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*2023 13 looks!* What to wear to nursing pinning ceremony & graduation?

*2023 13 looks!* What to wear to nursing pinning ceremony & graduation?

Wondering what to wear to the nursing pinning ceremony? Whether you are the star or the guests, you’ve come to the right place!

As the saying goes “Nursing is a work of heart”.

After years of sleepless nights and hard work, finally, you can now join the sisterhood and brotherhood of nurses and are ready to serve society!

This moment is just exceptional.

Signifying the transition from student to professional nurse, you definitely want to dress up for the nursing pinning ceremony and feel the best.

That said, I’ve gathered 13 real-life nursing pinning ceremony and graduation outfit ideas from classic to extra chic.


1. What to wear to the outdoor nursing pinning ceremony

If you think you can only wear white to the nursing pinning ceremony, well, think again.

These days, there are all different variations and formalities for the ceremony and the combos can be truly endless.

For a lovely outdoor nurse pinning ceremony, a floral dress with delightful hues can never go wrong.

Together with the sleek white coat, the dress just freshens up the get-up with an extra pop of fun.


  • For footwear, definitely choose flats or low chunky heels so you won’t get stuck in the grass!

2. White scrub dress for a nursing pinning ceremony

If your school is going for the traditional route, nursing students (soon-to-be graduates!) are required to wear uniforms.

But does that mean you can’t spice up the look? Not really!

If you want to look more put-together in the uniforms, pick the form-fitting white scrub dress just to boost the aesthetic of the looks tenfolds.

Together with the nurse cap, it just looks so darling.

3. Stylish nurse pinning ceremony dress

Feeling extra fancy today? What about a side-cut-out white dress that updates a typical all-white look with a dash of sassy vibes?

Of course, depending on the formality of your school pinning ceremony, this may not be the best bet. To balance out the sexiness, highlight only one spot to avoid looking too over the top.

For example, if you decide to pull off a side cut-out dress, make sure you keep things modest for the chest and legs.

You know, it’s all about finding a happy balance.


When in doubt, reconfirm with the school the dress code. Not all schools accept cut-out dresses!

4. Blouse and pants for a nursing pinning ceremony

Not a fan of feminine style? No worries as a dressy blouse and slacks are equally smart and flattering!

To avoid looking too samey, pick the hues that are contrasting to white to make things pop.

With a high-neck beige top, forgiving black slacks, and nice pumps, this look is a 10/10.

5. Cute white nursing dress for pinning

Throughout the years in medical school, I’m sure you have a great bonding with your gals!

So why not go matchy in white dress code for a set of Instagramable shoots after the nursing pinning ceremony?

You girls are bound to have a blast.


As you will be pinned, please don’t wear a tube dress or the one with spaghetti straps.

6. Forgiving white nursing dresses for pinning

Looking for a white dress that is as cute as it is forgiving? I got you, sis.

As a girl with food baby 24/7, I’m loving this peplum white dress from Amazon.

Featuring the extra stripe of fabric gathered around the waist, it just camouflages the tummy seamlessly and sculpts the hourglass figure.

The best part? The high collared side ribbon design just looks effortlessly polished for this big day.

For footwear, a bold pair of red heels is the picture-perfect choice.

7. Red nurse pinning ceremony dress

Fashion comes and goes but the red dress is here to stay.

Timeless, feminine, elegance – throw on this statement dress and you’ll never feel anything missing from your get-up.

On this special pinning ceremony, it’s time to get your extra dose of empowerment on stage!

8. Spicy nurse graduation outfit

Yes, ladies, it’s the real-life outfits for the nursing pinning ceremony!

The dress code has to loosen up these days and for some schools, you can literally play the look around!

9. White dress with a unique neckline

Is that just me but she looks like an angel?

If you want to stand out from the white dress sea, picking the unique neckline definitely helps.

10. Jumpsuit as a modern chic choice

If you want to give your frame the illusion of extra height, a fitted jumpsuit just works wonders to form an unbroken vertical line to elongate your frame.

To add some accents to the look, accessories with a thin belt and a nice hair-do are always doable!

11. What to wear to the nursing pinning ceremony

Wondering what to wear to the nursing pinning ceremony as guests? Well, you can do pretty much everything as long as it’s decent and comfy!

For ladies, sleeveless button-down belted pants, and sandals wedges are perfect for the baking hot summer. Of course, a cute sundress or elegant midi dress is also a popular pick – just can’t go wrong.

12. What to wear to the nursing pinning ceremony guys

For gentlemen, you can pick from a smart polo, or dress shirt to suit depending on the formality of the ceremony!

Side note:

If you wonder, you can wear jeans and sneakers as a guest as long as you keep the overall look decent!

That said, I’d say avoid the baggy and distressed jeans.

13. What shoes to wear to nursing pinning ceremony

Last but not least, the footwear.

I know many of you are so tempted to rock in your stiletto heels but lemme tell you sis, it’s no fun when you trip over on stage.

And not to mention you have to walk around the whole afternoon and find the perfect spot to take photoshoots with your family and friends.

For me, I will stick with my chunky heels.

As for the girls who really want to wear high heels, at least bring a pair of foldable ballet flats with you like this popular one.

Thanks me later.


So there you go – the 13 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to the nursing pinning ceremony whether you are the nurse-to-be or guest!

At the end of the day, you are the big star of the day. Regardless of the dress code and style of your school’s pinning ceremony, pick the classy outfit that makes you feel the best!

Looking for more styling tips? Check out my other specific articles below! See you, love!

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