18 refreshing outfits in 2022 ! What to wear with a utility dress?

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Girls, time to get excited as utility dress is back in town! As a classic appeal, utility dresses these days are presented in a wide range of styles.

From cool practical street style to high fashion look. they are always the perfect set to bring you from office to bar.

So, ladies, it’s time to dig out this timeless piece from your wardrobe and welcome this trend by wearing it like crazy!

That said, below are the refreshing ideas if you wonder what to wear with a utility dress, enjoy!


what to wear with a utility dress
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If you want a sense of effortlessness, go for a simple look with a utility dress to bring out the casual weekend vibes.

For a sharp and neat outfit, footwear always plays a major role. For an off-duty choice, a pair of white chunky sneakers is a foolproof option.

However, if you want to spice up the look, a pair of gladiator heels can be a surprisingly nice option.

It just adds a spark of fierceness and that subdues the casualness of the shirt dress.

But if you want to dress down a bit, get yourself a messy high bun and slouchy shoulder bag for relaxing vibes.


what to wear with a utility dress
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If you are the girls who own all kinds of navy green shirts but not one single utility dress, guess what, you don’t want to buy new clothes to style in a utility dress!

With layering, it’s stupidly easy to turn a shirt into a dress!

During the fall season, consider teaming the black high neck knit body con dress with the utility shirt for an urban chic look.

For a more put-together silhouette, cinching your high waist with a faux leather belt is always a winning idea.

Finish off the outfit with a pair of black vegan suede thigh-high boots, this look is a 10/10.

As a petite girl, when I want a boss lady look without looking too formal, I will just throw a long beige blazer on top of the utility shirt dress.

Again, the long straight line of the outerwear visually helps elongate my figure.

Pair with a nice pair of combat boots, it’s power-walking whenever you go!


what to wear with a utility dress
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When it comes to the new passion for fashionistas all around the world, that’s urban safari fashion.

That said, there’s nothing as matchy as the practical utility dress. With the natural sand hues and signature pocket design, the outfit can transform you into an ambitious wild explorer.

For a united look, pair the utility dress with a wide brim embroidered hat, a pair of knee-high mountain boots, and a Patagonia duffel bag that can never go wrong.

For a sculpted silhouette, always opt for the sturdy and structured fabric instead of the soft pure cotton shirt texture.

And if you have an affinity for retro fashion, bring yourself a pair of black round sunglasses for good old 80s vibes!


what to wear with a utility dress
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To embody a classy look without looking too ordinary, consider wearing the long utility dress for a dash of elegance.

While the long dress is mostly billowing and feminine in silhouette, the utility dress is here to break the rule.

With all the raw colors and functional big pockets, it’s an interesting contrast between looking polished and – shall I say – industrial and raw.

To take this look to another level, opt for the relaxed cutting for an in-trend androgynous look.

Pair with the gorgeous ankle boots and reveal a stripe of skin out, this is how you look high-end in a utility dress!


what to wear with a utility dress
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If a typical utility dress appears to be too ordinary for you, it’s time to step up your game and opt for the unique designs.

These days, the utility tube dress is certainly on the rage.

Throw it on top of a white shirt and finish off the look with began leather lace-up combat heels, this is how the IT girls wear these days.

But of course, besides the layered pairing, there is a wide range of creative designs out there for us to hunt.

For example, I love the utility dress with an asymmetrical hemline.

That way, it helps elongate my leg visually even in the simplest look. As a petite girl, this is my saver!


what to wear with a utility dress
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While utility dress is full of personality, some of you may wonder how to add a feminine twist to the dress.

Well, all we need to do is pay attention to the details.

First of all, let’s talk about the colors. While dark brown and khaki are the signature hues when it comes to utility dresses, they belong more to the androgynous tones.

For a softer look, opt for the colors like pale pink, light yellow, and white.

For me, I prefer off-white colors like cream, it just naturally makes the outfit looks classy and refreshed.

And of course, cutting off the utility dress is equally important.

Instead of wearing the relaxed cutting dress, opt for the sleeveless and body-hugging version.

By hugging all the curves, it just looks tastefully sexy without looking trying too hard. Among all the designs, I must say the halter utility dress just looks drop. dead. gorgeous.

I mean, it’s just hard to not stand out from the crowd in this dress.

So ladies, if you want a sense of allure in the most practical dress – this killer look will be a 10/10.


what to wear with a utility dress
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For a high fashion look without looking like gave it too much thought, the perennial monochrome style can seal the deal.

Pairing similar shades of the same color on your body just makes you look neat and tall visually.

Plus, it is such perfect timing to try out all different fabrics and patterns like vegan leather and animal prints as monotone style can always balance off the boldness.

A reddish-brown long utility dress with dark brown snake prints boots and a darling small square mini bag? I’ll take it!


So ladies, here are the 7 inspirations if you wonder what to wear with a utility dress.

Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Wear utility shirt dress for an off-duty casual ensemble
  • Layer your utility dress during the fall season
  • Embrace urban safari vibes in utility dress
  • Embrace a long utility dress for a classy look
  • Opt for a utility dress with unique designs
  • Pull off feminine look in utility dress
  • Style utility dress in monochrome style

After these 7 tips, I hope I’ve convinced you that a utility dress is such a perfect blend between style and function.

Together, it just brings out a new form of style – contrasting yet captivating.

So yes, let’s embrace this arguably the hottest trend of the year and get experimental with all kinds of looks!

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