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*2023* What clothes to wear with purple eyeshadow? 10 combos!

*2023* What clothes to wear with purple eyeshadow? 10 combos!

When it comes to purple eyeshadow, I always have the difficulty in choosing the shades. 

Cool lavender, pastel purple, and the berry’s tint, they are all too fancy and dreamy!

Despite pink, purple eyeshadow is truly one of my favorites. It’s feminine, mysterious, and classy in a sophisticated way.

My mum always said, “If pink is for girls, purple is for ladies”.

So here you go – the 6 outfit ideas and tips if you wonder what clothes to wear with purple eyeshadow!



A chic way to style your purple eyeshadow is always the trendy tone-on-tone wearing.

Not only does that make your makeup and outfit look more united, but it can also achieve a sense of harmony in your body.

For me, I seldom pair the exact same tint of purple with my eyeshadow and top as that can look a bit awkward and rigid.

Some ladies suggest adding some sparkles to the eyelid to spice up the look and I thought that’s a great idea!

A flattering way to do that is to pair different shades of purple together for an enriched look with more layers.

For example, if I am wearing a dark matte purple for my eyes, I will pair it with a lighter shade of purple to freshen up the look.


As purple is such a vibrant hue itself, that can look a bit overwhelming if you wear the whole purple suit with purple eyes.

For a low-key look, pair the color of the top instead of the whole outfit – that can work great as well!


what to wear with purple eyeshadow
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Instead of the black or brown smoky eye looks, I love purple more as it just adds a shade of mystery to the face.

Pair purple eyeshadow with black is such a no-fail combination. You can always pair wear some matte gold or silver accessories to add a stylish twist to your look.

My favorite way is pairing it with a gold lace choker, just distinctive!

If black is not your thing, other neutral colors like brown, khaki, navy blue and grey can be a perfect alternative as well.

Feel free to experiment yourself!


As a sharp color, wearing purple can easily look flamboyant.

If you want to tame the look, pair it with light colors like white and a cream tone is always flattering!

With different skin tones, we all look best in different hues.

If you are in a dark brown skin tone, any kind of white can look good on you.

As for the ladies with cool and pale skin tones, the bright white can look best on you!

When in doubt, throw yourself a cashmere white cowl neck top and silk pants.

This is the way to look classy and expensive in purple eyeshadow!


Purple x yellow” may look edgy and futuristic on the runway but when it comes to daily wear, that may not be the most wearable fit.

As purple subconsciously symbolizes luxury and extravagance, it just naturally looks more pop-up on your face than other hues of eyeshadow.

If you pair this with other high saturation colors like yellow, green, or orange, that can easily make you look clumsy and tacky.

Actually, you can still wear the same colors – all you need to do is slightly change the tints!

Change your metallic purple eyeshadow to matte purple and the bright yellow dress to a pastel tone, the outfit is instantly much more approachable!


what clothes to wear to purple eyeshadow
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Despite the classy look, feel free to style purple eyeshadow with your casual outfits!

Due to its jewel tone, we always thought we need to look more dressed up but that’s truly not the case.

With a dash of light purple, you just instantly look more enlivened even in a plain hoodie or T-shirt.

As the saying goes, less is more. The plain outfit makes the purple more pop up and achieves an effortlessly chic look.

Despite your outfit, let’s not forget your hairstyle matters too! (Let’s be real, how long you haven’t been trying new hairstyles)

With a youthful high bun or just an easy ponytail, that can make you look more put together in your purple eyeshadow as well!


what clothes to wear to purple eyeshadow
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Last but not least, keep your outfit simple so your clothes don’t have to compete with the purple eyeshadow!

Let’s talk about the neckline first.

If you are the girl with a small face and long neck, congrats as you can pull off the turtleneck effortlessly!

However, as a girl with a chubby face, I just don’t look the best in purple eyeshadow and the turtleneck.

The reason being is purple already accentuates my facial features, with the neck being covered by the turtleneck, which just makes my face look bigger and chubbier.

So I will always avoid the round neck and turtleneck tops and choose V-neck or off-shoulder tops instead.

Second, don’t pair it with the busy print top as that can easily look lousy.

To minimize the risk, choose prints with a small size instead of big vibrant prints.

Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely match purple eyeshadow with prints, all you need to do is choose the right one!


So ladies, here are the 6 ideas if you wonder what clothes to wear with purple eyeshadow! Let’s have a recap first.

  • Pair purple eyeshadow with tone on tone outfit
  • Embrace smoky purple eyeshadow look with black
  • Pair purple eyeshadow with white for a refreshing look
  • Avoid pairing purple eyeshadow with vibrant hues
  • Keep it simple with purple eyeshadow

So yes, purple is definitely more versatile than you thought!

Regardless of your age and skin tone, you can always find the right hues of purple to add a sense of romance and elegance to your outfit!

As Regina Brett said “Be eccentric now. Don’t wait for old age to wear purple.” Ladies, it’s time to play with your eyeshadow palette now!

For more makeup tips, check out this list below! See you there loves!

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