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*2023* How to wear a short pleated skirt in winter? 8 Creative tips!

*2023* How to wear a short pleated skirt in winter? 8 Creative tips!

Have you ever wondered why the girls on Instagram feed can wear a short pleated skirt during freezing days and looks so at ease?

Well, let’s not forget Instagram is not the reality! We thought they wear so little but actually, it’s not!

As a short pleated skirt lover, I finally figured out all the styling tips and layering tricks.

So ladies, here are the 5 ways how you wear a short pleated skirt in winter, enjoy!

1. Pair a fleece legging under your pleated skirt

Let’s start with the basic tips, wearing fleece leggings!

During the lazy cold days when you just want to keep things simple, fleece legging is a no-brainer.

With the dual-layer fabric and brushed interior, it’s really soft to the skin and strong enough to make our legs warm.

When it comes to the material, instead of choosing 100% polyester, you should always aim for at least 10% spandex so as to make sure your legging is elastic enough to move in comfort!

With the tightness of fleece leggings, it goes really well with the pleated short skirt as it creates a smooth silhouette for your legs and makes the lower body looks more refined.

As a have different colors of a pleated skirt, I will buy a different color of fleece leggings accordingly for matching.

If I am wearing a black plain pleated skirt with black fleece leggings, people can’t realize they are two separate pieces!

With a pair of short boots, this is how you look cute with your pleated skirt on cold days!

2. Wear over-knee boots to spice up your look

Despite the fact that over-knee boots are such a classy and fashionable item these days, let’s not forget they can keep us warm.

For me, plain over-knee boots are warm enough.

However, if that’s not enough for you, consider the thigh-high boots with a faux fur layer, this is quite one-of-a-kind as I don’t see many people wearing those pairs yet.

Another way is wearing long cashmere socks inside the boots.

I’ve tried once and I end up having to take the socks down as it is way too hot! So ladies, get creative with your over-knee boots!

3. Wear flesh fleece tights & coat them with sheer tights

This hack is just … unbeatable.

Ever since I discovered there’s a product called flesh fleece tights, I realized I wear a more short skirts than ever before.

Flesh fleece tights are tights that have a thermal interior to keep your leg warm but a smooth skin tone for the outside.

So when you are wearing the flesh tights with the exact skin tone of your leg, people can’t really tell you are wearing any thighs at all.

The best thing is the thigh can prevent people from seeing your hairy leg hair as well!

Another way to style your flesh fleece tights is to coat them with normal black sheer tights, this just instantly makes your leg looks slimmer and sexier!

Plus, this is also a clever way to cover flesh fleece tights with the wrong skin tone.

If that’s not warm enough for you, you can always wear a pair of over-knee cashmere socks.

With that, I’m sure it’s more than enough even during the snowing days! (I’ve tested it before)

4. Go Monochrome to incorporate a summer pleated dress

For the first 2 tips, both fleece tights and over-knee boots are both in thick materials so it will look best to pair them with the pleated skirts with thick fabric like twill or thick cotton.

You may wonder, what about the short pleated skirts with light material like silk chiffon?

Wear tone-on-tone is always a perfect way to incorporate your summery dress during winter.

Not only wearing a monochromic outfit makes you appear taller and slimmer visually, but with the different layering of color and fabric, the dress can easily blend into the overall outfit.

With my beige silk chiffon pleated dress, I always top a white twill turtleneck and a creamy cardigan on top.

4. Keep the other part of the body warm with thermal material

This tip can’t be more obvious yet sometimes, we still fail to do that.

Even if you wear so protectively warm for your legs, if you wear just a thin V-neck long sleeve shirt during freezing days, of course, you will get cold!

Here are some of the ways to keep your body warm:

  • Wear a turtleneck to trap the body heat
  • Always wear thermal Heat Tech and thermal garments as a good foundation
  • Wear coats with at least 50% natural fibers like wool to make your coat functional
  • Do the layering to trap the heat

Ever since I pay more attention to the material of the coat, I just realized many of my baggy polyester coats actually not warmer than the thin wool coat.

So now, I am way warmer without wearing bulky!

5. Don’t forget the warm accessories to complete your look

Last but not least, let’s not forget that warm accessory like gloves, hats, and a scarf can keep us warm.

We lose heat by exposing our body parts so we shouldn’t neglect our heads, neck, and hands during cold days.

Despite they are functional, they can complete our short pleated skirt look as well.

I love wearing a similar tone of gloves and hats with my velvet red pleated skirt with a plain black turtleneck and heels, it makes me feel so elegant and put together!


So ladies, here are the 5 ways how you wear a short pleated skirt in winter, enjoy!

  • Pair a fleece legging under your pleated skirt
  • Wear over-knee boots to spice up your look
  • Wear flesh fleece tights and coat them with normal sheer tights
  • Go Monochrome to incorporate a summer pleated dress
  • Don’t forget the warm accessories to complete your look

The pleated skirt is feminine and versatile and it’s such a pity to keep them in the wardrobe during the whole winter.

With different outfit layering, the combinations can be endless!

To me, winter is more of my styling season as I just use layering to reuse the summer outfits, it’s such a satisfying feeling.

So ladies, try those 5 tips to wear a short pleated skirt in winter! I bet you feel warmer than wearing baggy black trousers!

Looking for more winter outfit ideas? Check out my popular reads below! See you, love!

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