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*2023*What clothes to wear with pink eyeshadow? 18 combos!

*2023*What clothes to wear with pink eyeshadow? 18 combos!

While people said brown eyeshadow is the most no-fail hue to pair for the daily look, I personally still love pink eyeshadow more!

It’s fun and whenever I wear it, I just feel less bored.

Plus, it’s truly versatile for a wide range of outfits.

As a reference, I am saying the rose or blush type of pink instead of the shocking pink eyeshadow here.

You can add a pop of pink to brighten the look or use pink to complement the youthfulness of your dress, the combination is just endless.

So ladies, if you wonder what clothes to wear with pink eyeshadow, here are my 6 inspirations.


1. Style pink with pink for a complete look

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Of course, we have to mention styling the pink eyeshadow with the pink outfit because why not? This can definitely bring out the femininity and softness of a sweet girl’s look.

But of course, we need some tips to make the pairing look good.

If you prefer a more expressive bold look, it’s definitely fine to pair pink eye shadow with the pink dress.

However, if your dress is already in some complex designs like ruffles or with prints and patterns, try to get slightly lowkey with the eye shadow so the pop of pink won’t compete with each other.

For example, choosing a lighter tone of pink or applying less glitter to the eyelids can help.

For me, I love pairing my off-shoulder rosy pink smock dress with a pair of nude heels and matte nude pink eyeshadow – just flattering!

On the other hand, if you want pink eyeshadow with a pink dress that is not your style, try pairing only the pink top.

When people look at your face, they will just naturally also look at your top.

So feel free to wear a pink top with denim jeans and sneakers for a less matchy-matchy look. Sometimes I will pair it with a nude color top instead, looks great as well!

2. Pair pink eyeshadow with white outfits for a refreshing look

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Can you all agree that white and pink are such a timeless, classy, yet refreshing choices to style together?

If the double pink combo is slightly too overwhelming for you, then style with white is a no-brainer.

While pink symbolizes youth, playfulness, and femininity, white represents Polishness, freshness, and simplicity.

Combined with these two colors, you can wear pink eyeshadow without looking like a teenage schoolgirl.

Style with a simple white silk dress with a classy low bun, you can truly look sophisticated yet feminine with pink eyeshadow!

3. Wear pink eyeshadow with lace or other feminine clothes detailing

Source: Airspace

Whenever I wear outfits with lace or ruffles, I just can’t help but pair it with pink eyeshadow as I really think that can bring out the softness and gracefulness of the look.

As for other times, I will use pink to balance out the sexiness of my clothes.

For example, if I wear a bralette with a sheer top, I will always utilize pink eyeshadow to add some cuteness and youthfulness to the look.

4. Pair pink eyeshadow with Blazer to tame the look

Source: Airspace

While wearing a blazer is such a trend these years, I am not really a fan of this style as I just think this is too masculine and formal for me sometimes.

Despite replacing the cropped blazer instead of the long blazer for a more casual look, I also think the pink eyeshadow can really tame the look and make me look more approachable!

Instead of wearing the classic black blazer, I do think the beige cropped blazer fits me more.

Pink eyeshadow is always been one of my favorite weekday looks!

Colors are in fact a pretty powerful tool!

If you think there are some clothes you can’t pull off, change color and maybe you will have different thoughts now!

5. Avoid bright high saturated hues

If you don’t want to look tacky in vibrant pink eyeshadow, avoid pairing it with the bright high saturation colors outfit as the big color contrast will definitely compete with each other.

Colors like bright green, magenta, and orange may not be the best choices.

Of course, you can also replace the bright colors with pastel colors to look more put together.

You can change the bright purple to lavender purple, and bright blue to baby blue for a more harmonious color combination.

Last, you can always choose some light or neutral colors like black, beige, and creamy white as these hues can always bring out the femininity and softness of pink.

6. Avoid pairing with high-top neck

Source: Tally Weijl

As a disclaimer, it’s really a personal thing. If you have a long neck and a small face, you can pull off this look but for me, that’s a no-no.

If I wear the pink eyeshadow today, I will definitely avoid any high-neck tops.

As a girl with a short neck, wearing a high-neck top will make my face looks even chubbier.

If I still insist to pair the pink eyeshadow with my top, the pink will visually exaggerate my face even more.

So if you want to look more put together, find the alternatives!

For example, I may choose the cowl neck top instead or wear the turtleneck with dark shades.


So ladies, here are the 6 ideas if you wonder what clothes to wear with pink eyeshadow!

Let’s have a recap first.

  • Style pink with pink for a completed look
  • Pair with pink eyeshadow with white outfits for a refreshing look
  • Wear pink eyeshadow with lace or other feminine clothes detailing
  • Pair with pink eyeshadow with a blazer to tame down the look
  • Avoid bright high saturation colors for the outfit
  • Avoid pairing with high neck top

I hope these tips give you some ideas on what to style with pink eyeshadow!

After all, it really depends on the tints of eyeshadow you choose, if that’s a softer, lighter shade of pink, the outfit combination can literally be endless!

I know some ladies may think “I am too old for pink eyeshadow”, but let me assure you that’s not the case at all!

My mum wears dusty pink eyeshadow all the time and it looks really flattering on her! So ladies, regardless of your age, you can play with the eyeshadow and that’s the fun part of being a woman!

If you are interested in more styling tips, you may be interested in the following reads!

See you there loves!

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