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*2023*18 outfits to anime convention & Japanese parties: with & Without cosplay!

*2023*18 outfits to anime convention & Japanese parties: with & Without cosplay!

Whether you are an anime fan or not, going to an anime or cosplay convention is bound to have a blast.

The experience there is just EXCEPTIONAL.

You will come across a sea of enthusiastic cosplayers in all different characters, costume contests, online-related video games, and more as if you are stepping into an entirely new world.

So now you probably have one question in mind: What to wear to anime and cosplay conventions? Can I go to anime con without cosplaying?

No worries, whether you are here for anime con inspirations or casual Japanese-themed party outfit ideas, I’ve got your back.

Below, I’ve gathered 18 outfit ideas with tips.


1. Costumes for anime con and Japanese-themed parties

what to wear to anime con and Japanese themed parties
Source: 1,2

If you gravitate towards cosplaying, lean into it.

It’s really fun to decide on the character and get your own hands to design the outfit for yourself.

From wigs, makeup, costumes, and shoes, changing yourself into a totally different person is such a must-try experience.

Whether you are attending the anime con or a Japanese-themed party, I’d say it’s so worth it to give cosplay a try!

2. Pick the costumes that are WALKING-FRIENDLY

what to wear to anime convention and Japanese parties
Source: 1,2

In the large-scale anime or cosplay convention, high chance it’s terribly crowded.

It’s important to avoid any dramatic and long trailing pieces that you could easily be tripped over.

And also, comfort is key.

For the girls who want to wear the traditional Japanese kimono, let’s not forget it’s super hard to walk. To fully enjoy the anime con, reconsider your costume choice!

But of course, if you are attending a Japanese-themed party, the kimono is always welcome!

3. What to wear to an anime convention without cosplay? Anime quote tee

If you don’t prefer cosplaying, it’s okay too! Cool anime quote tees are always worth investing in.

Not only you can wear them to the anime festival, but they are also subtle enough to wear in daily life.

While only half of the crowd in the anime convention will do the cosplay, most of the people will at least wear an anime-related shirt.

I don’t know about you but this “Eat, sleep, anime” hoodie from Amazon below is a must-have for every anime fan.


what to wear to an anime convention without cosplay

This hoodie is unisex! It comes in all sizes!

If you are currently in a don’t give a damn mood, this “It’s an anime thing, you wouldn’t understand” tee will seal the deal. Simply savage.

what to wear to an anime convention without cosplay

4. Go anime convention in an anime shirt

If you want to show your love to your favorite character, what about picking an anime top to get in the hype?

Below, I’ve handpicked two popular tees from Amazon for guys (or girl who loves the cool shirt!)

what to wear to an anime convention

Naruto Shippuden Unisex tee ( I love this subtle design!)

For more guy’s anime tee, visit Amazon HERE for the best deal!

5. Cute Japanese anime tee for girls

For girls, I’ve also handpicked some cute anime tees for you!

Cute Japanese anime tee for girls

what to wear to anime con and japanese parties

I own this Sailor moon shirt and I LOVEEEE it! I’ve received tons of compliments whenever I wear this out. Grab it – it is just worth the money!

6. Schools girl look for Japanese-themed party

If you think cosplaying is too much of a hassle but still want to instill a touch of Japanese culture into your get-up, consider the iconic Japanese schoolgirl look.

As the Japanese school uniform is loose-cutting and lightweight, it’s actually pretty comfy to wear in the stuffy anime con.

Seriously, you can wear them without a wig and heavy makeup – just treat them as normal clothing!

Below are some Amazon picks with high quality and reasonable sizing!

what to wear to Japanese themed party

A classic sailor navy blue uniform – you’re bound to feel the cutest!

what to wear to Japanese themed party

Or else, pick the one with a light beige cardigan for the cooler days!

7. Suchi chef makes cosplay easy

I just can’t help but include this one. If you wonder what is the most effortless way to cosplay, being a sushi chef has to be top of the list.

Team it with black pants and you’re good to go! You can match your look with your partner or friends for a sushi chef gang – isn’t that fun?

what to wear to an anime convention

8. Dress in layers is KEY

Even though the venue is stuffy and hot, the weather may cold outside. It’s better to dress in layers so you can easily take the clothes on and off.

Instead of wearing one cashmere turtleneck top, layer your look up with a tee and a shacket will be way better!

9. Opt for comfy shoes for anime conventions

what shoes to wear to anime conventions
Source: 1,2

Unless you’re cosplaying, otherwise, go for comfortable shoes like sneakers and closed-toe flats.

As we all know, the anime con is terribly crowded, and high chance your feet will get stamped from time to time.

Open-toe shoes or high heels are the big no-gos, they are plain torture.

10. Packing list to anime and cosplay conventions

Last but not least, below are the packing list and tips.

  • Go there EARLY (There’re so many ppl!)
  • Refillable water bottle  (If you have no time to grab a hotdog, at least drink some water to hang in there.)
  • Snacks (if you don’t have a budget to buy food there)
  • Deodorant (The anime and cosplay con is famously known as bad smell, so let’s not make it worse. Plus, high chance you will sweat a lot as well)


So there you go – the 18 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to an anime, cosplay convention, and Japanese-themed parties! I hope that can you be inspired and now let’s create your one-of-a-kind look!

By the way, if you are interested in Japanese culture, the tips below will interest you. See you there ladies!

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