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26 BAKER BOY hat outfit ideas for SMALLER face!

26 BAKER BOY hat outfit ideas for SMALLER face!

If you can only throw on one item to instantly change your style, what would that be?

Well, what about a trending-everywhere newsboy cap (or baker boy hat) that can effortlessly add a dose of boyish flare to your everyday get-up?

These days, fashion brands are giving this classic piece new updates – with all exciting new hues and designs.

That said, if you wonder how to wear a newsboy cap RIGHT, I’ve gathered 26 baker boy hat outfit ideas to ensure you can rock this bad girl no matter the seasons and occasions along with some wearing tips at the end.

I’ve also come up with some smaller face tips, in the end, enjoy!

1. Rock baker boy hat in a casual way

 baker boy hat casual outfit ideas
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Featuring its universally flattering shape, a newsboy cap can be worn in a multitude of ways.

To embrace that spontaneity for an off-duty look, team the cap with a crisp black tee, side-slit mom jeans, and ankle boots just to make you look seriously sleek with minimal effort.

Of course, feel free to pair up the cap and striped top together if you want a dose of Parisian chic vibes.

2. Style the newsboy cap in a monochrome look

 baker boy hat outfit ideas ladies
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A newsboy cap just looks chic in nature due to its full and structured design.

So while it’s still considered a casual-wear cap, styling it in a monochromatic look just makes it look so put-together.

Plus, a similar color tone can always elongate your figure and make you look taller and slimmer.

An all-white look that looks like a million bucks? Hell YES.

For the girls who want a fail-proof look, a black monotone look will never disappoint you.

To install a touch of femininity to your look, swap out the skinny jeans to flare leg pants just boosting the aesthetic tenfold.

3. Leather jacket meets newsboy cap

Needless to say, a structured newsboy cap and faux leather biker jacket are born for each other.

Feeling venturesome? Level up this killer looks with hoop earrings and a rhinestone belt. That’s just dope.

Two words:



4. Newsboy hat meet animal prints

newsboy hat outfit ideas ladies
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Let’s be real, animals prints can be tricky to wear.

But if you pair it with a newsboy cap, that chic boyish vibes just balance out the boldness perfectly and ensure you can rock your leopard jacket in the sassy, sophisticated way it deserves.

Is that just me this ensemble just screams mafia wife in the best possible way. I guess I need a beige newsboy cap right now.

5. Add a dose of retro flare to baker boy’s hat

Need some vintage boho girl outfit Inspo?

Here’s the sweet mash-up for you: white ruffle blouse, corduroy skirt, newsboy cap, chunky heels, and a one-of-a-kind wood beaded bag.

You’re welcome.

baker boy hat outfit ideas ladies
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Want to recreate a sweet retro look? I’d say explore unique hues and patterns.

So perhaps it’s time to dig out your burnt orange sweater and silk scarf from your closet – they are the hidden gems that bring you back to the good old 80s!

6. Blazer & baker boy cap is the perfect combo

To spice up your boss lady blazer look, The newsboy cap is that missing exclamation mark you’ve been craving for.

If you don’t want people to know you’re meticulously planning this look, always go for the oversized blazer that looks spontaneous and chill.

Together with an envelope clutch and sunglasses, this looks just screams “I’ve got a style and I know it”.

7. Double-breasted blazer & baker boy cap is so posh

how to wear a double breasted blazer ladies
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If the occasion calls for a dressy dress code, switch out your regular blazer for the double-breasted one that will make you feel like a royal.

A newsboy cap with navy blue double-breasted blazer and leopard print leggings?

I think we all think this look deserves an Instagram post with the best caption possible.

8. Spice up your fall look with a baker boy cap

baker boy hat outfit ideas ladies fall
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To introduce a bit of zing to your fall lookbook, let your styling prowess shine by complementing the look with a vintage plaid newsboy cap and a smart pair of riding boots.

As a petite girl, I LOVE wearing two pieces in similar hues so that can elongate my figure from head to toe.


9. Baker boy cap summer outfit ideas

In case you need a double-confirm, YES, you can definitely wear the baker boy cap all year round.

After all, who doesn’t want to look chic 24/7? For a rock concert-ready look, a retro graphic band tee, faux leather mini skirt, and black newsboy cap will have you on the right path in no time.

Baker boy cap summer outfit ideas
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Speaking of another perfect combo, a white button-down and a newsboy cap are totally doable as both of them look so smart and chic in such a simple way.

Pair this cutie with an oversized button-down and show a peek of the lace cami top underneath, this high street look will never fail to impress.

10. How to wear a newsboy cap as a girl?

How to wear a newsboy cap as a girl?
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We all know how to wear a newsboy cap but the thing is – how to look really good with it?

First, put one side of your hair behind the ear. As a girl with chubby cheeks, I always thought the hair can sort of “cover” my face and make it looks smaller.

Well, turns out that only looks clumsy, not flattering – at all.

By opening up your face, not only you can elongate your neck and upper body, but just add a dose of feminine touch to your get-up, which I truly enjoy!

Second, wear your cap slightly upward so it can elongate your face as a whole. I know some ladies love pressing the brim – that’s a no-go.

11. How to wear a baker boy hat with short hair

How to wear a baker boy hat with short hair
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If you want don’t want to end up looking like a clumsy mushroom, the “open up your face” rule is even more important to short hair girls!

If you follow this rule, I’m sure the beret cap can flatter you in the best way.

Plus, I’d recommend styling your hair a little bit – say give it a nice curl – as the baker boy cap will definitely put your hair under the spotlight.


So ladies, here are the 26 baker boy hat outfit ideas if you wonder how to wear them RIGHT.

I hope these outfits inspo unblock some new styling combos for you!

By the way, if you’re interested in more hat fashion, I’m sure you will love the articles and tips below.

See you there gorgeous!

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