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*2023*18 outfits for Bastille day & French-themed party outfit ideas!

*2023*18 outfits for Bastille day & French-themed party outfit ideas!

Whether you are French or not, Bastille day (as known as French National Day) is definitely the perfect time to embrace the French vibes to the fullest and get dressed like a legit french girl. 

Of course, you can hold your French-themed party any time of the year!

I mean, who doesn’t want to throw a lovely party filled with quiche, creme brulee, and a glass of good red wine? You guys are bound to have a blast.

So here’s probably the only question that comes to your mind now: What to wear to a bastille day party and Paris-themed parties? Should I wear French costumes?

No worries ladies, I’ve got your back.

Below I’ve gathered 18 festive party outfit ideas from classic red, white, and blue look, minimalist style to vintage French girl look.

If you are ready to get inspired, keep on reading!

1. What to wear to a bastille day party? Red, blue & white

What to wear to a bastille day party
Source: 1,2

To celebrate bastille day, embracing the tricolor of the French flag is a no-brainer.

You can literally see people wearing red, blue, and white anytime anywhere.

So let’s dig out your Oh-so-fancy red maxi skirt to blend in the crowd and take some instagrammable shots. You won’t regret this.


Both red and blue are high-saturation colors.

If you are petite, consider picking only one (or at most two hues) for your outfit to avoid looking all over the place. Hope that helps!

2. Stripes as the Paris-themed party dress code

paris themed party dress code
Source: 1,2

Wanna dress like a classic French girl at a French-themed party? Wear stripes that will instantly put you on the right track.

Think a Breton top, mom jeans, and a beret to achieve a simple yet tasteful style.

If you are afraid the Breton top will make you look bigger (which is really not the case), opt for the one with super-thin stripes that can balance out the effect.

For more tips, read my 7 wearing stripes rules to stay put together. I’m sure you never heard of some of them!

By the way, this is the most figure-flattering striped top I’ve ever owned. Off-shoulder and white thin lines – this combo just faked an hourglass body for you.

Check out the try-on photos from Amazon reviews and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Paris themed party dress code

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3. Paris-themed party dress ideas: SCARF

Paris themed party dress ideas
Source: 1,2

And of course, how can we not mention the scarf? It just boosts the Polishness of the look tenfolds and makes you look way more french.

There are countless ways to style a scarf but as a lazy girl like me, a single side knot one is more than enough to make me feel like a million bucks.

Seriously, we shouldn’t only wear scarves on French National Day! They deserve more love!

4. “Effortlessly chic” style for what to wear on bastille day

To nail the French girl’s chic look, avoid the bodycon style of clothes and go for the relax-cutting instead.

A white fedora hat, a playful red button-down, and jeans are the classic choice of all time.

To add a dash of French festive vibes, try out the white jeans. Plus, that just makes you look even more elegant and well, expensive-looking.

5. VintageParis themed party dress ideas

Paris themed party dress ideas
Source: 1,2

Tempting to try a vintage look for Paris themed party? Lean into it.

To finish your get-up to a dressier end, a statement-long pearl necklace is here to give out that nostalgic vibe.

Or else, pay attention to the tights. Swap out the regular sheer black tights for mustard pairs just to seal the deal.

6. What shoes to wear on Bastille day

What shoes to wear on Bastille day
Source: 1,2

For shoes, Mary Janes and ballet flats are the red deal. French ladies value comfort a lot and the 10cm stilettos aren’t their thing.

If you are wearing dark hues top and pants, a pair of red mary jane can really add an extra pop of fun to your get-up.

That just makes people feel like you’ve given thought to your style.

7. Go ALL IN with bastille day costumes

On bastille day, you will see people wearing flamboyant costumes for the parade and parties.

Whether you want to dress like a queen or a tiered cake, no one will be here to judge! Let your costume shine girls!

Wanna be the spotlight of the party? Get a “Maria Antonieta” hairstyle WITH LIGHTS and you’re sure to turn heads.

8. Stay strong in Bastille day’s makeup game

As a girl who always overdoes the blush, I guess I will give this look a go!

Some people sported elaborate mime costumes in white face makeup with black liners to celebrate Bastille Day Fete.

Of course, you’ll need the black and white outfit with suspenders and other accessories to finish up the look!

Get these sets from Amazon! They seem out of stock from time to time to save it to the wishlist.

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Bastille day's makeup game
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So ladies, there you go the 18 French-themed party outfits and costume ideas if you wonder what to wear to a bastille day party.

By the way, if you are interested in French girl fashion, make sure you’ve read this article below to look classy and tasteful!

See you there gorgeous!

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