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*2023*what to wear on a viking & Scenic river cruise (Summer + winter!)

*2023*what to wear on a viking & Scenic river cruise (Summer + winter!)

Vacay styles come and go but river cruise is here to stay.

Viking and Scenic river cruises are popular vacation destinations and are an exciting way to see new and beautiful sites. If you are looking for some new ways to spoil yourself and your partner, a Viking river cruise trip just can’t be any more perfect!

So here’s come the most asked question: What to wear on a Viking river cruise? Well, I’d say flexibility is key when planning your outfits since you want to pack lightly.

Choose pieces you can wear multiple times to get the most out of your wardrobe and be sure to bring conservative options for religious stops.

If you’re at a loss on what to pack, don’t worry: You’re not alone.

Many people struggle to choose the best outfits for their Viking River cruise, but now, thanks to this list below, it’s never been easier! 

For your convenience, the outfits in this article are all shoppable with links attached. Enjoy!

1. Comfortable loose-fit outfit for a summer Viking river cruise

Comfort is key on your cruise, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

Depending on the season you set sail, you’ll want to bring either long or short sleeve tops suitable for both daytime and evening. And of course, a billowy midi shirt dress can never go wrong on a cruise.

Even during the summer months, the weather can get cooler, so keep that in mind when making your choice.

what to wear on a viking & scenic summer river cruise
“Vacay mode” cute quote tee on Amazon

We love this cute pineapple “Vacay mode” quote top on Amazon. That is lightweight and casual while still appropriate for evening excursions. Of course, it’s plus-size-approved as well!

Seriously, a fun quote tee like this is such a mood booster. Check out them on Amazon!

2. Sweater Or Cardigan for Viking and Scenic river cruise

Packing a sweater or cardigan is essential on your cruise, even if you’re setting sail in the summertime.

Sweaters are ideal when visiting religious landmarks as they allow you to cover your body while still feeling comfortable respectful.

You only need to pack one during the summer, but if you’re traveling during the fall or winter, you may want to bring three or four, depending on the cruise length.

Sweater for Viking and Scenic river cruise
Puff Short Sleeve Sweaters Top (#Best seller on Amazon)

This knit sweater on Amazon is great for cooler season cruises and adds a cozy feel to jeans or leggings. The princess sleeve is not only feminine but makes our arms appear to be slimmer. BIG LOVE.

For extra comfort, reach for this textured cardigan with deep pockets and an open front. It’s ideal for taking along during the summer months or layering during cooler seasons. The mock neckline is so preppy.

3. What to wear on a cruise ship? Paperbag shorts

Shorts are an essential item to pack; you are going on a cruise after all!

Choose ones that are comfortable for walking around as you embark on day trip excursions, with breathability and ideally a decent amount of stretch.

Check your itinerary and see if any of your excursions are in cities with dress codes for short lengths, to ensure you aren’t turned away from visiting any landmarks.

what to wear on cruise ship plus size
Cabo Linen Shorts on Athleta (Both regular & Plus size)

Thanks to their elastic waist, pockets, and tailored hemline, these Shorts are one of our favorites.

They pair beautifully with a t-shirt or sweater, making them highly versatile and perfect for your river cruise.

what to wear on cruise ship
SweatyRocks Elastic Waist Striped Shorts on Amazon

For an adorable nautical theme, these striped shorts on Amazon, with their stripes and tie detailing, add a fun, feminine twist to any outfit. 

The A-line shape and comfy paper bag shorts are bound to make you feel THE BEST.

4. Wear a windbreaker for the winter viking river cruise

This functional jacket is PERFECTION for a river cruise trip. Classy white with lightweight yet sturdy fabric.

Can someone please tell me which brand is this?

5. Wear supportive sandals on a river cruise

Sandals are a must if you are cruising during the summer months and bring a casual vibe.

Whether you choose a strappy sandal or chunky design, they make your outfit look effortless and incredibly comfortable, especially during days spent on board.

Although you may not think of sandals as a typical choice for sightseeing, many people reach for them since they’re both lightweight and breathable.

what shoes to wear on river cruise
Skechers Go Walk Arch Fit knit Sandal on Amazon

These aesthetic pink sandals from Skechers are my gem of all time. If you have any foot pain or arthritic (PSA) flare, try these sandals out! This is life-changing!

When you plan on wearing sandals on your outings, these are perfect for ensuring all-day comfort without creating any painful pressure points.

Their mesh fabric allows for optimal airflow, while their padded insoles cushion and support your feet.

what shoes to wear on river cruise
Get these cable wedge sandals on DSW

For a strappier option that is great for evenings, these wedge sandals elevate your outfit and make it look amazing.

Dress them up or down for a versatile choice, perfect for the limited packing options cruising allows. 

6. Wear sunglasses on a cruise during the day

Sunglasses are vital for protecting your eyes from the glare of the water and while touring around your docking destinations.

Choose a pair that is classic and provides adequate eye coverage without being too heavy.

Polarized lenses are excellent when aboard a ship as they provide added protection, reducing eye strain while giving you a crisp and clear view.

We love this tortoiseshell frame with a brown gradient polarized lens that matches any outfit.

Or, for a pop of color, these oversized sunnies with a subtle pink polarized lense and clear frame are sure to lighten up your day. 

7. Viking & Scenic River cruise dress code: JEANS

Jeans are a staple you can’t live without, especially on your river cruise.

They give you the ultimate flexibility, allowing you to dress them up for a nice dinner or down for a casual day out.

Choosing a pair with a lot of stretches ensures all-day comfort and wearability, so you can spend your time admiring the sights and not worrying about uncomfortable or tight pants.

Compare to regular skinny jeans, flared jeans are such a tasteful choice for a carefree cruise trip.

Viking & Scenic River cruise dress code
Midnight shade flare jeans from Spanx

These jeans from Spanx with a slight flare on the bottom elongate the look of your leg, while the high-rise gives you support and flattens any problem areas.

We love them for their perfect dark wash that goes with anything.

They got all regular, tall, and petite sizes, no wonder these jeans are the best seller. Check them out on Spanx!

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7. Wear sneakers on Viking & Scenic river cruise

Although having sandals is great, you can’t beat the practicality of sneakers.

You will be happy to have the cushion and support quality sneakers provide as you walk along with your tours and explore the cities where you dock.

Choose a sneaker with a supportive insole to ensure your feet stay happy throughout the day.

what to wear on Viking & Scenic river cruise

We love these Adidas sneakers for their cloudfoam lining on both the mid and outsole, providing superior cushion and breathability.

Final Thoughts:

So there you go if you wonder what to wear on a Viking and Scenic river cruise all year round.

So yes, choosing versatile clothing items will enable you to pack lightly without sacrificing fashion or leaving your favorite pieces behind.

What are your thoughts on that? It’s time to pin down your final looks and see all the beautiful sights and make unforgettable memories with your loved one!

With this list, you will be the best dressed (and most comfortable) on your cruising adventure!

For more outfit tips on trips, see you in the article below!

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