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*2023* What to wear to Olive garden? 10 real-life looks!

*2023* What to wear to Olive garden? 10 real-life looks!

Wondering what to wear to Olive Garden? You’ve come to the right place!

If you are a fan of Italian-American cuisine, you’re bound to have a good time there. 

From unlimited soup, and chill cozy vibes to cold beer, Olive Garden is the perfect place for family gatherings to a low-key first date.

As there’s no specific dress code for guests, you can wear pretty much anything from casual to slightly dressy.

Below, I’ve gathered 10 real-life olive garden guest outfit ideas with all kinds of styles.

Enjoy and get inspired!

1. What to wear to an Olive Garden girl’s date?

If that’s a date night or birthday celebration with your girlfriends, I’d say dress up a little to feel the best!

Of course, Olive garden is not a fine dining restaurant so please don’t show up in a long gown and sparkly stilettos.

However, cocktail attire is always appropriate. 

For a fail-proof combo, throw on an LBD, nice pumps, and a clutch and you’ll never feel anything missing from your outfit.

2. What to wear to the Olive garden date?

For an Olive Garden date night, feel free to go extra fancy with a satin lace cami dress and black ankle boots.

The rule of thumb here is to make sure your dress is not restrictive as high chance you will be SO FULL after the meal (I mean, Italian food is irresistibly delicious ).

Let’s not torture your bloated belly with a corset top – such a nightmare.

3. What to wear to Olive Garden summer

For a chill place like Olive garden, a cute romper and cute flowy skirt will never go wrong.

4. What dress to wear to Olive Garden restaurant

For the ladies who want to look perfect for date night, a peplum dress is such a godsent especially if you are having a full Italian cuisine.

What dress to wear to Olive Garden restaurant
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Featuring the extra stripe of fabric gathered around the waist, it just completely camouflages the tummy and fakes an hourglass shape for you.

Check out the try-on reviews on Amazon and you’ll be surprised how flattering it looks on ladies of all different sizes!

5. What dress to wear to Olive Garden restaurant plus size

Olive Garden restaurant outfit plus size
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If you don’t want to look too put-together, this cute flirty cold shoulder peplum dress is my other pick! Equally sweet and flattering ♥♥♥

6. Dress casually but not laidback to Olive Garden

To add an extra pop of fun, a chambray shirt and orange midi skirt are such a carefree combo in fall.

When in doubt, wear a cross-body bag.

7. What shoes to wear to Olive Garden

For footwear, flat sandals and sneakers have always been popular choices.

If you want to add extra height for a daytime lunch, go for the sandal wedges or chunky heels instead of the intimidating stilettos. 

You should always wear comfy to Olive Garden.

8. Cute top + jeans

Of course, you can wear jeans to Olive Garden. Feel free to team it with a nice tube top to a nice chiffon blouse to dress up and down the look.

If you are going there for a few drinks during happy hour, a cropped top is also doable. But when it comes to dinner, a loose-fit top is always the safe bet.

As for gentlemen, a polo shirt and khaki shorts and more than enough to look relaxed yet decent.

9. What to wear to Olive Garden on a birthday

If you are the birthday star, you can receive a free dessert with the big “Happy Birthday” on the plate to make sure you look picture perfect!

10. What to wear to Olive Garden fall and winter

Regardless of the season, always bring outerwear with you. Indoor can be pretty chilly with the A/C on so bringing a light poncho or scarf is always a safe bet.

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11. Can you wear a hat to the olive garden?

As Olive garden is more on the casual side, I think YES you can wear a hat. Of course, that depends on the situation.

If you are sitting outdoors under the baking sun, no one really judges you.

However, as a rule of thumb, it’s not appropriate to wear a hat in a restaurant. If you are going to high-end restaurants, definitely take the hat off.


So there you go – the 10 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to Olive Garden from date night to casual lunch.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope these looks get you inspired!

At the end of the day, think comfy and forgiving for your get-up and you’ll be perfectly fine!

The last tip – don’t eat too much in the morning – there are free wine samples and endless breadsticks in Olive Garden!

If you are looking for more restaurant styling tips, check out the articles below! See you there loves!

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