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What to REALLY wear to hot pot? 18 outfits with a big No-no!

What to REALLY wear to hot pot? 18 outfits with a big No-no!

Wondering what to wear to hot pot? You’ve come to the right place! 

I don’t know about you but for me, hot pot is irresistible. Besides the delicious flavor, they are such a fun way to socialize.

You know, gathering around the table with a metal pot in the middle and chatting for a good few hours just make you feel the best.

To make sure you enjoy the hot pot night with the right get-up, below I’ve gathered 18 hot pot outfit ideas together with some big No-nos.


1. What to wear to hot pot? Dress casual

What to wear to hot pot casually
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As a no-brainer, hotpot is not fancy dining. Rather, it’s a big crowd gathering where you can put whatever you want in the pot.

To blend in with the crowd, a cotton tee, jeans and sneakers are more than enough.

So yes, dressing accordingly is key. You can dress cute but you never want to overdo it and appear in a sexy clubbing dress and a nice pair of red stilettos.

I did it once a few years ago and that was really embarrassing.

2. Pick the right dress to hot pot

If you want to wear a dress to the hot pot, I’d say go for the loose-cutting and comfy one.

From my personal experience, you will be eating A LOT in the hot pot.

You won’t aware of that but a few rounds down the road, your tummy will be bloated.

So let’s not torture ourselves with a bodycon dress or tight jeans, going for the right outfit will make your hot pot experience way better.

If you want to buy a cute A-line dress on a budget, this one below from Amazon is my best pick.

Featuring lightweight fabric and A-line cuts, this dress just flatters the figure perfectly. Check it out!

What to wear to hot pot

3. Pick the right fabric to hot pot

The odor of hot pot is very strong and that’s why picking the clothes with the right fabric is important.

Compare to the cotton tee and most sweaters which are really absorbent, chiffon and outerwear like windbreakers leave nearly no smell.

This chiffon blouse from Amazon is such an elegant piece, check it out!

What to wear to hot pot

Shop chiffon flowy top on Amazon

4. What NOT TO WEAR in the hot pot? Long baggy sleeve

What to wear to hot pot

For the girls who gravitate towards the oversized shirt, DON’T.

You will be super clumsy when you put the ingredients into the pot or serve the food to your friends.

It’s best you wear the short or 3/4 sleeve to make sure you are handy.

If you insist on wearing a long sleeve, you can consider rolling them up during having the hot pot.

5. Pay attention to the color and fabric of your clothes

What to wear to hot pot
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Having a hot pot can be really messy and high chance you will ruin your beautiful white dress with a striking red sauce.

So my advice is to leave your white clothes and designer brand clothes at home – let’s not take the risk.

6. Layer up your look for a cold hot pot night

What to wear to hot pot
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If you are having a hot pot on chilly days, layering up your look is key.

Instead of wearing thermal undergarments and a cashmere turtleneck that you are not able to take it off, I’ll suggest you layer up with a t-shirt, a shacket, and then a big coat on top.

That’s because high chance you will get warmer and warmer when you do the hot pot.

Believe it or not, you can even sweat during the wintertime. So make sure you can take your clothes on and off easily.

I personally will avoid wearing a turtleneck.

7. What to wear to hot pot? Tie up your hair

What to wear to hot pot hair
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If you’ve tried traditional Chinese hot pot before, you won’t be surprised there’s a heavy smell left not only on the clothes but also hair.

After all, the pot is mixed with all kinds of food ingredients and also some flavoring agents.

For girls, it’s also nice and handy to tie up your hair.

Some even wear baseball caps to minimize the odor. Smart move.

8. Baking soda is the secret weapon

what to wear to hot pot



Last but not least, here’s one little tool to remove the odor – baking soda.

As baking soda is alkaline and the smell of hot pot is acidic, mixing them together will neutralize the scent.

All you need to do is get a tsp of baking soda, mix it with water, let it sit and you’re all done!


So there you go – the 18 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to the hot pot.

I hope these tips are useful and now it’s time for you to pin down the look!

By the way, if you are interested in more outfit ideas, feel free to check out the articles below!

See you there!

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