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*2023* 11 real-life Junior & senior ring ceremony outfits! (Boys & girls)

*2023* 11 real-life Junior & senior ring ceremony outfits! (Boys & girls)

Wondering what to wear to the junior, senior, or college ring ceremony? You’ve come to the right place!

Finally, the day has come and you’re not junior anymore! Celebrating the new chapter as the “Upperclass man”, you’re recognized for your hard work thus far and are now ready to take up more roles in school!

At such a special event, you definitely want to dress the best and feel the best. 

After all, you will be taking A TON OF photos with your classmates and friends!

To get you inspired, I’ve gathered 11 real-life junior ring ceremony outfits from Instagram along with some pro tips.


1. Junior ring ceremony outfits

Depending on the school, some of you may need to wear your school uniforms to the ring ceremony.

As a tradition, you will also receive a rose to make the junior transition to senior year.

To ensure you look picture-perfect, do the right pose to show off your ring!

2. Cute junior ring ceremony outfits

If you are free to pick your own outfits, LUCKY FOR YOU.

Seniors-to-be wear all kinds of styles so feel free to go extra creative on your special day!

For a matching look, a refreshing floral dress can never go wrong. Feminine and cute.

3. College ring ceremony outfits

On this big day, I’d say go out of your comfort zone and embrace all kinds of fun hues.

This girl in yellow nails and a rainbow dress just rock the junior ring ceremony in the most stylish way.

4. High school ring ceremony outfits

Not a fan of dress? Don’t fret. A nice top and pants work great as well!

To spice up the look, pair up an off-shoulder top and flared pants just look as sophisticated as it looks comfy.

Not a junior girl anymore!


As a girl with food baby 24/7, I found the paper bag pants the most forgiving.

When you pair up the cami top and pants together, it just hides the belly perfectly and fakes a nice figure for you.

5. Junior ring ceremony outfits parents

As for parents, there’s no specific dress code to follow.

From a simple button-down to an elegant maxi dress, it’s all doable depending on your style.

When in doubt, think smart casual and you’re good to go!

6. Junior ring ceremony outfits guys

For boys, you want to dress decent and smart. A collared shirt with a tie and slacks is the fail-proof way to go.

If you are feeling extra chic today, what about an all-black look that screams “I’ve got a style and I KNOW it”?

Trust me, it works wonders.

7. Classic LBD for the junior ring ceremony

When in doubt, consider wearing a classic LBD that will never go out of style.

To finish the look on a dressier end, throw on a dainty long-line necklace and nice pumps that just make you look extra polished and feel more like a grown lady.

8. Jumpsuit as a simple chic choice

And let’s not forget jumpsuit is equally chic as well.

Is that just me this girl really did an excellent job in pairing these hoop earrings with the tube jumpsuit.

Such a cute combo for the junior ring ceremony.

9. Junior & High school ring ceremony plus size

For the ladies who are insecure about the belly area, this peplum dress below is such a mood booster.

Junior & High school ring ceremony plus size
Check out this peplum dress on Amazon

Featuring the extra stripe gathered around the waist, it just hides your belly completely and makes you feel put together.

I’m proud of this pick as it’s so rare to find a dress with a cold-shoulder and peplum design all in one!

Check them out on Amazon♥

10. What shoes to wear to the junior ring ceremony

I get it, you’re so tempted to wear sequin stilettos that sure to turn heads.

But let me remind you girl, make sure you don’t trip down on stairs and stage in front of all the teachers and classmates!

When it comes to other alternatives, flats, sandal wedges, and chunky heels are all flattering!

My favorite pick here is this lace-up espadrille on Amazon below.

What shoes to wear to the junior ring ceremony
Lace-up espadrilles on Amazon

Despite their good look, you have no problem walking in them all day long!

11. Invest time in nail manicures

Last but not least, let’s not forget you will do a lot of hands close-up. If you ask me, it’s so worth it to do the nail manicure for the junior ring ceremony.

Whether you are going for the classic French nail or wild animal prints, it just elevates the look tenfolds.

The best part? It just makes you feel good!


So there you go – the 11 junior ring ceremony outfits to get you inspired!

What are your thoughts on that? I hope these tips help and now it’s time to pin down your final look and have fun!

As the saying goes “High school is what kind of grows you into the person you are.” Embrace those years and be the change!

For more school outfit ideas, check out my articles below! I’m sure you’ll love them!

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