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*2023 Cute Outfits + Tips* 10 Disney on Ice Outfit Ideas

*2023 Cute Outfits + Tips* 10 Disney on Ice Outfit Ideas

Be an adult and a kid at heart, or you can bring your kids without stressing about what to wear to Disney on Ice.

You don’t want to miss this once-in-a-year magical experience of watching your favorite Disney characters bring to life and perform on skating shoes! 

Very exciting, isn’t it?

It is the perfect time to dress like your favorite character, casual or in costume, with these 10 Disney on Ice Outfit Ideas I gathered for you!

Are you ready to take a magical turn? Let’s go!

1. Disney on ice toddler outfit:Sulley and Boo

Of course, Disney on Ice is a place for EVERYONE; you and your son are not an exception. And when your son tells you they want to be Sulley, let him be Sulley! 

Pair your son with Sulley’s favorite human, Monster Inc.’s cute little Boo. I’m sure you’ll be cute wearing a pink shirt, purple jeans, and flats, and you’re all set to go to Disney on Ice with your cute little monster.

Don’t forget to tie your hair in a pigtail to look more like Boo. 

If you’re ever wondering where to find a Sulley costume for your little one, I found a cute one here on Amazon!

2. Mom and Daughter Twinning

A mother and daughter bonding includes twinning on every occasion, especially when going to Disney on Ice!

How cute!

Be a perfect duo in a classic character of Minnie the Mouse in a cute casual outfit. Black long sleeves, a red polka-dotted midi skirt, and a black ribbon belt rock your style with your daughter.

Of course, with a Minnie Mouse ear headband!

I would really love this to do if I have a daughter!

3. Esmeralda Outfit for Disney on Ice

Planning to wear something casual but looks like a Disney character? Esmeralda is a perfect character to look at.

A turquoise blue open-shoulder top and the flowy purple high-waist skirt are to die for, especially for our plus-sized ladies that want to go to Disney on Ice. This is the most comfortable outfit I could offer you!

Don’t let your size stop you from being a Disney fan!

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4. What to wear to Disney on ice in the summer

Going solo or going with friends at Disney on Ice is a check on your bucket list to show your inner kid in you.

You must try striped long sleeves and jumper shorts with a Disney character printed on them. This will make you look fresh and younger.

I often wear this outfit all the time. And no joke, people ask me if I am 16 when I am already 26. How nice to look young.

5. The Disney 90s Kid

The Retro Disney theme is one of my favorites since the modern theme seems overrated. So let’s take back to the 90s.

Wear in Disney colors of blue, red, and yellow in a long-sleeved sweater and throw in high-waist pants with a Disney character print on them, plus blue and red socks and white sneakers.

You’ll definitely look your best at Disney on Ice!

I personally like this look because it brings out the classic Disney vibes.

6. Edgy Cinderella

Cinderella once said, “One shoe can change your life”, referring to a glass slipper,

But any shoe can change your life and fashion style!


Put ’em together, and what have you got?

An edgy Cinderella outfit! 

Make the Princess transform from a lovely ball gown into a modern, edgy outfit! With a blue sweater, ripped jeans, and a choker, you’ll look really cool, Princess! 

Drop the glass shoe because you’ll rock with Dr. Martens boots with that outfit! Easy like a whoosh from a magic wand!

If you’re curious about where to get that awesome studded belt, I got you covered! Go here and rock that outfit to Disney on Ice!

7. Disney on ice shirt ideas

Going to Disney on Ice requires the comfort of your outfit because you don’t wanna be awkward with all those Disney-inspired costumes and stuff, right? 

I got you, ladies! 

A street-style outfit is forgivable! Mickey Mouse tees, cargo pants, sneakers, and a bucket hat, these never go out of style anywhere you go! 

Of course, since the show is performed on the ice, you may swap the tee shirt for a hoodie or long-sleeve top.

I have two super cute amazon picks for you!

8. Modern-Day Sleeping Beauty

Do you know the best dress to wear if you are a Princess? Of course, the one that will make a Prince fall in love with you, even when you are asleep.

Sleeping Beauty says if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true. 

Let’s make your Princess’s dream come true with this pale pink tulle puff dress. It will make your dream come true of transforming into a sweet princess.

This outfit will surely make your Prince Charming sing a song for you!

Of course, remember to bring a poncho with you in case you get cold.

9. Classic B&W Minnie Mouse

The first Minnie Mouse was made in black and white, and you can do that when going to Disney on Ice!

Classic is definitely failproof!

Black long sleeves and a white sleeveless midi dress on top are an awe-inspiring way to look both chic and fabulous!

To combat the cold air, you can wear stockings underneath for extra warmth.

Of course, don’t miss the black and white Minnie Mouse headband!

10. Snow White in a Magical Modern Day

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Of course, every one of us ladies is beautiful in our own way!

And you can also be beautiful by looking like Snow White! Ever wondered what she would look like if she lived in our modern day? 

Then slay that modern Snow White look with a blue top, red crop top cardigan, Yellow midi-skirt, and a red ribbon belt! Complete the look with a red ribbon on your head and the signature red lipstick!

Now, you just have to be careful with the apples at Disney on Ice!


There you go, ladies! 10 Disney on Ice Outfit Ideas! I would really appreciate your thoughts about these!

It is never wrong to be young at heart.

And for our parents who are going with their little ones, remember to bring an emergency snack box full of their favorites just in case they get hungry and thirsty while watching Disney on Ice.

Disney on Ice is cold so bring extra warm jackets for you and the kids!

Whether you go alone, with your partner, or with family and kids, it is important to enjoy and appreciate the show’s performance. Let little kids see the magic and have fun! 

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