[WEARABLE EVEN FOR MEN✨] 14 couple matching outfit ideas!

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When it comes to couple matching outfits for pictures, it’s a HELL YES or HELL NO situation. While some think it’s unbearable to see couples wearing the identical shirt like a uniform, some do think it’s a lovely way to display love for your partner. Not gonna lie, I used to think these matchy-matchup looks are cringe-worthy, but these days, I have to admit they are actually surprisingly stylish. (Can’t believe I said that!)Apparently, the couple matching trend has evolved in a much more delightful way. That said, ahead are the 14 couple matching outfit ideas for all occasions, from off-duty look to the festive ensemble to the formal elegant look, I am sure you will find the right one!


couple matching outfit ideas, couple outfit ideas for pictures
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If you want to stay simple yet timeless in a couple outfits, a casual denim look can never go wrong. For a low-key look, opt fur the same pair of cut-off jeans but pair it with different tops. If you want to match the color as an all-over set, opt for a different neckline. For example, girls wear a white halter neck crop top while guys wear a V-neck white tee, that just looks more spontaneous.

As for the lazy couples out there, just wear your own clothes and throw yourself the same denim jacket and Viola! Congrats on the first attempt!


couple matching outfit ideas, couple outfit ideas for pictures
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If you have a cool ensemble, it ain’t that bad to match the look. For the winter leisurewear, go for an all-white monochromatic look in a hoodie and sweatpants and throw on an olive green cropped puffer jacket just to look full of attitude.

If you want to add some variations in style, one goes for a black hoodie while one goes for a black cropped shacket just seal the deal.


couple matching outfit ideas, couple outfit ideas for pictures
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When it comes to the best timing to wear a couple outfit, that’s gonna be the summer holiday time. To visit all the tourist hot spots, it’s always instagrammable to take the snapshot in the tropical matching set, isn’t it? For a carefree resort look, get experimental with patterns and prints to add an extra dash of spiciness to your look. If a leopard print skirt seems too bold for you, well, perhaps it’s time to leave your comfort zone!

For a Greece holiday look, a sky blue and white combo just always work wonders!


couple matching outfit ideas, couple outfit ideas for pictures
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Fashion comes and goes but preppy fashion is here to stay. To elevate the style, go for a timeless classy look just sure to turn heads. For ladies, go for a fitted collar top with a low-waist plaid midi skirt and vintage Oxford heels just look effortlessly tasteful. For gentlemen, a smart polo shirt and nice pair of beige dress pants are the ultimate foolproof choices. Together, you guys just look irresistibly posh and high class.


couple matching outfit ideas, couple outfit ideas for pictures
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To give more dimensions to the couple outfit, echos your winter look with similar hues certainly let people know you’ve given a thought to your look. For example, your partner can wear a grey knit coat and you can wear a dark grey plaid A-line skirt as a pair. Or else, a beige scarf and brown ankle boots can be another stylish set as well.

As we tend to layer our clothes in the cold days, the couple outfit combinations in fall and wintertime can be endless. All you need to do is wear in a dark hue and pick one item in a lighter shade to makes things pop up! Easy piecey.


couple matching outfit ideas, couple outfit ideas for pictures

I know wearing the same coat as a couple is not everyone’s cup of tea and I guess it really depends on what type of outerwear you pick. If that’s the edgy one like a faux leather biker jacket, I’ll take it. Another flattering idea I love is wearing a trench dress for ladies and a trench coat for gents, after all, a little variation goes a long way!

I don’t know about you but I truly think couple matching outfits in winter looks so much stylish!


couple matching outfit ideas, couple outfit ideas for pictures
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To dress up as a couple for prom and other formal events, wearing a suit and cocktail dress is always appropriate. If you want to coordinate the look in a subtle way, team the pocket square and the dress with the same hues just look poised and classy.


couple matching outfit ideas, couple outfit ideas for pictures
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If you want to take a lovely seaside photoshoot with your bae, matching the beach swimwear is always worth trying. I mean, aren’t they the sweetest ideas for honeymoons, babymoons, and anniversaries? After all, a hot red bikini set and fitted red swim shorts are a failproof way to get your partner FIRE UP. (You know what I mean)


couple matching outfit ideas, couple outfit ideas for pictures
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Wondering what to wear for Coachella? Ditch your everyday denim look as we are going to make a statement for the wild music festival! That said, it’s time to dig out your colorful tribal dress that you thought you would never wear again for the free-spirit boho look. Or else, a western cowboy cowgirl look is perfect for couples. All you need is a wide beam hat, a brown belt, and western boots to finish off the look!

