.

Monochrome Sneakers Look
Source: 1, 2, 3

Or else, wear white sneakers as an extra pop of hue to brighten up the get-up works great as well!

No matter if you opt for a sexy low-cut gown, a midi dress, or an off-shoulder ruffle dress.

All you need is to pair them with your sneakers, some statement jewelry pieces, and a pair of sunglasses for an ultimate fashionista vibe.

If you want to dress down a formal dress, just layer that up with a coordinated sweater and you can recreate another look with sneakers!

pink monotone dress and sneaker outfit
Source: Pinterest

Make sure you make the most out of the same dress.

Always remember – creativity never goes out of style.


Throw on a blazer over your monochrome outfit to spice things up and add some balance and structure to your whole look.

3. Semi-Formal With Sneakers

If you are a sneaker girl then own it as you mean it!

Semi-Formal With Sneakers
Source: 1, 2, 3

Whether it’s a lunch date or a fun day out with friends, wearing sneakers with your semi-formal dresses will always be a clever move to dress down and appear more casual, and put together at the same time.

A pleated skirt outfit, a lace dress, and a floral sundress are some decent options to flaunt with sneakers for an absolute chic look.


Wearing a waist belt with your semi-formal dresses is a wise trick to define your figure.

The goal is to embrace your feminine curves whilst achieving an effortlessly polished look.

4. Sneakers With Formal Trousers

If you have a thing for flared trousers and wide-leg pants, sneakers can be a wise investment to add to your shoe collection. (Trust me on this)

Sneakers With Formal Trousers
Source: 1, 2, 3

Whether you go for an oversized co-ord set or opt for a simple business casual look with your flared trousers, a pair of crisp white sneakers will never disappoint you.

Show a peek of your sneakers with formal wear is the most stylish and tasteful combo ever. The boss babe vibes are real.

black women pantsuit outfit idea
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For a semi-formal look, you can wear your wide-leg pants with a striped crop shirt and top it up with a furry sweater for a classy look.


Matching your handbag with the color of your shoes can be a clever trick to blend them in with the theme of your outfit and convey a more put-together vibe.

5. Formal Attire With Rubber Shoes

Rubber running shoes with chunky soles are raging these days.

And why not?

Formal Attire With Rubber Shoes
Source: 1, 2,3

You can pair these versatile shoes with almost every dress in your wardrobe for an adorable yet aesthetic look.

Whether you choose to stay with solids or go with animal prints and embellished dresses, you can work things out.

If you think a feminine dress won’t pair well with the ultra-modern chunky sneakers – well, what about this look?

feminine dress with sneaker outfit
Source: Pinterest

That thick black belt is definitely the statement of the look.

Keep your fashion game up and running sis.

6. Blazer dress with white sneakers

One tip to rock your blazer dress:

If you want to appear taller, always roll up your sleeves.

Showing out the slimmest part of the arms draws people’s eyes upward and elongates your figure as a whole.

black women blazer dress with sneaker
Source: Pinterest

So even when you are not wearing high heels, you can still achieve the elongating effect.

This tip seems weird but trust me – it does make a difference! Try it out yourself.

For more slimming hacks, check out this article down below!

7. Bodycon dress with sneakers

To embrace the womanly vibes but don’t want to dress to the T, well, bodycon with sneakers is your latest combo!

green bodycon dress with sneakers
Source: Pinterest

How refreshing it is.

6. Asymmetrical Hemline Dress With Sneakers

For all my beautiful petite ladies who love to dress up in sneakers, here is the ultimate dress for you that will give you a visibly taller look, within seconds.

Asymmetrical Hemline Dress With Sneakers

This Asymmetrical Hemline Dress is a dream come true for all the girls who love to flaunt their figure whilst defining their curves.

However, the best part is the asymmetrical hemline that gives out an instant lengthening illusion to your entire look.

high top converse with formal attire ladies

Thinking about what type of sneakers to wear with an asymmetrical hemline? These High Top Converse dupes are the perfect pick for you.

Adorn them with stylish crew socks and see the magic happen.

7. Tennis Shoes To Wear With Formal Dress

Last but not least, pick the right type of shoes that can match well with the formal dress. Of all, I have had huge success with sleek pointy-toe tennis sneakers.


Need I say more? Palm Angels sneakers are just as crisp as it’s versatile. love.

jimmy choo sneakers

These Jimmy Choo Metallic Sneakers are all that you need. Whether it’s a casual game day or a date night, these sneakers are such a statement piece.

All you need is to put on your favorite dress with some elegant accessories and a handbag and you are all set to turn some eyes and table with your fashion game in check!

Sneaker fashion comes and goes but VEJA is here to stay. This shade is so classy with formal wear.


So there you go ladies, the 23 formal wear with sneakers combo.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that gets you inspired and now it’s time for you to pin down your coming look!

Seriously, it’s okay to redefine fashion.

If you feel like you want to wear sneakers with a formal dress, TRY THAT OUT.

Looking for more outfit ideas? Check out my other popular articles down below. See you loves!

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