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26 looks! What to wear with eyelet pants?

26 looks! What to wear with eyelet pants?

When it comes to eyelet pants, that should be stapled pair of pants in every woman’s wardrobe during the hot summertime!

The charm of eyelet pants is how versatile it is, from outing days to semi-formal workwear, it can always work in your favor!

While wearing lace can look too dressed up sometimes, the eyelet is the right balance between looking youthful and feminine.

These days, eyelet pants have come back in a wider range of styles and I am sure you will be surprised by some of the designs!

So ladies, here are the 5 inspirations if you wonder what to wear with eyelet pants!



how to wear with eyelet pants
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If you want to get your feet wet in the eyelet department, the easiest chic way to pull off the pant is to style them with a shirt for an easy-breezy look.

As eyelet is a thin fabric, I will avoid any heavy fabric for the top otherwise it can look slightly top-heavy.

Even with the shirt, you can create different styles as well. For the oxford shirt, you can pair it with dark blue eyelet shorts and loafers for a semi-casual working look.

As for the weekend, feel free to tie a front knot with the shirt and showcase your refreshing white eyelet shorts with lace-up espadrilles. Added with a round basket bag – this is such a classic summer look that looks effortlessly chic.


how to wear with eyelet pants
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If you think eyelet pants are only for leisurewear, it’s time to reconsider it! With the right pick, you can definitely look elegant in eyelet long pants.

To look more flattering, always choose wide-leg pants that are slightly above the ankle area and pair them with nude heels.

That way, my leg can visually elongate even more. Pair it with the classy cowl neck silk top or belted top, this is how you look posied without any statement pieces!

As for a subtle look, you can choose the one with only an eyelet on the hem for a sophisticated look.

If you want to add an extra pop to your outfit, I urge you to try out eyelet slit pants! This will give you a billowy silhouette in the most effortless way.

With a pair of gladiator sandals, this is such a gorgeous seaside look.


how to wear with eyelet pants
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If you wondering how to dress up a pair of jeans, maybe it’s time to consider eyelet jeans!

In a world where everyone is wearing skinny jeans, eyelet jeans just naturally stand out from the crowd.

The delicate eyelet details, just add a sense of femininity and elegance to the look.

To maximize the effect, I will always pick cream or white jeans as that will make the eyelet pattern looks more stand out.

Pair it with a pastel blue scallop top, this is how to dress simple with incredible taste!

And if you are looking for an edgy style, I will urge you to try out the silver-tone side eyelet jeans instead.

To add a personality to the jeans, you can even opt for the ribbon lace-up design.

As your jeans are already quite eye-catching, you can pair something simple like a cropped T-shirt and a pair of white sneakers to finish off this spicy look!


how to wear with eyelet pants
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While you may not aware, yes, eyelet leggings exist! I wish I knew this sooner because I always wonder how to spice up the lazy weekend legging look all the time.

So now, if I want to look cozy but not laid-back, I will always choose eyelet leggings to spruce up the outfits.

With this feminine all-over eyelet design, I just widen my shoe pairing options.

While it can look awkward to pair lace-up gladiator sandals with standard leggings, they look completely harmonious with these eyelet pairs.


how to wear with eyelet pants

If you don’t want to mix and match the outfits, no worries as the eyelet co-ord set is all the rage!

Unlike lace, the eyelet is a less complicated pattern and you can definitely wear them for both top and bottom for a put-together look.

With the same shade of color, the monochrome style will visually elongate your body and make you appear to be slimmer and taller.

While white is the most-worn color when it comes to eyelets, feel free to experience it in different colors.

For example, while brown and navy blue aren’t the typical colors for eyelets, these elegant colors are such a hit these days as these co-ord sets are perfect for casual workwear.

And if you want to add a sense of high fashion, opt for the loose-cutting co-ord set instead of the figure-hugging one.

So ladies, if you are the type of girl who always rushing in the morning, throwing yourself a nice co-ord set will always make your life easier.

Trust me, it does.


So ladies, here are the 5 ideas if you wonder what to wear with eyelet pants! Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Pair eyelet pants with a shirt for a casual chic look
  • Wear long eyelet pants for a classy look
  • Opt for eyelet jeans for refreshing vibes
  • Wear eyelid leggings for an off-duty ensemble
  • Wear eyelet co-ord set to look put together

After these 5 ideas, I hope you will realize eyelet pants are more than the classic white summery shorts!

If you pay attention to the colors and cutting, you can have countless looks with them.

From classy ladies to edgy fashionista style, eyelet pants can always get the look on point.

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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