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*2023*What To Wear To Comic Con for REAL FULL LIST

*2023*What To Wear To Comic Con for REAL FULL LIST

If you are reading this, it’s THE time of the year again people and I am talking about a Comic convention.

The thing is, whether you are into comics and cosplay or not, you’re bound to have fun at a comic con for sure.

From all the costumes contest and creators’ gatherings to all the fun booths where you can find some gems, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

That said if you want to boost the comic con fun tenfolds, picking the right outfit that fit the vibes is KEY.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 9 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to Comic con from casual to pro level.

I’m sure that is useful for everyone, enjoy!

1. What Costume To Wear At Comic Con?

If you are a die-hard comic fan and looking for some awesome cosplay ideas?

Take inspiration from the comic women.

Whether you go for a wonder woman costume, a bat girl, or jean grey cosplay, make sure they are comfortable, well-fitted, and do not itch.

So, you can freely roam around the convention and have fun without worrying about your costume.

What Costume To Wear At Comic Con
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While these heel boots and sandals look great with your costume.

It is advised to pack another more comfortable pair of shoes such as sneakers in your backpack.

As there is a lot of walking that needs to be done while moving in and out of the stalls at the comic con.

2. Easy Comic Con Costumes Idea

Don’t want to go for those super extravagant comic costumes but still want to be in the game? Do not worry, I have got you!

Easy Comic Con Costumes Idea
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For a super easy cosplay, all you need is to brainstorm a little and pick out a fictional character that you can do with some decent outfits.

Velma from Scooby Doo, Sadness from Inside Out, and Snow White are some of our top picks for effortless dress-up.


If your cosplay demands painting your face or body. Always go for skin-friendly water-based paints.

After all, no one wants to end up with an allergy or skin rash due to some harsh chemicals

3. Last Minute Comic Con Costume

Running out of time to plan on a cute cosplay to wear at comic con? Don’t worry here are some last-minute costume ideas for you to pull off with minimal effort.

Last Minute Comic Con Costume
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You can cosplay Rosie the Riveter, Hogwart Girl, or everyone’s favorite character Willy Wonka With your casual wardrobe.

However, the choice of accessories is crucial for these costumes.

For Instance, the signature head scarf of Rosie, the multicolor necktie of Hogwart’s uniform, and the Willy Wonka candy stick are some essential accessories for these cosplays.


Comic cons are usually super crowded and require you to wait in long queues before the actual fun.

Therefore, wear deodorant to keep the sweat from spoiling your comic con experience.

4. Does Everyone Dress up At Comic-Con?

While it is a norm to cosplay your favorite character at comic con but who said you always have to dress up to go to a comic con?

do you have to cosplay at comic con
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However, That does not mean you can show up in your workwear. Aligning your outfit with the comic con spirit is essential.

Wearing a graphic shirt dress or t-shirt (check this out this vibes comic con to the max) casual jeans and denim shorts and sneakers are some effortless ways to dress up for a comic con.


While most comic cons are usually held during summer, it is better to keep a light jacket or blazer in your backpack, in case the weather gets chilly in the evening.

For winter, you can go with thick wool coats and leather jackets.

5. Plus Size Comic Con Costume Ideas

If you are a beautiful plus-size woman and looking for a cosplay costume to showcase your feminine curves? We have got you covered!

Plus Size Comic Con Costume Ideas
Source: 1, 2, 3

While choosing a perfect fictional character costume for plus size, always go for characters that are originally curvy.

Thankfully we have a bunch of good curvy characters to cosplay at the comic con. Some of the most famous ones are the evil fairy Maleficent, Princess Fiona from Shrek, and everyone’s favorite Jessica Rabbit.

So, if you are a cosplaying fan, lean into it as you own it!

6. Anime Cosplay For Comic Con

Are you an anime fan and want to dress up as if you have come out straight from an anime comic book? Well here is the perfect costume for you.

Anime Cosplay For Comic Con

This Anime Cosplay Costume is all you need to sweep everyone off your feet. It is extremely comfortable and has the highest customer rating.

So, what are you waiting for? Book one for you now and get ready to be a head-turner at the next comic con.

7. Comic Con Costume For Women

Looking for a comic con costume without those uncomfortable plastic feels. This Bat Girl T-shirt Costume is all you need.

Comic Con Costume For Women

This costume set comes with a batgirl graphic t-shirt, a mask, and a cape. You can wear it with the usual black leggings and sneakers for a comfy yet chic bat woman vibe.

So hurry up and grab one before the stocks last and be the ultimate superheroine at the next comic con!

8. Easy comic con costumes with friends

If you are going to the comic con with your girlfriends, well, guess what, powerpuff girls are such a failproof idea to look cute!

powerpuff girls costume comic cons
 Photo by marvelgirl2010. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.

There are tons of costumes out there. But if you want something cute AND sassy, I highly recommend this tube dress look from Amazon.

Check’em out!

9. Normal clothes for comic cons

Want to wear normal clothes to Comic-con but want people to think you’ve at least given some thought to your look?

Just throw on a biker jacket and combat boots and you’ll be FINE.

I tried this last year and the feedback from others is surprisingly good!


So there you go ladies- the 9 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to Comic-con.

What are your thoughts ladies? I hope that get you inspired.

Seriously, you can wear whatever you want for Comic-con but really, keep it practical with footwear as you gonna walk for a long day!

So I’ll say get on the low heels or sneakers, take A TON of photos with other cosplayers and have fun – that’s gonna be a memorable experience you will talk about for ages!

Looking for more outfit ideas? Check out my other popular article below. See you there loves!

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