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27flattering styles 2023: What to wear with a pink corduroy skirt?

27flattering styles 2023: What to wear with a pink corduroy skirt?

When it comes to pink corduroy skirts, I just never get sick of wearing them.

Being incredibly comfy and durable, this is a no-brainer to wear corduroy during cool weather days.

Some ladies may think they are too old for a pink corduroy skirt as this clothing seems so youthful. Well, that’s a myth.

They are actually way more versatile than you thought, from the schoolgirl picnic look to the date night look, a pink corduroy can get the style right.

So here are the 7 inspirations if you wonder what to wear with a pink corduroy skirt. Ladies, it’s time to unlock the other styling ways!


what to wear with a pink corduroy skirt
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First of all, let’s start with the trendy monochrome style first.

As I always said, if you want to look taller and slimmer visually, wearing tone-on-tone is such a no-brainer.

With a similar shade of color tints, your body will look more united as a whole and that can elongate your figure for sure.

Plus, this is such a time-saving hack when you are the girl who stands in front of the wardrobe for at least half an hour every time when you go out.

To add more character to the look, we should always layer the outfit with different shades and fabrics.

To avoid top-heavy, try pairing a lighter shade of pink (baby pink) for the top and a dark shade for the bottom.

Added to this, as corduroy is a relatively thick fabric, you can always pair some light fabrics like cotton to balance it out.

But of course, a sweater can be flattering too, you can always do the french tuck for a spontaneous look!


what to wear with a pink corduroy skirt
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When it comes to the best color combination for the pink corduroy skirt, it is really personal but I will strongly urge you to pair the skirt with white.

The beauty of white is it can always add a sense of elegance and polishness to your look.

In general, you just can’t look tacky in white.

As some girls may think pink corduroy skirt looks so sweet and youthful, pair with white can elevate the look in a harmonious way.

If pure white is not your thing, try out other off-white colors and warm tones like beige!

Besides the white sweater, one of the chic ways lately to style a corduroy skirt with a plain white shirt.

This combination is so refreshing and it just adds a dash of sophistication to the look.


what to wear with a pink corduroy skirt
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If you want to dress up your pink corduroy skirt, your outerwear truly matters.

Instead of wearing the oversized cardigan, you can always add a structured blazer and coat to look put together.

Adding a warm-tone beige coat is one of my favorite styling ways, it just makes the outfit look more semi-formal in a soft and gentle way.

And if you want to look cool and edgy, don’t hesitate to carry your jacket over your shoulder!

With a faux leather black biker jacket and a pair of over-the-knee heels, you just unlock a new way to style a dusty pink corduroy skirt!


what to wear with a pink corduroy skirt
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If you want to achieve the urban chic look in your pink corduroy skirt, let’s not forget about the boots.

My all-time favorite is the black thigh-high boots, with a fitted pair, it just naturally draws people’s attention to the legs.

I will always look for the pointed-toe one so the leg can elongate more visually!

But lately, I found out that wearing beige thigh-high boots can carry out another different vibe!

It pairs so well with the pink and it’s definitely more casual than black. But to be honest, I just love them both!

As a side note, if you want to accentuate the high waist, always wear a belt! It’s an easy way to dress up the skirt but most of us just won’t do that!

5. TRY OUT REFRESHING pink corduroy overalls DRESS

what to wear with a pink corduroy skirt
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During those lazy weekends, these pink corduroy overalls can totally work in your favor.

With a plain T-shirt underneath, you just look sweet and cute! It’s truly versatile and you can look good in a pair of short boots or white sneakers, the combinations are simply endless.

If you think that is too juvenile for you, you can always opt for the fitted cutting and the one without too many buttons.

For me, I will pair the off-shoulder top instead of the round-neck shirt to look more in style!


what to wear with a pink corduroy skirt
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When we think of the corduroy skirt, we always think of the classic short button-up skirt.

However, there’s the middle length and long corduroy dresses in the market and obviously, we just overlook it!

They are simply gorgeous in any kind of form. Whether it’s the front slit skirt or the midi corduroy skirt, it just brings out the grace.

If you pair it with the turtleneck top or a unique asymmetric top, this is the way to look high fashion on a budget!


what to wear with a pink corduroy skirt
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If you never thought a pink corduroy skirt can look sexy, well, now you know!

In the past, I am not a fan of the body con dress as it just shows my belly and love handles, I just don’t feel secure in wearing them.

But when it comes to the corduroy body con dress? I will take it!

As they are more durable and thick, the dress has no problem hugging my curves and covering up my belly.

The vertical stripes just flatter my body in a refreshing way!

If you want to style in a subtle way, you can always pair your dress or skirt with a lace sheer top for a feminine look, simple yet daring.


So ladies, here are the 7 ideas if you wonder what to wear with a pink corduroy skirt! Let’s have a quick recap first!

  • Embrace monochrome style with a pink corduroy skirt
  • Pair pink corduroy skirt with white
  • Add a blazer to dress up the look
  • Wear a pink corduroy skirt with boots
  • Opt for middle lengthy pink corduroy skirt for a classy look
  • Try out refreshing pink corduroy overall dress
  • Add some feminine elements to the pink corduroy skirt

After these 7 ideas, now you know why I am obsessed with the pink corduroy skirt.

That should be one of the staple dresses in every women’s cool-weather wardrobe! I hope these tips are useful and please let me know which style is your favorite!

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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