For the festive ensembles that you won’t wear on daily basis, we certainly don’t have to spend a fortune on that. Just hop on Amazon and Etsy and you will find some decent yet affordable pieces!

By the way, ladies, if you need more Coachella outfit ideas, here are the 10 ideas! Check them out!


couple matching outfit ideas, couple outfit ideas for pictures
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In case you don’t know, the Korean LOVE couple looks way more than any other country combined. If you’ve visited Korea, you will realize couple outfits are just wholly on-trend. From the edgy biker set to cute matchy berets, the matching sets are incredibly versatile in style. So if you ever run out of ideas, go Pinterest and type “Korean couple outfits” and I’m sure you will get inspired.


couple matching outfit ideas, couple outfit ideas for pictures
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I hate heavy words but as a petite girl, a monochromic look has been a lifesaver. With similar hues being put together, it just makes the outfit looks neat and united as a whole and thus elongates my figure visually. For a high fashion couple look, a white monotone ensemble just looks impeccably sleek and chic. To add some depth to the outfit, feel free to play with other off-white colors and textures to add a pop of fun.

And if you are feeling funky today, get a flaunting forest green set! Now, THIS is the spirit of couple outfits – trying crazy looks together! You will glad you’ve done it when you look back a few years later.

By the way, if you are interested in monochromic looks, feel free to check out these 10 all-white ideas! I’ll strongly suggest you try out the #9 look in winter! Just stunning.


couple matching outfit ideas, couple outfit ideas for pictures
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So yes, finally we are talking about the couple shirt design ideas. Not gonna lie, some of the designs can be really cheesy, the “Together since 2012” and “Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right” styles of shirts are just basically E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. So you guys, I’ll always suggest going for the sarcastic quotes instead of the loving one to stay ahead of your couple outfit game.

Actually, I am not against the quote shirt. If you find the right one, that can be fun to wear for the old friend’s gathering! I’m sure people will talk about the shirt for the opening!


couple matching outfit ideas, couple outfit ideas for pictures
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Never thought of wearing dungarees as the couple set? Well, now you know it’s possible! If you and your partner are more of the artsy type, this look is for you. While dungarees, in general, look juvenile, opt for a darker shade like black always help. And let’s not forget the fabric matters. Instead of choosing cotton and denim, opt for linen that can truly upgrade the look with a dash of distinctive character.

Together with Vans or Dr martens, this look just scream “We’ve got a style and we KNOW it!”


couple matching outfit ideas, couple outfit ideas for pictures
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If you want an instant mood booster, guess what, a pastel couple outfit is here for you. I know what you are thinking. Pastel? The dreamy fancy light hues? They are so off-limit for my ages. Well, I tend to think in that way years ago. BUT until I realize so many people older than me and look absolutely FABULOUS in the sky blue blazer dress and lavender heels, I don’t hold back anymore.

If you are reading this, I’ll urge you to step out of your comfort zone and spoil yourself with these floral hues because these hues just make us feel good and fresh. The perfect timing to wear them is Easter as it symbolizes the comeback of Spring. If you man is hesitating about those “feminine” shades, white and other off-white hues are the perfect alternatives as well!

Read these 9 tips for more easter looks! (Ladies only!)

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So ladies and gents, above are the 14 couple matching outfit ideas! In case you need a list, here’s the recap:

  • Wear denim couple matching set
  • Go matchy-matchy with leisurewear
  • Match the holiday couple look
  • Stay preppy as a team
  • Echo the hues in winter
  • Go for the matching outerwear
  • Style formal couple outfit in suit
  • Matching the beach swimwear
  • Wear couple look in music festival
  • Get inspired by Korean couple look
  • When in doubt, go monochrome
  • Spice up the look with finny quotes
  • Go artsy in dungarees
  • Go pastel for a mood booster

By the way, if you are interested in more party outfit ideas, below are some of the popular reads! See you gorgeous!


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