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*2023*what to wear with plum leggings?(16 looks!)

*2023*what to wear with plum leggings?(16 looks!)

When it comes to the plum leggings, I immediately think of my mum.

I guess she can be one of the biggest fans of purple leggings.

With the darker and brownish shade of purple, it just adds a dash of elegance and softness to the leggings and balances out the casualness.

While we are so used to wearing leggings as daily wear, purple is such a foreign color to many of us when it comes to outfits.

But truly, plum leggings are way more versatile than you can think of!

So ladies, here are my 6 inspirations if you wonder what to wear with plum leggings!



What to wear with plum leggings
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While black leggings are so truly easy to style, sometimes they just look predictable and boring if you wear them daily!

Plum leggings can be a really nice alternative to freshen up your style! with a darker shade of purple, it won’t make our legs appear to be thicker visually like the violet color so feel free to style it, ladies!

Plus, it just makes our leggings appear to be more dressed up as plum can always add a sense of elegance and femininity to the look.

Just like black leggings, they are truly versatile to pair.

For me, I just think grey and purple are a classic match for all time!

For the lazy Sunday, I will style my plum leggings with a grey cropped hoodie and a high bun for a casual yet chic look.

In the past, I just don’t believe colors can influence mood.

But now, I can truly tell you wearing plum leggings never fails to make me feel more refreshed and put together!


What to wear with plum leggings
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If you want to look more dressed up in plum legging, matching it with a similar shade of purple can instantly make your outfit look more refined.

Trust me, whenever I do the color pairing, people always thought I am one of that refined lady who spent half an hour planning out my outfit.

While the reality is I am just quickly grabbing something in the same color tone and throwing it on my body! So yes, this tip just makes my life easier!

During the autumn time, I will always pair a similar tone of the scarf with plum leggings.

By that, my outfit can look sleek without too many different color palettes on my body.

That also makes the plum pops up in a harmonious way.

Of course, you don’t always need to pair it with a scarf, I saw many ladies pair the leggings with their bag or even headband and that looks chic and stylish too!


What to wear with plum leggings
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Who said you have to wear black when it comes to faux leather leggings? Plum is such a refreshing choice here!

As a feminine and refined color, it just balances the coolness of the leather leggings and makes it easier to pull off!

Whether you style it with a white shirt or a biker jacket on top, the leather leggings can effortlessly elevate the outlook.

Some may suggest pairing it with animal prints shoes like leopard heels.

That is a perfect idea if you want to look edgy and stylish!

However, for me, I would prefer shoes with solids so the highlight can remain on the plum leather pants!


What to wear with plum leggings
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If you are a tall girl, feel free to skip this tip. But if you are a petite girl like me, I hope you find this useful!

Actually, this tip is not only applicable to plum leggings but all sorts of pants. If you want your leg to appear to be longer and slimmer, don’t wear pants and shoes with big color contrast as that will just divide your leg into two separate parts.

Instead, pair your plum leggings with similar dark shades like brown and black so you can fully utilize the elongating visual effect!


What to wear with plum leggings
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While plum is a dark shade, if you are not getting used to wearing purple, that can still look a bit overwhelming.

But no worries, you can always wear different types of boots for a low-key look.

Not only it’s stylish to wear, but it can also tame down the hues. If you want a classy and sophisticated look, classic riding boots or Chelsea boots can be great choices!

For me, I love pairing the leggings with moto boots and faux leather biker jeans – who said plum only can look soft and gentle?


What to wear with plum leggings
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Last but not least, of course, we have to talk about the stylish monochrome look! We all know with one main shade of color, we will visually look taller and slimmer.

However, here’s a reminder. If you want a subtle look, you may think twice about this pairing!

Even though plum is a darker shade of purple, with its richness, it’s still an attention-grabbing color.

However, if you want to try a slightly bold yet polished outlook, wearing tone-on-tone is a no-brainer. It’s such an ultra-urban look during the autumn and winter times.

With an elegant cowl neck top and a pair of faux leather leggings, it just screams classy!

But if you don’t want to wear the same shade of color from head to toe, try to layer your outfit with other tints of purple!

Some of my favorites are lavender, mauve, and dark red, it just gives an air of sophistication to the outfit!


So ladies, here are the 6 ways if you wonder what to wear with plum leggings! Let’s have a recap first!

  • Pair plum leggings with casual wear
  • Pair plum leggings for a matchy look
  • Wear faux leather plum legging for a chic look
  • Pair the plum leggings with dark color shoes
  • Pair plum leggings with boots for a subtle look
  • Embrace monochrome for a high fashion look

I hope these tips give you some ideas for pairing your plum leggings!

But again, this elegant shade of purple is truly versatile and the outfit combination can be endless!

As the saying goes “Be eccentric now. Don’t wait for old age to wear purple!” You will never regret wearing plum leggings out as you will just feel good about that!

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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