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*2023*What to REALLY wear to a couples massage?13 real looks!

*2023*What to REALLY wear to a couples massage?13 real looks!

Wondering what to wear to a couple of massages? Here’s the right place with 15 real-life outfits to get you inspired!

Whether your relationship with your partner is seasoned or still fresh, a couples massage date is always here to spice things up.

As a perfect mix of calming music, quiet massage, and a private room, this intimate quality time just creates lasting intimacy and strengthens the bonding with the release of serotonin and other happy chemicals.

This quality time is just another level compared to a regular dinner date.

To make the most out of this distinctive experience, wearing the right outfit is key.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 15 real-life couple massage outfits from Instagram along with some pro tips.


1. Wear a robe during the couples massage

Depending on which spa resort you go to, the clothing etiquette can be different.

But that said, it’s almost guaranteed there are robes provided.

For some types of massage (say reflexology), you are not required to disrobe. And for the other types, you may want to distress according to your comfort level.

And let’s not forget you may want to take a sip of champagne and a shower after the couple massage so a robe always comes in handy.

2. Wear loose comfy clothing for couples’ massage

To fully enjoy the experience, breathable, loose-fit clothing works the best.

Trust me, you don’t want to put back the tight jeans or corset tops after your body is fully relaxed – such a pain.

For gentlemen, think of a casual tee and khaki shorts. For ladies, a comfy cotton dress and a nice tote bag just work wonders.

3. Wear linen to couple spa massage

And of course, everything linen has always been the popular massage attire in summer.

Wear linen to couple spa massage
Source: 1,2

It’s gorgeously lightweight and allows heat to escape your body. The best part? This natural fabric just screams the vacay vibes and makes you feel the most carefree.

Can’t go wrong.

4. A cute co-ord set for resort day

If you want to spoil yourself with a cute co-ord, this set from Amazon is such a gorgeous piece.

A cute co-ord set for resort day
Get this co-ord set on Amazon

Featuring the sexy off-shoulder and flare leg design, this piece assure you look picture perfect in the high-end resort.

Together with a straw hat and sandal wedges, this look is a 10/10.

Such a mood booster.

5. What to wear to a couples massage?

More often than not, people go to couple massages for anniversaries and birthdays.

To make your day with your loved one extra special, matching the outfit together is such a nice thing to do!

And the white hue is such a classy option here!

6. What shoes to wear to a couples massage

When it comes to footwear, flat sandals and sneakers (if you go to the gym) to me is the best option that matches the relaxing spa vibes.

That said, It’s all down to the planning of your day.

If you guys want to have a fancy dinner in the resort after the couple’s massage, chunky heels are totally doable!

7. What outerwear to wear couples massage

Do you need to bring outerwear to spas? I’d say yes as some places in the spa resort is air-conditioned and it’s best to have a cover-up.

To match the vibes, my best pick is a kimono jacket.

Are couples massages romantic
Get these cute cover-ups on Amazon

Featuring the billowy silhouette and floral patterns, it’s just as practical as it’s flattering.

The best part? You can team it with your swimsuit so you don’t have to bring an extra cover-up for that.

That just comes in handy when you want to sunbathe beside the pool with your partner and have a long cozy afternoon together.

Check out these cute cover-ups on Amazon. It comes with a ton of patterns and the quality of the fabric is just unbeatable at this price.

8. A classy cover-up

As for the ladies who gravitate towards sophisticated style, this is the classiest cover-up I’ve found so far.


spa attire cover up
Get these cover-ups on Amazon

I am proud of this find as it’s 100% cotton coverup. Sexy, classy but not over the top!

But still, check out all the try-on reviews before you purchase!

9. Go matchy for a couples massage

Want to double the happiness? Swap out the regular solid tee for a Hawaiian shirt just to seal the deal!

10. Bring swimwear for couples massage

Let’s be real, we all know how expensive a couple’s spa massage can be. Yup, romance does come with a price.

To enjoy the most out of it, make sure you enjoy the resort’s facilities like hot tubs and pools to the fullest.

So yes, always bring your swimsuit!

11. Wear a bikini underneath

If you want to pack light, consider wearing your bikini underneath the top.

Don’t forget to bring the UV lotion as well!

12. Dress fancy after couples massage

what to wear to a couple massage
Source: 1,2

Speaking of the luxury spa resort, some of their restaurants do have a dress code.

If you want to glam up for a romantic dinner after a couple spa massage, bring a lightweight yet flattering dress with you!

13. What NOT to wear to couples massage

When it comes to the accessories, keep that minimal as you can easily lose them when you take them on and off for the massage.

As for makeup, a natural glowy look that matches the relaxing spa day is key.

You will look awkwardly stand out if you go all-in with the long fake eyelashes and super thick eyeliners.


So there you go – the 13 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to a couples massage.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope these looks get you inspired!

At the end of the day, what you dress doesn’t matter that much, all you need to do is forget all the stress and allow yourself fully immerse in this intimate and soothing journey.

You deserve it.

By the way, if you are looking for more outfit combos, check out another popular read below! See you there loves!

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