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 *2023* What to wear to Universal Studio each month? (Full list!)

 *2023* What to wear to Universal Studio each month? (Full list!)

Whether you are the 30 years-old who has done with adulting or a teen girl trying to have some fun with your friends, a spontaneous weekend getaway to Universal Studio is always a quick fix.

From the world-famous studio tour, Wizarding World of Harry Potter to Simpsons Springfield, you’re bound to throw all your stress behind and bring out the inner child inside you!

But mind you, the tickets aren’t cheap at all!

So if you are wondering what to wear to Universal Studio Hollywood to look and feel the best, I have got you all covered.

Ahead, I have come up with a list of 12 outfit ideas to wear at Universal Studio Hollywood for EACH month to keep you protected against the weather.

Ready to dive in?

Universal mode: ACTIVATED.

1. What to wear to Universal Studio in January

While California has an overall tropical climate, you will likely experience moderately cold weather during  January. (Better get prepared ladies!)

Wearing overalls with a light knit jumper is an excellent way to keep yourself warm and vibes with the carefree theme park time at the same time.


No matter the time of the year, wear an SPF sunblock to avoid sunburn. Trust me, when you are having fun in the park, the last time you want is to reapply the UV lotion during the day. So at least wear it before you head out the door!

2. What to wear to Universal Studio in February

February sets forth an early spring in the universal city, so put off all your layers and enjoy the pleasant weather by packing light. Keep your outfit minimal to make the most out of your trip.

Whether you are a guy or a girl, dressing up in sweatshirts and leggings at Universal Studios is a foolproof look for February. 

What to wear to Universal Studio in February


Avoid shirts with offensive patterns and quotes, as they are against the park’s official policies.

3. Universal studios March outfit ideas

March has slightly warmer weather and a pleasant spring vibe, with the average temperature ranging from 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, if you are planning to visit Universal Studios in march, packs all your summer essentials with a few light layers (In case the weather takes a turn)

This effortlessly stylish denim jacket from Amazon is must-have clothing essential to look well thought out whilst looking casual and practical.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy yourself this little treat before they stock out!

Universal studios March outfit ideas

4. What to wear to Universal Studios in April

If you are the kind of girl who loves wearing flowy dresses, plan your universal trip in April for maximum fun.

what to wear to Universal Studios in April

This extremely chic ruffle dress from Amazon is my personal favorite; a perfect way to elevate your holiday look in a fun way. Add a few accessories and a pair of sunglasses, and you are all set to rock the day.

And the best part is you can choose from various colors and styles to match your personality and taste.

5. What to wear to Universal studios in summer

May is when summer officially knocks on the door in California, with the temperature graph rising gradually.

Wearing an oversized t-shirt dress with mid-calf socks and chunky, crisp white sneakers is all the dress-up you need to sway everyone off their feet with your styling game.


Wear a sleek bun or a tied-up ponytail hairstyle to move in and out of the adventure rides, hassle-free.

6. What to wear to Universal Studio in June 

June is among the peak summer months in California, So pack accordingly.

Wearing breathable linen or cotton printed skirts and tops with a cool summery vibe is all fun and feminine twist you need. Finish off the look on a dressier end by adding a few suitable accessories.


Always wear comfortable footwear for the ease of walking long distances.

7. What to wear to universal studios Hollywood in July? 

July in California is usually hot and humid, with maximum chances of rain during the day. 

A color-coordinated t-shirt with denim shorts is a perfect deal to beat the summer heat during June.

However, keep a raincoat or umbrella with you all the time in case it starts pouring in unexpectedly.


Keep a refillable water bottle and some snacks handy to avoid dehydration and burnout. 

8. What to wear to Universal Studio in August 

Wants to go dressy on your dream trip to Universal Studio? August is the month for you!

When in doubt, go all out with a midi skirt and a graphical t-shirt outfit. You can also sprinkle some drama into your look by dressing up as your favorite Hollywood movie character to blend in with the theme.


Putting on accessories like a neck scarf and a hair bow can be a game changer to your entire look.

9. Cute Universal Studios outfits in September 

September is the last summer month for California, with the weather transitioning from hot and humid to a more pleasant side with clear skies.

Still can’t decide on a perfect outfit to wear on a sunny September afternoon at universal studios? This biker shorts look with a sweatshirt and trainer is a sure-shot outfit to have fun in style.

cute universal studios outfits in September


Keep a sling bag or fanny backpack to keep all your essential items like keys, wallet, and cell phone.

10. Cute plaid shirt in October

It’s the official fall month. So, pack all your autumn jackets and flannel shirts to maximize your theme park fun in Los Angeles, California.

This plaid corduroy button-down shirt from Amazon is a flawless fall outfit. Pair this shirt with your casual skinny jeans and ankle boots for an extra retro feel.

Cute plaid shirt in October

11. What to wear to Universal studios in November

In November, chilly winds start to take over California. So, pack your suitcase with aesthetic sweaters and jumpers and be the ultimate fashionista.

Still not sure? Take out those vintage knitted vests and pair them with your sweatshirt and denim for an inherently glam fall/winter look.

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12. What to wear to Universal studios in December

December is the coldest month in Los Angeles, California, with the average daily temperature falling below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wearing warm coats and layers with maximum body coverage is the only way to survive this chilly weather.

Therefore, If you plan on traveling to Universal Studio in December, this stylish faux fur coat from Amazon can be your best buddy with maximum style and warmth against the freezing cold.

 So, hurry up and make the purchase now!

What to wear to Universal studios in December


So that’s all for now! What are your thoughts on that? I hope you like my list of 12 outfit picks on what to wear to universal studios throughout the year!

As the saying goes “Life isn’t all about movies and rides. But it should be! “

So now, it’s time for you to lock down your favorite look and go all out to wow Universal with your sense of style!

As for my beloved Potterheads, check out the below articles to feel the best in the wizarding world!

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