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*2023*10 types of dress for a big tummy & hips!

*2023*10 types of dress for a big tummy & hips!

Looking for dresses for a big tummy and hips as a curvy girl? Well, this article is for you.

First thing first, let’s make it clear – having belly rolls is completely normal.

As one of the largest online fashion sites, ASOS showed models with stomach rolls and advocated “Natural is more appealing”.

Love that movement.

Instead of achieving those impossible “Large chest, flat belly, long legs” type of hourglass shape bodies on Instagram, it’s time to embrace our natural state of the body!

Of course, we will have the tummy rolls when we sit down – there’s nothing wrong with that!

To embrace our bodies, all we have to do is pick the right clothes that flatter our curves and bring out the best in them.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 10 types of failproof dresses for big tummies and hips.

I’m sure you will find the ideas below useful, enjoy!

1. Peplum dress for big tummy & hips

Alright, let’s start with the most obvious one – the oh-so-sassy peplum dress.

Featuring the extra stripe of fabric attached around the waist, the flare just camouflages the belly and hip instantly.

See this dress below.

peplum dress for big tummy & hips

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It’s just super forgiving regardless of your body size.

Another big plus – the peplum just makes your waist appear to be smaller by comparison, especially with the belt attached.

If you want to accentuate your waist even more, I suggest you change the monotone belt to another one with contrasting colors to the dress.

Think of a baby pink dress with a dark brown belt.

That way, your waistline will become more prominent.

She’s a big-hearted girl with hips to match.

Henny Youngman

2. Flattering dresses for wide hips

Depending on how much you want to hide your tummy and wide hips, sometimes going oversized is one of the best ways.

When you style right, your silhouette can definitely appear to be smaller instantly.

See how the gorgeous plus-size model Ashley Graham carries this oversized sweater dress.

flattering dresses wide hips
Source: Ashley Graham

The long sleeves are totally giving effortlessly sassy vibes.

To achieve the best effect, picking the right neckline is key.

From my experience, I’d say the elongating V-neck or off-shoulder to draw eyes from your belly to the shoulder area definitely help.

Also, go for the solids for your dress and minimize the color of the whole outfit to 3.

That way, your body won’t be divided into too many color blocks and this little trick can always elongate your frame as a whole.

Love your body ONLY when it’s in perfect shape is like loving your kids only when they’re well-behaved.

3. Slimming split dress for tummy

Remember, you can wear whatever you want regardless of your body shape.

If you have a big tummy and hips, you can still rock the bodycon!

To look the most flattering, I’d say play with the illusion and go for the split dress.

Slimming split dress for tummy
Source: Vogue

By showing the legs in this unique design, the attention will naturally shift from the middle area to your legs and minimize the tummy and hips by comparison.

Another big plus? Your legs are just visually elongated especially if you are wearing the thin-strap heels.

Side note:

An asymmetrical hem dress (Plus size version) like this can also achieve the same effect!

Life is so much more beautiful and complex than a number on a scale.

Tess Munster
side split dress black

Get this slip dress on Nordstrom

Need I say more? This dress literally combines all the most flattering factors in one look.

Such a godsent.

4. Ruched dress to hide the belly

If you want to highlight your curves but in the meantime camouflage the rolls – go for the ruching design.

Ruched dress hide the belly

Corset bodycon dress on Pretty Little Thing

Not only it’s forgiving, the ruched dress just adds a distinctive dose of sassy vibes to your whole get-up.

Together with nice handle bags and high heels, you are bound to stand out from the crowd.

Seriously, whenever I have a fancy dinner date, I will wear either a peplum dress or a ruched dress. It shows NOTHING even when I have a bloated belly!

amazon ruched dress
Shop this ruched dress on Amazon

If you are looking for an affordable choice, this dress makes your man weak at his knees.

5. Fancy tiered dress

The tiered dress is cute, and fun to wear especially during your summer days and vacay.

With the multiple layers, it’s almost impossible for others to spot your belly and hip!

dress for big belly & hips

Get this tiered dress on Amazon

I also love the square neck and long sleeve design – super slimming.

off shoulder tiered dress amazon

Get this off-shoulder tiered dress on Amazon

If you are looking for a black dress with a playful flare – this is the one.

6. When in doubt, wear a corset belt

The Corset belt is one of the best fashion items of all time.

Not only does it scream “Look at me, I’m full of attitude”, but it’s also super forgiving to wear.

Look at this below.

corset hide big belly and hips
Source: sierraxdarien

Need I say more? The puffy sleeve shirt dress and obi belt are such a refreshing combo.

Stand out of the crowd sis.

I’ve found two similar belts – enjoy!

shirt dress and corset belt hide belly
Source: Pinterest

To look sleek with patterns, limiting the number of colors in one outfit always works.

I love how this lady paired up the belt and boots in the same shade – isn’t that look so classy and high fashion?

Seriously, you don’t need a Birken bag to look expensive at all.

7. Stay carefree in a shirt dress

Needless to say, A-line dresses look good on almost everyone.

That said, for a shirt dress, the texture can be quite thin sometimes and it can still show your curves.

To get away with this, I highly suggest you go for the busy patterns – they are the best distraction!

shirt dress hide belly & hips
Source: Pinterest

With the A-line slimming cut, this is how you stay forgiving with the busy prints.

And it just makes your legs appear to be slimmer as well!

How to hide belly fat without shapewear

Get this cute tunic dress on Amazon

A tropical holiday must-have.

8. Layer things up

When the days are chilling out, it’s time to try out the shirt dress, and sweater combo!

It’s literally the sassiest way to hide the belly and hip.

To add effortless vibes, I highly suggest you unbutton the shirt like this girl below.

shirt dress and sweater
Source: Pinterest

To look taller, pairing up the sweater and boots in the same hues can help elongate your figure from head to toe as a whole.

dress and sweater that hides belly bulge
Source: Pinterest

It is giving the off-duty schoolgirl vibes. Love it.

9. Black x patterns for illusion

Of course, to camouflage the belly and hips, dark shades like black and navy blue work wonders.

But if you want to *really* want to bring out the best in your body, go for the patterns for the top and solids for the body.

Below is an example.

slimming black dress to hide tummy
Source: Davidbridal

Compared with wearing one solid black dress, a dress like this above can give your chest a nice boost and draw attention away from the belly area.

10. High low dress for hips

Last but not least, the high-low dress.

high low dress to hide tummy

Get this high-low dress on Amazon

If you want to showcase the legs but camouflage the hip area, a high-low dress will give you the best silhouette.

Together with nude heels, this is how you elongate the legs in the best possible way!


So there you go – the 10 types of dresses for a big tummy and hips.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that gives you some new inspiration!

For the girls who look for more styling hacks, check out my most popular articles down below. See you loves!

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