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*2023*How to wear Ponte pants with ankle boots? 5 refreshing tips!

*2023*How to wear Ponte pants with ankle boots? 5 refreshing tips!

Can we talk about how comfortable Ponte pants are? With the doubt knit process, they are more structured than legging yet thinner than trousers.

Nowadays, there are different types of Ponte pants including original Ponte slim cut, Ponte wide-leg pants, Ponte legging, and more!

With different colors and cutting the combination of Ponte pants and ankle boots is basically endless!

So ladies, here are the 5 tips on how to wear Ponte pants with ankle boots, enjoy!

1. Show your ankle with tight Ponte pants

When it comes to Ponte pants, always choose cropped pants.

This is really important as most of the time, we tend to buy pants that land on the ankle area.

However, if you want to style it with ankle boots, this length can be really embarrassing. It’s not long enough to tuck it inside the boots but it’s not short enough to show the ankle out.

Turns out, that pants can make us look shorter and clumsier visually.

So ladies, always buy the cropped Ponte pants that are above the ankle length to make sure you can look polished and sharp in them!

Showing a bit of skin is always going to elongate your legs and make you look taller and thinner!

Don’t miss this chance.

2. Opt for flared Ponte pants to look taller

Besides the common skinny tight Ponte pants, let’s not forget flared pants can look really flattering with ankle boots!

This tip is actually from my friend Josie.

As a girl with crankles, she doesn’t love to show any skin in the ankle area.

She avoids wearing skinny pants as this will accentuate the crankle’s part.

Instead, she wears long flared pants and covers this with ankle boots.

All I can say is this combination makes her instantly look 5 inches taller visually and not to mention, her legs look slimmer.

Some readers emailed me which one is more flattering: Flared pants or wide-leg pants?

For me, I will always choose flared pants. As a petite girl, wide-leg pants always drag me down and I just don’t think how this can contour the shape of my leg.

However, for the flared pants, there’s a slim cut for the thigh area and a bell shape cut for the calf area (see the red arrows above).

This design can definitely contour my legs. With a pair of ankle boots underneath, this is my “looking put together” look!

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3. Go monochrome with faux leather/ printed Ponte pants to spice things up

If you want to look even taller with your Ponte pants and boots, the easiest way is to go monochrome like the common black x black combination.

With the same color, your ankle boots won’t divide your legs into two areas and that helps you to elongate your legs even further.

However, some ladies may think this is too boring to match black on black.

Let’s not forget you can always play with different prints and fabrics of Ponte pants.

For me, I think that is absolutely gorgeous to style a pair of simple faux leather Ponte pants with pair of matte ankle boots.

Even with the same tone, the contrast of the fabric can highlight your outfit.

Added to this, you can always pick printed Ponte pants like checked or animal prints.

But always avoid the loud big prints as this will make your leg look a bit thicker to some extent!

4. Wear stir-up Ponte leggings to look polished

While I usually show my ankle with the skinny Ponte pants, sometimes l just want to feel comfortable and tuck my Ponte legging inside the ankle boots.

So here’s my question: Have you ever wondered why some ladies always tuck their pants so nicely that it won’t create any bulk with the boots?

The secret is most of them wearing the stir-up Ponte legging! (Is that just me but this product is definitely new to me…)

Click here to buy: Daily Ritual Ponte Legging

I wish I knew this sooner. With the stir-up legging, I will finally tuck my pants inside the ankle boots and still look polished!

Plus, this type of Ponte legging is thin enough so it can still show the silhouette of the ankle.

If you don’t have one, you definitely have to buy a pair as a wardrobe staple, you will need this someday!

5. Roll up your Ponte jeans for a casual look

Last but not least, you can always roll up your Ponte pants for a casual look.

While cuffing a pant seems simple, but actually, there are many ways to do it.

For me, my favorite way to cuff is the Pinroll and simple roll!


Don’t cuff too wide (known as iron worker cuff) if you are a petite girl, always cuff the Ponte pants according to your height is make sure it looks good on the leg proportion.

Final thoughts:

So ladies, here are the 5 tips on how to wear Ponte pants with ankle boots! Let’s have a quick checklist first.

  • Show ankle when you are wearing tight Ponte pants
  • Opt for flared Ponte pants to look taller
  • Go monochrome with faux leather/ printed Ponte pants to spice things up
  • Wear stir-up Ponte leggings to look polished
  • Roll up your Ponte jeans for a casual look

I really hate when people say Ponte jeans are another pair of black tight jeans – They are just different! I adore Ponte pants so much as they can always hug my curves perfectly in a comfy way!

With some styling tips and tricks, we can definitely look refined and comfy at the same time!

If you are interested in other styling tips, these articles are for you! See you there!

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