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*2023* What to REALLY wear to bingo night? 8 real-life outfits!

*2023* What to REALLY wear to bingo night? 8 real-life outfits!

Wondering what to wear to a bingo night? Congrats you’ve come to the right place! 

Yes, people, bingo night is still a thing today!

From high street bingo halls to cozy home parties to crazy bingo raves in the Friday nightclub, bingo is literally for everyone from sweet 16 to 80 years old.

So this begs the question: What to wear to bingo? Are there any special attires to follow?


Ahead, I’ve gathered 8 real-life bingo party outfits to get you inspired! Enjoy!

1. What to wear to bingo night?

what to wear to Bingo night

If you’re going to bingo halls, there’s no explicit dress code. As it’s more of a casual setting, feel free to wear whatever makes you feel comfy and put together.

Think of an LBD and denim jacket for a cute flattering look.


Most of the bingo halls are air-conditioned 24/7 and that can be freezing cold even on the summer days.

It’s best to bring a jacket or light cardigan with you.

2. What to wear to bingo?

what to wear to Bingo night

To feel the most carefree, a fun graphic tee is always a popular choice for bingo night.

To spice up the look, style with a neck scarf is such a nice trick. It just makes others think you’ve given serious thought to your style.

3. What to wear to a Bingo party?

what to wear to Bingo party

For the bingo fans, why not throw on a bingo tee shirt to double your confidence?

This “Bingo is my game” graphic tee on Amazon just totally screams the vibes.

4. T-shirt dress for Bingo party

T-shirt dress for Bingo party
Get this T-shirt dress on Amazon

I’m loving this cute striped T-shirt dress. I bought it two months ago and now I wear it like a uniform.

Featuring the self-tie design, it just accentuates your waist and makes you look slimmer visually.

The best part? The fabric is super stretchy, which is perfect when you sit for hours to play bingo!

5. What to wear to Bingo Lingo?

For a fun bingo girls’ night, dress comfy yet flattering is key. Think Sunday best or something you would wear for a movie date.

What to wear to Bingo Lingo

Speaking of my best pick, a dressy blouse and a pair of boot-cut jeans are more than enough to add an extra pop of fun.

As for footwear, I’d go for something comfy like sneakers and wedges. High chance you will walk around the hall so practical footwear is key.

6. What to wear to Bonker’s Bingo?

What to wear to Bonker's Bingo

If you’re going to a bingo rave like Bongo’s Bingo or Bingo Bongo, I say go ALL IN with your outfits.

It’s literally a clubbing night so feel free to wear your sexy bodycon dress and have fun with your makeup to feel the best.

Of course, you may want to wear high heels to finish up your look. But if you want to dance like nobody is watching, definitely go with low sturdy heels.

7. What to wear to a Bingo rave?

What to wear to Bingo rave

Regardless of your age, go crazy for the bingo rave!

8. You know what, just be freestyle!

What to wear to bingo

At the end of the day, outfits don’t really matter for bingo night so don’t put too much pressure on pinning the right outfit!

What matters is enjoying the bingo rounds, having some good beer, and laughing with your friends.

THESE are what make your bingo night count!


So there you go – the 8 bingo night outfits from casual bingo party to rave!

What are your thoughts on that? I hope these styling tips get you inspired!

As the saying goes “Happiness is yelling BINGO!”. Dress whatever makes you feel good and enjoy your night!

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