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*2024* How to wear a cloche hat? 18 modern looks!

*2024* How to wear a cloche hat? 18 modern looks!

Yes, ladies, we are talking about the classic cloche this time! Let’s be honest, we all love cloches but we will never wear them.

Whenever I see someone wearing a cloche hat, I just can’t stop looking at it as it’s simply just too gorgeous.

With all the lovely details and colors, the hat itself is a piece of art.

But this begs the question: How can we integrate this elegant cloche hat into our daily wear and pull it off in a modern stylish way?

If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone, below are the 7 outfit ideas if you wonder how to wear a cloche hat.



cloche hat modern ideas and how to wear a cloche hat
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These days, you can wear a cloche hat in a modern and relaxing way!

After all, fashion is all about being beautiful and practical at the same time.

For a chill look, I will opt for lowkey earthy tones like beige, cream, or black so it is easier to blend in with the outfits.

Plus, let’s not forget these hues are more in trend these days so they can add a contemporary spin to the overall look in such a natural way!

With a grey cloche hat, feel free to pair it with a camisole top a long cardigan, and a pair of jeans for a classic weekend look.

If you want to look more dressed up, switch your blue jeans to the classy white jeans for a dash of elegance.

For footwear, my personal favorite is the round-toe flats or heels. I just think these designs echos well with the curvy cloche hats so much.


cloche hat modern ideas and how to wear a cloche hat
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While we always think wearing a cloche hat can look rigid, this is not always the case.

If you pay attention to the fabric of the cloche hat, you can pull it off in such a youthful and refreshing way.

These days, cloche hats definitely come back with a wide range of textures and materials. Instead of choosing the traditional fabric like thick wool, opt for a lightweight and breathable texture like straw and chambray.

That said, these new textures certainly sparkle us with some new ways to style cloche hats.

So yes, now you don’t have to be the perfect sophisticated lady to pull off the hat.

Even if you are a 20-year-old young lady, you can look equally flattering in your doll-like smock dress and black converse with the hat!


cloche hat modern ideas and how to wear a cloche hat
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As a classic vintage fashion item, one of the classic looks has to be wearing a cloche hat with retro flares.

If you want to get your feet wet in the good old 20s wardrobe, switch our trendy pointy shoes to the Mary Janes flats or kitten heel pumps are always the winning option here.

I will always recommend matching the hues of the hat and shoes together for a more united neat look.

If you have similar shades from head to toe, the colors can play the magic and help elongate your figure visually and appear to be taller.

And for the ladies who want to go all-in in the vintage game, consider wearing the polka dot dress or mustard yellow tea dress for a gorgeous look!


cloche hat modern ideas and how to wear a cloche hat
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When it comes to winter, it’s always the peak time to embrace our darling cloche hat.

Teaming this darling hat and coat together is such an impeccable combination all the time.

Regardless of the colors and length, it just looks harmonious to pair these two cuties together.

For a more relaxing silhouette, opt for the waterfall coat or thin wrap coat. And if you want to look more refined, the double-breasted trench and capelet are my favorite.

Finish off the outfit with a nice pair of vegan suede ankle boots, this is how you stand out from the crowd in harsh winter times!


cloche hat modern ideas and how to wear a cloche hat

If you think cloche hats are only for cold days, then a straw hat is here to prove you wrong.

Among all kinds of hats, I must say cloche hats are one of my most-worn ones.

The round top and the big ribbon just add a sense of femininity and softness to the look.

Whether it’s the picnic day or a seaside walk, this hat just never fails to add an extra pop to the look.

With the versatile straw cloche hat, the pairing combinations can be endless simply because it goes well with everything.

For me, I love to do the romantic french braid in a straw cloche hat and pair it with a figure-skimming pinafore dress.

Finish off the look with a pair of dusty pink lace-up espadrille wedges, isn’t this look dreamy – or shall I say – perfect?


cloche hat modern ideas and how to wear a cloche hat
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In a world that is full of new trends and styles, finally, we are now seeing a black cloche hat and an oversized blazer being teamed together.

I actually adore this combo as I always thought the bulky blazer looks too boxy in silhouette.

Thanks to the round cloche hat, it helps subdue the masculinity and get my ideal look right on point.

If you want to try out some bold and fun looks, I will urge you to add the cloche hat to those outfits to create a stylish yet contrasting style!

Next time, I guess I will pair the cloche hat with my asymmetrical dress and see how it goes!


cloche hat modern ideas and how to wear a cloche hat
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For busy girls who have no time to mix and match their outfits in the rushed morning, monochrome style is always your best friend.

By pairing similar shades of color on your body, again, it visually contours your body proportion and make you look more put together.

Plus, monotone is such a handy trick if you want to look expensive on a budget! With a beige set, it just looks effortlessly classy and poised.

So ladies, if you get overwhelmed by what to wear with a cloche hat, monochrome is always a good place to start!


So ladies, here are the 7 outfit ideas if you wonder how to wear a cloche hat. Let’s have a quick recap first!

  • Wear a cloche hat in a modern ensemble
  • Pull off the cloche hat in a youthful way
  • Pair cloche hat in vintage style
  • Style the cloche hat with a coat in winter
  • Get the summer look with straw cloche hats
  • Embrace cloche hats in stylish designs
  • Pair the cloche hat in a monochrome style

With these 7 tips, it’s time to dig out your cloche hat from the back of the closet and start styling it with a bunch of fun looks! Confession.

It may seem intimidating at first, but once you get used to it, I am pretty sure you will get addicted to this cutie!

For more fun styling tips, check out these popular reads! See you there loves!

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