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*2023*28 football game outfit ideas! What to wear to NFL games?

*2023*28 football game outfit ideas! What to wear to NFL games?

Sundays are for football. The crowds, the yelling, the players on the field, all things combined just make the excitement of the football game unbeatable.

And for us ladies, whether you’re an NFL fan or not, DO take this chance to let your styling prowess shine.

From a matchy-matchy jersey look with your girl pals to a casual tee and denim outfit, watching a football game doesn’t have to compromise on style at all.

If you are wondering what to wear to the NFL football game, this article is here to get you all covered.

Below I’ve gathered 28 cute football game outfit ideas and stadium-approved tips to make sure you have the most enjoyable time.

Sounds good? Keep on reading!

1. What to wear to a summer football game? JERSEY

what to wear to a summer football game
Source: 1,2

If you want to support your favorite team and player, a football jersey is a no-brainer to showcase your pride.

As gorgeously lightweight and breathable pieces, they are just perfect for summer days.

My favorite way to style a jersey is to do a front knot to show a stripe of skin out.

Or else, turn your oversized football jersey into a mini dress.

Either way, you will look effortlessly hot – be ready for some jealous eyes!

2. What to wear to a game day in the fall? Sporty look with boots

What to wear to a game day in fall
Source: 1,2

To style jerseys in the fall, pair them up with knee-high boots just to make you look tasteful and sophisticated in an instant.

Of course, you will need to layer your lookup for the chilly days and wear a tunic dress or shirt dress underneath just to seal the deal.

One reminder, always wear the jersey for the right team and the right events.

It just looks silly if you wear a basketball hoodie to the FNL. Just don’t do that.

3. Cute football outfits for games: Hoodie set

Wanna stay cute with minimal effort for the game day? Co-ords and hoodie sets are such lovely choices.

The best part? These hoodie sets are made with cotton and polyester, which is PERFECT for watching an outdoor football game.

You know, the crowds are hyper and spills are really common (that stadium food will get you every time), you don’t wanna wear any expensive clothes that can’t be machine-cleaned.

Cute football outfits for games

Shop this hoodie set on Prettylittlething

4. Always wear to an outdoor football game

what to wear to an outdoor football game
Source: 1,2

To attend outdoor sports events for hours, be prepared for the weather changes and it’s always better to bring a handy denim jacket with you.

Plus, you can always DIY your jeans to make them more game-day-friendly.

Think of a hand-painted “War eagle” denim jacket or a rhinestone fringe jacket that fully embodies the spirit.

5. What to wear to a high school football game? Bomber jacket

what to wear to a high school football game
Source: 1,2

Is that just me the bomber jacket just gives out the high school vibes?

I am 26 but throwing on a bomber jacket just makes me feel young and swag again.

Plus, the jacket design looks extra forgiving for narrow-shoulder girls. The flattering design creates a slightly broader shoulder illusion.

For an “I’ve got a style and I ROCK it” look, get inspired by Rihanna and wear it oversized. That just boosts the spice tenfolds.

6. What to wear to a game day stylishly? Shacket

what to wear to a game day
Source: 1,2

For the chilly but not-cold-enough-to-wear-your-bulky-coat days, shacket is the perfect layering piece.

I personally love the one with plaids patterns – somehow I just think this pattern is more sporty. Is that even make any sense?

To look united, keep your inner hoodie and shacket in a similar color scheme to show you’ve given thought to your style.

Or else, matching your top and shoes in a similar hue can elongate your figure as a whole too.

7. Wear leggings to NFL games

Needless to say, leggings are one of the most popular stadium attire.

what to wear to NFL games

Shop this belly-control faux leather leggings on Spandx

Support women-owned businesses!

8. How to stay warm during a cold football game?

how to stay warm during a cold football game
Source: 1,2

To watch outdoor football games in fall, fit in the crowd with a sweater and thick hoodie.

The game lasts for two hours and you definitely sit there and fidget.

At least get your pom-pom beanie – they are super cute.

9. What to wear to the NFL games in winter? Sleeveless puffer jacket

what to wear to NFL game in winter
Source: 1,2

If you are facing the ultra-cold, you may need a down jacket to withstand the chilly winds.

Of course, scarves, gloves, wool socks, and boots are the must-haves of all time.

But when it comes to the puffer jacket, I’d say go for the sleeveless one so your hands can be free to clap, do the wave and eat your stadium food.

I’ve once worn a long-sleeved bulky puffer jacket and my arms were stiff like robot arms.

Don’t be like me.

10. What to wear to a football game in rain?

It’s true that you can buy a dollar store poncho for a rainy day, but if you are reading this article, you probably want something more tasteful.

To stand out from the crowd, why not try a pastel raincoat?

I really adore the one below from Amazon. It takes me a LONG time to find a flattering one with cinched waist design.

They are out of stock now but you can always save them to your wish list – this darling will be the mood booster for every rainy day.

Check them out HERE!

11. Rainy football game outfit – windbreaker sets

Admit it or not, some of us just love wearing windbreaker sets to replace raincoats.

Rainy football game outfit

Shop this stylish windbreaker set on Amazon

I call this rebellious.

12. Comfy footwear for watching the NFL game

what shoes to wear to NFL game
Source: 1,2

For football game day, comfortable shoes are key.

You know, waiting in lines for the restroom and ticket center, standing and cheering… High heels are a big No-no.

Plus people will think you’re super awkward.

As for open-toe shoes, they are doable but you have to take risks whether someone will accidentally stamp on your feet while finding seats or not.

To play safe, a simple pair of sneakers will do just fine.

13. Check the stadium’s bag policy

Last but not least, don’t forget to check the stadium policy.

High chance you will bring a clear bag so here I’ve handpicked two cuties from Zaful and Amazon.


Shop this Stadium-approved backpack on Amazon


So ladies, here you go the 28 cute football game outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to the NFL.

I hope these looks get you inspired! And for the girls who just want to have a chill day with their family and loved ones watching the football match on TV, I’ve got another article below.

See you there!

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