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*2023*What to wear to a dungeon or kink play party? 28 looks!

*2023*What to wear to a dungeon or kink play party? 28 looks!

Followed by the increased popularity of bondage sex, the BDSM community has flourished these days.

If you are reading this, high chance you are curious about the community or perhaps want to get your feet wet with a play party or a munch.

So you’ve made your decision to join one, but here’s a question as a newbie: What to wear to munch, kinky party, or fetish club?

The fact is, the different party has different dress code and you certainly don’t want to mix that up.

But no worries ladies, I’ve got your back.

Below, I’ve gathered 28 outfit ideas for every occasion, enjoy!

1. What to wear to a munch? Casual look

What to wear to a munch

If you’re reading it, high chance you already know what a munch is.

In short, that’s a casual gathering where everyone shares the same interest – BDSM or all sorts of fetish.

It’s like an ice-breaking public gathering for the BDSM newbies to get to know each other and 99.9% of a munch DOESN’T involve any sexual activities.

Think like a perfectly normal casual beer drink night or a lunch.

With that said, you want to dress normally and casually. Whether that’s a round-neck top with jeans or a tunic midi dress, they are all doable.

So please leave your leash at home – it’s not the right time.

2. Wear a choker as a hint of kink

As one of the universally appropriate items, you just can’t go wrong with a choker.

But again, always pick the right one for a different setting.

As a sexual hint, it’s common to see people wearing a subtle, simple choker for the munch.

Or else, a studded bracelet is popular as well.

how to dress up kinky

And if we are talking about the kink play party, everyone is bringing their A-game.

So yes, I suggest you go all in with a statement spike collar. I’m sure you are not the only one wearing this at the party.

It’s no secret that BDSM outfits can be pricey. If you want to do it on a budget, these ones from Amazon are such a GEM.

Check out the reviews and you will be amazed by the quality!

wear choker to dungeon party

3. What to wear to a dungeon party? Jumpsuit

If you are joining the Dungeon party for the first time and you aren’t ready for something too wild, consider a super body-hugging jumpsuit that showcases your curves in the right place!

To complete the look, go for the sexy high heels and chain belt as a hottie look.

What to wear to a dungeon party

While a black jumpsuit is forgiving, I’d choose the red one. After all, it’s scientifically proven that red boosts our sexual attractiveness.

If I am going to a kink party, I’d take that!

4. What to wear to a fetish club? Corset

Speaking of some classic BDSM looks, the corset has to be top of the list.

As it has now also become a fashion piece, there are tons of different designs out there.

If you are picky about your get-up, stay away from the “comfy” corset with soft fabric and black elastic waistband – it fails to hold the shape and makes you look bulkier on the waist area.

Instead, opt for the structured one that really showcases the hourglass figure.

what to wear to a fetish club

With the traditional corset, the vibes are totally different and you just feel easier to get in the MOOD.

5. Sexy school girl as a failproof look

Of course, uniforms are failproof for the play party.

As the most popular choice, sexy school girl costumes can always make men (and women) swoon.

To make sure you showcase the boobs in the best possible way, I’ve handpicked this hot selling set from Amazon.

The front closure has strong support to fit any size of chest.

Another thing I like is this brand comes in regular size and plus size, which is really sweet! Check them out.

What to wear to a BDSM party
What to wear to a dungeon plus size


6. How to dress up kinky? Fishnet tights

how to dress up kinky

Want to dress kinky and show your legs to your best advantage? Fishnet tights are godsent.

And of course, half of the fun is about ripping the tights!

While you can wear your regular fishnet tights, I thought it will be more fun to wear the open-butt tights.

You know, this kind of design is just way more convenient to get things done and makes you feel super horny.

Together with a pair of high heels, this look is a 10/10.

7. Wear a fishnet bodysuit fetish club

wear fishnet to fetish club

And if you want to go all-in with fishnet, perhaps it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and try fishnet body stockings!

He/she/ They just can’t control but touch you all over the place. Delicious as hell.

8. Make sure your underwear ON POINT

If you don’t plan to wear the lingerie set, the bottom line here is to pick the right underwear!

Kinky underwear to BDSM community

Get get undies!

This “Daddy’s lil f toy” will make sure you two go at it like a rabbit. Thank me later.

Kinky underwear to BDSM community

If you prefer more on the classic feminine one, V-back lace underwear will play tricks.

It just contours the bum to the best possible shape.

9. Dress kinky and cute for the BDSM clubbing night

Dress kinky and cute for the BDSM clubbing night


For the baby or diaper Lover!

Well, I’m sure this “I love daddy” bodysuit will keep you busy for the party the whole night.

That’s such a big turn-on for many people!

10. What shoes to wear for a dungeon party?

What shoes to wear for dungeon party?

There are tons of footwear choices but nothing is more symbolic than thigh-high heel boots.

Not only do they look sexy and leg-elongating, they just go well with all kinds of uniforms and looks.

Schoolgirl mini kilt and boots are the impeccable choice.

And if you are on the dominant side, go for the studded combat boots.

What shoes to wear for dungeon party?

These high-platform ones make sure you are easy to walk the whole night!

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11. Kinky tattoo stickers to spice up the BDSM night

Kinky tattoo stickers

A “Punish Me” and “F-hole“ tattoo is sure to make you feel tenfolds hornier. Stand out at the party!

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12. Pheromone perfume for dungeon party as a BOOST

Pheromone perfume for dungeon party

Get this pheromone perfume on Amazon

Last but not least, if you want to ensure you will have a wild play party night ahead, spray yourself with the pheromone perfume.

If you are reading this, high chance you already know this and probably using it.

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So there you go – the 28 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a fetish club, kink play party, and a dungeon!

Basically, the choices are endless. There are big dos and don’ts in attire, it’s all about wearing the clothes that you truly love so you can carry them with confidence and attractiveness!

Now go pin down the right get-up and have fun!

If you are interested in more styling tips, I’m sure you will find the articles below useful! See you there ladies!

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