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When it comes to sheer overlay dress, I think it should be a staple dress in every women’s wardrobe because it’s just effortlessly gorgeous.

From the Monday office to Friday party night, a sheer dress can always get the look right on point.

With the mesh fabric, it just adds a dash of femininity and lowkey sexiness to the dress without going overboard.

And you know what, as a girl with flabby arms but don’t want to hide it with boring tops, I just feel more secure and confident when I wear the sheer sleeve dress.

So ladies, if you are ready to level up your outfit game, here are the 5 sheer overlay sleeve dresses styles.



sheer overlay dress with sleeves
Shop the dresses:
(1) Off Shoulder Layered Ruffle Cuff Ruched Dress
(2) Gold Star Print Mesh Bodycon Dress
(3) Crisscross Backless Polka Dot Mesh Dress

I have to admit I truly have no resistance toward these sheer overlay dresses. I mean, just take my money because I have to own these looks!

If you adore a sweet-spicy style like me, these three dresses above are the no-brainer choices.

With the light hues like pale pink, cream, and white, it just looks so refreshing and sweet.

To add a tint of allure to the outfit, I will always opt for the body-skimming design to put the curves in the spotlight.

For a date night look, try to opt for the off-shoulder design. By showing the neckline out, to me, it just looks way sexier than showing the bust area.

With the right amount of sexiness, it’s how to pull off the sheer dress with a sense of effortlessness.


sheer overlay dress with sleeves
Shop the dresses below:
(1) Sheer Matte Velvet Dress
(2) Sequin Star Detail Mesh Overlay Dress
(3) Gold Star Print Sheer Yoke Mesh Overlay Dress

If you aren’t planning to wear the sheer dress as daily wear, at least wear it for Friday night because it just easily make you stand out from the crowd.

With all the sequin star details, it just gives you the most glamourous set. As for the festive season like Christmas, a dark green matte velvet sheer dress is always one of my all-time favorites.

Who said we all have to wear red at Xmas? It’s time to embrace dark green this time. This is such a precious find and you will be pleasantly surprised by how magical it looks!

And for the party cool-girl look, pair the black gold star print overlay dress with tight high boots for a killer look.

To spice up the look, wear a faux leather beret cap for a sense of edginess!


sheer overlay dress with sleeves
Shop the dress below:
(1) Embroidered Mesh Flounce Sleeve Overlay Belted Dress
(2) Appliques Detail Mesh Overlay Flare Dress

If you think dressing classy means looking boring, these darling long mesh dresses are here to prove you wrong.

With classy colors like beige, cream, or classic black, wearing a long sheer dress can always make you look put together and polished.

When it comes to long dresses, I will always opt for the high waist belted design to cinch the waist for easy figure contouring.

To finish off the outfit to an elegant note, pair the dress with a pair of nude heels and a dainty clutch bag is always lovely.

If you want to level up your game, embrace the sheer overlay dress with a high neck top for a sense of sophistication.

As for the girls with short necks, don’t worry, you can always wear a long Y-necklace to elongate the neckline visually to balance things off!


sheer overlay dress with sleeves
Shop the dresses:
(1) Layered Trim Lace Dress 
(2) Tie Neck Ruched Mesh Dress

If you to add an extra pop to your overlay sheer dress, perhaps it’s time to get experimental with the dreamy style and make your dress a statement piece.

After all, we all have the times that we want to get bold with our outfits,s isn’t it?

Instead of the plain sheer overlay, opt for the ruffle designs or tie-neck ruched designs.

For a perfect set, pair the structured corset belt or thick faux leather belt that can subdue the sweetness of the dress and make it a stylish contrasting look.

Pair a black ruched mesh dress with big hoop earrings? It just looks so. damn. cool.


sheer overlay dress with sleeves
Shop the dresses below:
(1) Yoke and Sleeve Velvet Ruched Dress
(2)  Mesh Yoke Tie Front Glitter Velvet Dress
(3) Plus Glitter Sheer Mesh Bodycon Dress

Last but not least, to all the curvy ladies out there, I will urge you to try out these ruched dresses above because they are simply so figure-flattering and make you appear to be in an hourglass shape.

If you think a ruched dress will add bulk easily, then this dress will be an exceptional case.

With the sturdy fabric like velvet and a front ruched design, it actually helps distract people’s attention from the belly area.

Pair with the lightweight sheer sleeve, it just strikes a perfect balance and makes you look smart and neat in this dress.

As a sucker of tie-front dress, this dress is to die for.

A velvet bow front tie on the bust area? I’ll take it!


So ladies, here are the 5 styles when it comes to sheer overlay sleeve dress!

I hope that gives you some inspiration next time when you get dressed!

If you want more sheer overlay dress ideas, feel free to get inspired from here!

After all, life is too short to dress ordinary, at least not the girl who is reading this article right now!

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