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*2023*8 outfits to wear to dance convention + What NOT

*2023*8 outfits to wear to dance convention + What NOT

Wondering what to wear to a dance convention? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

When I was a teenage girl, I’m obsessed with joining dance conventions. I mean, who doesn’t?

That’s the golden chance to get together with all the professional teachers, skilled dancers, choreographers, and troupes.

Such a dream.

I still vividly remembered how touched was I doing a group dance with 60 girls in the same room. The energy, the vibes, the bonding, it just hits differently.

So yes ladies, if you are on the fence about whether you should join a dance convention or not, GO DO IT.

To lessen your burden, I’ve gathered 7 dance convention outfit ideas to make sure you have the best time. Enjoy!

1. Yoga Pants Dancewear Outfits

Choosing The aww-so-perfect dancewear is the hardest part of the whole dance convention fun.

So ladies, are you ready to see the effortless dance convention look that is equally comfortable and stylish?

Activewear Dance convention outfits
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Here is the trick: just pull out your basic yoga pants and pair them with a suitable top,

It can be a crop top, bra top, or an oversized t-shirt and you are all good to rock the dance floor and stun everyone with your dance moves.


Prioritize your comfort and avoid wearing itchy clothes. Instead, go for the flexible and breathable fabric that allows you full body movement without tearing apart.

2. Dance Convention Hairdo Ideas

Are you looking for hairstyle ideas to wear at a dance convention? Well, we have got you covered.

Always opt for a sleek tied-up hairdo when attending a dance convention. The open hair can hinder your dance session by shifting your focus in moving them away.

Dance Convention Hairdo Ideas
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For girls who are having dancing competitions, make sure your hairstyle stays. A romantic low messy bun or a braided hairstyle may not be the best look here.

As a girl with thin hair, I’d recommend you the L’Oreal Extra strong hold hairspray for one reason – it STAYS.

Of course, if you are just here for the group dancing, most of the hairstyles will work. When in doubt, achieve a tidy and put-together vibe whilst keeping your hair in place, away from your face.


Avoid wearing any jewelry, hair clips, or any other unnecessary accessories.

Excessive sweating during the dance session will tarnish the jewelry whilst making you more vulnerable to skin rashes.

3. What To Pack To A Dance Convention?

Whether you are attending a dance convention outside the town or in the same city, there are a few things that you need to pack in your bag to bring along at the convention venue for an effective dance session.

what to pack to dance convention

These things are:

  • NATIVE Deodorant (this one is aluminum free) to sweep off the sweat odor
  • Gradient Water bottle to keep you hydrated (and in a good mood!)
  • Small first aid kit just in case
  • Extra clothes to change into after the dance session
  • Healthy snacks to keep energy levels in check.
  • A Sweat towel


Don’t wear perfume – people won’t appreciate the mixed scent

4. Shoes To Wear To A Dance Convention

The type of shoes to wear at a dance convention entirely depends upon the dance style.

Whether you go with ballet pumps, salsa shoes, hip-hop sneakers, or any other dancing shoe style, make sure they fit well and feel comfortable on your feet.

Shoes To Wear To A Dance Convention

When in doubt, think the shoes that have cushioned heels and great grip will work fine.

After all, no one wants to end up with foot inflammation and blisters only after their first dance at the convention. Choose wisely ladies!

5. What To Wear To a square dance?

If you are a true American, you must be familiar with a square dance party, where four couples dance a particular style in a square space.

If you are looking for some cute outfit inspiration to slay at your next square dance, you are certainly at the right place!

What To Wear To A Square Dance
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Any midi-length dress in bright with lots of flare and ruffles can be your go-to outfit for a square dance party or convention.

Lastly, do not forget to finish off your square dance look with some cute hair accessories and jewelry pieces.


Add some cute patterns like polka dots, plaids, and lace details to elevate your square dance outfit beyond measure.

6. Socks Or No Socks?

Wearing socks with dancing shoes is a matter of choice but it is highly recommended to wear socks with a few dancing shoe styles such as hip-hop sneakers and ballet shoes.

However, some of the dance convention venues have no shoe policy with a fully carpeted floor.

In this situation wearing dancing socks becomes mandatory to ensure proper body movement whilst minimizing the risks of slips.

Socks for dance convention

They provide strong heel support to avoid any serious sprain whilst giving a comfortable and snug feel.

7. Dance Convention Outfit Ideas

If you are looking for some dance convention outfits apart from athletic wear, bodysuits are the one for you.

After basic gym wear, these leotards are the most sought-after dancewear to wear at a convention.

So, here is our top pick from Amazon that you can wear dancing and pair up with pants to go out roaming the town. (win-win deal)

Dance Convention Outfit Ideas

If you are not into bodysuits, no worries. This one-shoulder crop top set below can be your savior at your next dance convention session.

This crop top set is super affordable and comfy to make you feel confident and snug at the same time.

The best part? There’s a wide range of colors and sizes to meet your needs. Be the stylish girl at the dance convention!


So there you go ladies – the 7 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to the dance convention.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that can you ready for the coming dance convention! As the saying goes “Why walk? When you can dance”. Go and feel the best ladies!

If you are looking for more dancing outfit ideas, check out my other popular articles below.

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