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What to wear to Lincoln Center? 15 real-life looks +all formality!

What to wear to Lincoln Center? 15 real-life looks +all formality!

Wondering what to wear to the Lincoln Center? You’ve come to the right place! 

As one of the most diverse art spaces that hold a wide range of art performances from ballet, opera to visual arts, you are bound to have a wonderful time there.

That said, dressing up is definitely a big part of the fun. So now this begs the question: What is the dress code of Lincoln Center?


Ahead, I’ve gathered 10 real-life outfits along with some pro tips to get you inspired!


1. Lincoln Center dress code

According to its official website, Lincoln Center has no specific dress code.

It welcomes all of your favorite outfits so feel free to wear anything from a nice pair of flared jeans to a dressy gown and everything in between!

That said, the outfit formality should be in line with the events you attend. If you are heading to Lincoln Center for a tour, smart casual attire is doable.

2. What to wear to lincoln center ballet?

If you are going to an upscale event say the New York ballet spring gala, well, do dress up the look!

In general, a formal gala event calls for an evening dress, sleek pumps, and a small clutch bag.

To finish off the look on a perfect end, a nice haor-do and statement necklace just work wonders ♥

3. What to wear to Lincoln center guys

For gentlemen, whether you are attending a gala or watching opera show, a sleek black suit can never go wrong.

4. What to wear to the Lincoln Center opera?

Trust me, you will never look overdressed in Lincoln Center.

After all, dressing up is part of the fun of watching an opera or ballet show! It’s not uncommon to see ladies wearing a gown or dressy jumpsuit to the hall.

An elegant white blazer with a pink maxi dress? This combo is bound to make you feel the best.

5. When in doubt, bring a poncho with you

Regardless of your attire, always bring a poncho or light cardigan with you. The performance hall is on A/C and that can be quite chilly even on summer days.

6. Lace bolero jacket for an opera night

If you are looking for something to wear with your fancy dress without sacrificing the overall style, this fancy lace bolero jacket below just works wonders!

Lace bolero jacket for a opera night
Get this lace bolero jacket on Amazon

7. What bag to wear to Lincoln Center

Watching a Lincoln Center ballet show? It’s definitely the perfect time to bring a statement clutch that screams the vibes!

Can someone know where can I get this bowtie clutch? So cute!

8. Wear jeans to Lincoln Center

So here’s one of the most asked questions: Can I wear jeans to Lincoln Center?

Wear jeans to Lincoln Center
Source: 1,2,3

Yes, you can. That said, make sure your jeans look decent – No ripped and distressed jeans that can appear too laid-back.

To look put together, teaming it with a nice top and heels is key.


The color of your jeans matters as well. Go for black, dark blue, and classy white to dress up the look.

Light-wash jeans can appear too casual.

9. Neck scarf and dress pants for a classy look

Gravitate towards a sophisticated look in pants? Throw on a neck scarf to boost the aesthetic tenfolds.

10. What to wear to Lincoln Center guys

Wearing a full suit and leather shoes seems too formal? Swap it with yellow sneakers to freshen up the look!

In an art center like Lincoln Center, dress whatever you want as no one is here to judge!

11. Peplum dress to look extra forgiving

For ladies who are insecure about the belly area like me, this peplum dress is such a godsent.

peplum dress opera night outfits
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The peplum design just hides the tummy completely and fakes an hourglass shape for you. Now, THIS is how you rock the bodycon dress effortlessly!

12. What to wear to Lincoln Center plus size

Here’s another peplum dress pick for my plus-size girls! The cold shoulder design is so youthful, LOVE it!

What to wear to Lincoln Center plus size
Get this peplum dress on Amazon

13. Match casual and dressy pieces to Lincoln Center

These days, many people match formal wear with casual shoes. After all, to fully enjoy the day, being comfy is key!

When the days are chilly out there, pair up an LBD with knee-high boots just scream attitude.

14. What to wear to Lincoln Center petite girls

This dress is for petite girls or whoever what to look taller and slimmer.

If you want an affordable velvet dress that is super flattering to the body, this dress is everything and more – a one-shoulder neckline and belly-forgiving ruching details.

The best part? It has the side-split design that can make your legs appear to be longer and slimmer!

red velvet dress amazon

This is the only velvet dress I recommend after filtering half an hour on Amazon – and I’m sure you’ll LOVE it.

Update (Nov 2): Woah I’m surprised by how many of you click on this dress!

But seems some of you pick the wrong one! Remember pick the RED velvet one – it looks much more expensive.

15. What to wear to Lincoln Center in winter

If you are going to Lincoln Center in winter, drape the maxi coat over the shoulder for a picture-perfect look. You’re not sorry.


So there you go – the 15 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to Lincoln Center.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope you can get inspired and now it’s time for you to settle down your final look!

For more specific styling tips on art performance, check out my articles below. See you there loves!

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