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*2023* 10 Winter Engagement Photos without Snow + tips!

*2023* 10 Winter Engagement Photos without Snow + tips!

Wondering is it possible to take an oh-so-perfect winter engagement photo without snow? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

I get it, for many of us, our cities never snow in the winter season. But does that mean you can’t have some romantic engagement photos without snow? Of course not!

The colder the weather, the more appropriate it is to spice up your engagement photos with a romantic festive theme. And guess what, the clothes in winter are just extra forgiving.

To help you and your fiancé find some ideas, I’ve produced a list of 10 winter engagement photos without snow together with some poses to showcase your ring!


1. Winter engagement photo shoot on a Bridge

You don’t have to find a location with a lot of snow for a winter-themed photo shoot; instead, you could go somewhere interesting, like a bridge!

Cozy up to your significant other in turtlenecks and long coats as the temperature drops.

You can dress up your comfy top for a casual look by wearing it with a skirt and tights. Your partner can look sharp in a pair of black pants.

What you do when you pose is important. Try looking at each other while holding hands for a more candid, paparazzi-worthy shot.


To look put together in a photoshoot as a petite girl, an above-the-knee structured coat always help.

Also, if you want your legs elongate visually, definitely wear pointy heels for the extending V-line. Trust me, that alone makes a huge difference.

2. Winter couple photoshoot with trees

A stroll through the forest will definitely lead you to the best location for a winter engagement photo, with trees as your backdrop.

The best way to get nice and warm is with a hug from your fiancé, but for an engagement photo shoot, a sweater will do the trick.

A midi-length pleated skirt is the perfect complement to this top, and will make you look stunning in every snapshot.

Your soon-to-be husband/wife can also look dashing by layering up with a winter vest over a sweater and some basic pants.

The cutest photobombing pose is a kiss on the forehead while holding hands and having your partner support your back.

3. Wear a velvet dress for the engagement photoshoot

It is entirely doable to have an outdoor photo shoot with a winter theme while wearing your favorite dress.

Glam up with your burgundy long-sleeved maxi dress and a pair of stilettos. You’ll look hot and seductive in your v-neck dress this season.

Your fiance could also wear his best suit to create a formal winter engagement photo!

I think a natural, unposed couple pose would work wonders for this shoot. I mean, really, the casual bonding with you guys is always the most precious.

Picture yourself strolling hand in hand with him as he gently strokes your hair with his free hand and drapes an arm around your neck.

Hold his hand around your neck to display your beautiful ring. Don’t forget to let out that sweet, proud smile!


If you want to show others it’s the winter season, definitely go for the glamourous velvet dress to look the best.

velvet dress winter engagement photoshoot

Need I say more? The high-low dress is always the most flattering. There’s also plus size version, check this out.

4. Winter Picnic engagement Photoshoot

An engagement photo shoot at a winter picnic would be very creative. Spread out a blanket and grab some hot cocoa; you’re all set for a picnic!

Hot chocolate in the “His” and “Her” mug is the best combo ever.

Pair it with any button-down shirt and jeans for the photo shoot; adding a beanie hat will help set the mood for a wintery scene.

Clasp your mugs of hot chocolate together, gaze lovingly at one another, and pretend to discuss your future as if no one is looking.


To make sure your photoshoot looks the best, make sure you bring a nice patterned blanket to spice up the setting!

5. Photoshoot around the Pine Trees

A classic winter prop is the pine tree, which can be staged and photographed alongside your theme.

If you and your partner don’t want to disappear into the tree’s background, consider wearing matching red for this photoshoot. 

Dress to impress in a red long-sleeve, gray winter vest, denim jeans, and black calf-high boots, my dear.

Your partner might look good in red flannel, some jeans, and some chukkas with a neutral color scheme. Both of you will come looking fun and natural on your engagement photoshoot!

Take a candid photo of you cupping his jaw and trying to kiss him while he puts his hands on your waist as support while replying to you for a more natural-looking result with your outfits.

Another adorable idea is to hold a prop of your “save the date” while looking at each other and smiling.

6. Couple at the car trunk

If you and your fiance are having trouble coming up with ideas for your winter engagement photos, why not use his car trunk as a backdrop?

It’s going to look lovely in the end. True story! After a quick round of decorating, it was ready to go. Quite possibly the best engagement photo session ever!

Wearing red ensembles that match each other is a lovely gesture of love.

Cozy up for the camera in a red flannel sweater, jeans, and a knitted beanie. Your significant other would look great in a red sweater, winter vest, and denim.

Try resting your hand on his chest and resting your head on his shoulders to show off that stunning ring. Guess who is the wife-to-be?!

7. Photo Prop: Blanket for two

The best engagement photo shoots are those that keep things simple. Throw a blanket around to use as a backdrop!

Of course, knitted sweaters are a winter staple, so you and your fiance can go out in public wearing any sweater you like with jeans.

Take a close-up of you and your significant other, bundled up in a knitted blanket (Make sure it’s big enough that’s why I pick one for you), while he gives you a soft kiss on the head and you beam at the camera.

8. Indoor all-white engagement look

Why not have your winter engagement photoshoot in a white setting, like a snowy field? Doing so is simple. To accomplish this indoors is the ideal setting.

For this, you absolutely must wear a white sweater. Dress in a knit sweater dress and pair it with knee-high socks. He could wear a knit sweater with some neutral pants.

You two would have no trouble whatsoever deciding on a pair of shoes to wear.

If he wraps his arms around your back as you tiptoe toward him for a kiss, that’s a very cute and natural couple pose.

9. Engagement photo infinity dress

Let’s come up with a special way to wear your most cherished gown for the engagement pictures.

First, let’s get you dressed up in a glamorous infinity dress.

Style the sleeves of this dress however you like, create a backless X with the excess fabric, and tie it at your waist, or wrap it around your neck to show off your back.

Your fiance can look even more dashing in a black suit if he chooses to do so.

Take advantage of the moment when he puts his hands on your waist by striking a cute pose in which you grab his lapel and pull him toward you. The end result would be very attractive.

Let me help you take your outfit to the next level by making you a leather jacket that fits perfectly! Putting his surname on the back of your leather jacket is a cool way to announce to the world that you’re finally tying the knot.

The cutest engagement photo ever can be captured by simply walking normally while the camera is behind you and then turning around to look at your back as he kisses you on the top of the head.

10. Faux Fur Coat for engagement photo

Any location with a wintery atmosphere, snow or no snow, would work for an engagement photo shoot in the winter.

You should bring your fur coat because it is likely to be chilly on the day of the shoot.

winter engagement photos without snow

Adding a faux fur coat over your silk dress and a pair of stilettos will take your photoshoot to the next level.

You will look absolutely foxy! Wearing a sweater, a long coat, and black chinos will also help your partner look his best. You two are so stunning together.

Make a fun statement by dancing together, hands outstretched, to display your outfits.

Ask him to give you a back hug, place your hands on top of his, and strike a lovely, natural pose to show off your engagement ring.


And there they are! Our beautiful future spouses! Pick your favorite from these 10 winter Engagement Photos without Snow.

Any thoughts?

Don’t worry, I’m sure whatever you come up with for your photo shoot will be beautiful as you and your partner dream of a future together.

Until death does you part, the memories you and your husband make together will remain as strong as ever.

Looking for more wedding outfit ideas, check out my other popular reads below. See you there loves!

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